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  1. This reminds me of the FOIA documents received from the MSP in the Fox Island pedophile/child porn investigation (1976-1977). I will keep trying to post the actual pages from those files. The MSP documents describe information received from the Tennessee Bureau of Criminal Identification regarding four Detroit-area subjects believed to be involved with a Tennessee “boy’s farm” (rape/porno farm). The pages describe the interviews of these men conducted by MSP for TBCI.

    One man was an employee with the Wayne County Dept. of Social Services. Single and living alone, he was kind enough to be a foster parent to a male child. He was listed as one of the farm “sponsors,” but expressed shock and dismay over the criminal sexual implications of the farm.

    Another stopped by the farm en route to Florida. He saw no illegal behavior, lives alone and was single, and also expressed shock over the findings about the farm.

    Player #3 was an officer at some company in Walled Lake. He did indeed make donations to the farm, visited once around February 1976, but was uncomfortable because he saw some youths smoking pot and thereafter quit making donations. When asked about the listed donations he made after that date, he advised he must have forgotten about them.

    The next guy was a principal at an elementary school. He had worked with kids for 30 years, 17 as a principal. He said he responded to a plea from the camp for funds to keep it open. Yeah, he later did get some pornographic photos but he threw them away. No explanation for why he did not contact authorities. Looks like he was actually from the Kalamazoo area.

    Yet another man who was questioned worked at the St. Clair Juvenile Home. In a redaction gaffe, the documents also mention a Donald Sandberg of Phoenix, AZ, who pedophile/pornographer Gerald Richards ratted out as part of his plea deal. Richards described him as a “photo swapper” who was connected with the TN boys farm, a TX boys ranch and a children’s nudist camp in Vermont.

    The MSP Fox Island file is remarkably small, but who knows what they kept in their files as “exempt” from FOIA production. And, supposedly the FBI was investigating this case. But we know how the FBI plays the FOIA game.

  2. Cathy, you probably already know about the BSA perversion files, it was amazing how many there were and the poor way the BSA handled it. There are far too many of theses kinds of people still out there but as you also know damn few to none are gonna do something like the OCCK thing. As you’ve already pointed out, no one could have kept such secrets unless the actual killer had incriminating evidence on them.

    Look at the sheer creepiness of these crimes, it’s way beyond the regular pedophile creepiness. Despite the superficial evidence, I don’t read the OCCK as being primarily the act of a pedophile. Take the Ramsey case for example, the victim had a 1 inch by 2 inch piece of her skull caved in, the fracture went around to the eye socket, certainly not an accident, the blow came at or near the time of death. Her hymen was ruptured with the paint brush handle, the actual piece of that paint brush was never found. It was a very brutal murder made to “look like something it wasn’t”. Most everybody thought it was a violent pedophile because of the beauty pageant thing. Pedophilia does seem to be an element but I think it wasn’t the primary goal of the killer, murder was as well as the damage done to John Ramsey’s reputation. He was Billion Dollar John, all set to climb the big money corporate ladder. Perhaps he was made an example of, so the next time some successful CEO gets out of line they can be reigned in with similar threats? Perhaps a test of control and loyalty in the cop shop is a factor? It sure seems that way in the Boulder cop shop especially via former Det Steve Thomas and others. The victim had stun gun marks on her, one on the neck and one on the leg, Thomas called the stun gun make believe evidence, he discounted several other things that were pertinent, things that tended to clear the Ramsey’s. I think the killing was done fairly swiftly and the crime scene was staged. The garrote/noose was expertly constructed. I think the ransom letter was constructed with a lot of planning and carried to the scene in perhaps a cardboard tube, the actual ink and marker was from a rather old dye lot while the rest of the markers were newer. It was made to look like something it wasn’t. Especially on page two, you can see that the words were deliberately spaced to cause the initials jt to be formed by proximity and over-under intersection. Once you’re on to the fact of these features, then go look for how many jt’s can be found on the thing, it’s ridiculous how many there are, look at the words “the”, notice the fanciful jt formed on them, the word victory with the c and t formed to be a jt. There’s only one sample of cursive writing on the whole thing in the words “deceive us”. Notice on page 2: daughter over instructions, watching over like,if over dog, daughter over catch, money over tampered, killing over like…..all are examples of how he integrated those initials. These crimes are exactly what the Zodiac Killer said he was going to do and I think he left a trail of clues to tie them all together. Perhaps by the time the OCCK occurred LE might have figured that it would be better if the public wasn’t aware these things, which, of course would be a way to take some of this killers power away from him? That might explain why the smoking gun documents that I previously indicated we not “officially” linked?

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