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  1. The recent documentaries did at least emphasize what the correct suspect vehicle is. Unfortunately, at my LE agency the “blue gremlin” is still one of the first things brought up. Glad Nina did an episode on this. I’m sure that at the time there must have been someone who had a good lead, but dismissed it due to the person not fitting the blue gremlin profile.

    1. I grew up in Royal Oak during this period. My friend Jason was grabbed by Ted Lamborgine (just got confirmation) and a “scraggly” looking younger guy twice if you can believe that. Both times, they were in a van and simply pulled up and grabbed him from the sidewalk. Both times he was visiting his Grandfather in Pleasant Ridge who was an executive type at GM, and both times his grandfather suddenly showed up right after he got away. His older brother witnessed both attempts from down the street. Police were called both times, but nothing else ever became of it. He said his Grandfather was a strange man and has always wondered why he (Jason) was targeted twice by the same guys during 2 separate visits to his house and then coincidentally showed up out of the blue after escaping Ted’s clutches. Thanks to the documentary, he easily confirmed Ted was the “Older”, mean looking man that tried to take him.

      1. How horribly awful for Jason. I am sure this is kicking up a lot of pain and I am sorry but I have to ask, does he happen to remember the color of the van?

  2. Nina’s podcast about the Blue Gremlin was amazing. I had never heard that amount of detail about how the police located the owner of the Gremlin and how she was just a lady having an affair. Why didn’t the media reports like the WDIV push this information out to the public. Surely a person who had an affair in 1976 wouldn’t care about it now. I think if there is one take away from the recent media blitz. It is the accurate vehicle description and the debunking of the Gremlin. The combination of the King family, Nina Instead and J. Ruben Appelman has created an investigative force that dwarfs any current Task Force or Prosecutors Office. Great work to you all!!!!

  3. The reason why they did not connect the suspect to the gremlin is they painted it, it was a shiny green with the stripes, I am sure of the car that tried to kidnap us with arch sloan as the driver, I am frustrated it maybe was blue at one time, or there were two cars who knows, I have a very hard time believing it was so hard to put together back then our description was given to Lake Orion Police back in the day, and it is so frustrating, when I see that car it is the bigger model and this one was the small gremlin that tried to kidnap us.
    I dont know I was a child but it looks longer to me, I don’t think that car is going to be the answer to solve this case, they knew the police were looking for a blue gremlin these monsters would not have continued to kidnap in this car there were probably multiple kidnappers and cars, it sickens me to no end this case is not solved,
    I know the witness saw the car near Tim, but trust me when we were almost kidnapped by the occk clan he came from out of no where and that means he was watching us where no one could see him, they were probably watching the kids kidnapped from a distance not where people could witness them, this was a premeditated ring, they watched and decided at that moment when they could trap a child on a road with no one to see, and our attempted kidnapping was also in broad daylight we had just gotten out of school.
    I feel like I want to shake these idiots you had the car, you had the description, and from our experience we knew how he kidnapped, how the heck could you have not closed this case, you had everything you needed and we remembered one letter of the liscense plate, what good does that do if they are changing plates all the times and cars, but description you cannot deny is the best evidence and they did not do anything with it, we have our description and it fits arch sloan would I testify if I needed to you bet I would, will I get the chance who knows, but I tell you they know 2 got away and that is that, we live and I will tell.
    I can’t tell you what it is like knowing that me and the other girl are the only ones who know forsure it is not a guess or possibility it is FACT!

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