Former Ohio State wrestlers support Jeffrey Epstein accuser.

Five former Ohio State University wrestlers who accused the University of failing to protect them from sexual predator/Athletic Department and Student Health physician Dr. Richard Strauss are pushing local authorities to investigate the reported rape of a victim of Jeffrey Epstein.

The men formally asked Ohio state and federal officials to investigate allegations by artist Maria Farmer that she was sexually assaulted by Epstein in 1996 at a property “owned and secured” by two of OSU’s biggest and best-known benefactors, Abigail and Leslie Wexner. Farmer was working on an art project at Epstein’s guest house on Les Wexner’s Ohio estate when she alleges she was violently sexually assaulted by Epstein and his fellow monster, Ghislaine Maxwell. Farmer was discouraged from leaving the guest house for 12 hours after the assault by Wexner’s security team. In an interview, Farmer explained that during her two-month stay, she never met the Wexners, but had to get permission to leave the property from Abigail Wexner by calling her at the main house.

Dr. Richard Strauss sexually abused at least 177 male students from 1979 to 1996, and school officials failed to take appropriate action despite being aware of numerous reports of the physician’s misconduct over the 17-year period, according to an investigative report released Friday. This freak offed himself in 2005.

In their letter, the men wrote:

It defies comprehension that Mrs. Wexner is still on the Board of Trustees given the credible allegations of her complicity in keeping Ms. Farmer captive for Jeffrey Epstein in 1996, while, at the same time, Ohio State grapples with how to atone for its complicity in allowing a monster to prey on its students for nearly two decades. . . . Simply put, given the allegations, it appears Mrs. Wexner is as guilty as Ohio State was in facilitating the crimes of a serial sexual predator.

As a reader who sent me this link observed: Everything is always connected. Yes, it is. The Wexners'”spokesperson” of course denied all of these allegations and they have “condemned” the actions of their old pal Jeff. So that makes their donations to OSU and Abigail Wexner’s board seat safe, I guess.

As the article explains, currently Ohio State is grappling with lawsuits filed by around 350 men who contend the university did not protect them from Strauss, who was a staff doctor at the school from 1978 to 1998. A report prepared for OSU by the law firm Perkins Coie, released in May, found that what Strauss was doing to male athletes and students was an “OPEN SECRET” and that coaches and administrators failed to sound the alarm or stop him.

Ms. Farmer told NBC news today that she “will be forever grateful that these courageous men took a stand for me in our shared fight against sexual abuse.”

The Ohio Attorney General is actually reviewing the letter and will “determine an appropriate course of action.” What a concept. The US Attorney’s office in Ohio would not confirm, deny or discuss any potential investigation.

Way to go, OSU. Turn a blind eye to monsterous sexual abuse and then keep a woman on your board of trustees who is very closely linked to her old friend, sex predator Jeffrey Epstein. Why worry about the appearance of impropriety with your board affiliations after you ignored actual, ongoing criminal acts against many of your students for almost two decades. It sure is always connected. OSU seems well-versed at turning the other way. A benefactor is a benefactor, I guess. At least officials in Ohio are considering the voices of victims.

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  1. I cannot get over how sexual abuse is endemic in our most trusted institutions and the number of witnesses who stay silent about what they know. How could anyone who is aware of ANY misconduct involving minors keep it to themselves? How? It’s unbelievable.

    1. It happens everywhere, right under our noses. It is sick and crazy. There has to be an absolute sea-change to stop this most heinous of criminal behavior. People need to speak up, trust their instincts, and rat people out. Past sexual abuse, no matter how long ago, has to be revealed and names named. Including enablers and those in positions of oversight and law enforcement who dropped the ball. This includes outing agencies who used pedophiles as informants, thereby granting them free access to rape kids. “Enough is enough” doesn’t even cover it. These predators are sick and dangerous and silence by all of us allows them hundreds, if not thousands, more victims. There isn’t enough money in the world to compensate these victims for what they have been subjected to.

  2. Did I ever tell you how a Cass Tech grad with a full scholarship (me) had to exit, Stage Left, from college in Detroit in order to escape surefire rape by a professor? Yes, the year was 1972, just a little while before the OCCKs. I was on top of the world, having aced Cass and the college curriculums. But I got (first) interrogated with periodic frequency, by the professor about my sexual experiences, then a few months later cornered by him while he was “evaluating” my portfolio. He wanted me to lick his portfolio and, you know, Cass taught me to stand up straight and never doubt myself so I exited, Stage Left again, tore all my work out of the gallery and quit school without looking back. Life was extremely tough after that.

    1. I am so sorry this happened to you. Professors, federal judges, bosses, coaches, doctors, directors, comedians–people with power and some degree of “prestige”–it is so endemic and so toxic. And it is life-changing in a terrible way, as you note. And back then it was really the case that no one would believe you. Evil.

      1. And you can add politicians to your list too, Cathy. US Congressman Jim Jordan, OHIO, retains his House seat and prestigious committee assignments. Although he knowingly and willingly ignored pleas for help from his student athletes while they were repeatedly assaulted. Why? How can his constituents tolerate such morally bankrupt behavior? Seriously, where is our collective shame???

  3. Schools used to put up with stuff like that because they didn’t want a nick in their “reputations”. Pure hypocrisy.

    1. They better think differently about their reputations now. And put the protection of their students and children their employees and board members come into contact with ahead of their almighty dollar and name. It cost Michigan State University. And it should have cost Penn State more than it did. Yes, the definition of hypocrisy.

  4. I just took a seminar called Protecting God’s Children so that I can volunteer in my grandkids private Catholic school. I thought it was going to eb about mandated Reporting but it was about sexual abuse of children. I was actually impressed that the program began with 4 victims who told their stories of abuse and rape. Their “molesters” – I called them monsters – were of both genders. The film included 2 monsters who discuss how they lured their victims. None of it was news to me but I was glad they didn’t pussyfoot around. The facilitator, a church staff member, was emphatic that if you believe any abuse has occurred the first thing to do was report it outside the church immediately – DCFS, police, but NOT church higher ups. I’m not Catholic. I wasn’t expecting that level of urgency or honesty. I was good to know they are taking proactive steps, however small.

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