Monsters: Rich Philanthropist Francis D. Shelden and Catholic Priest John R. Thwaytes.

WARNING; this is very triggering, disturbing information. Nightmare material. I am posting this in the off-chance that someone out there can help. I am also posting it because it shows what happens when prosecutors can’t get their shit together to arrest a wealthy pedophile before he flees justice. Washtenaw County’s buck passing and St. Claire County’s little “work load” excuse back in 1976 allowed incredible damage to be done to thousands of boys and their families down the line. Nice work.


Read this email I received from a reader who knows what Frank Shelden did after he left Michigan and the United States. His new Fox Island was a boys orphanage in India.

Dear Cathy

I realise you may find this obscure – please take time to look at it.

I have identified a Catholic priest in India as a lifelong friend of Frank Shelden, who hosted him as a paedophile visiting the orphanage that the priest ran in India, which is how I come into the picture.

The priest died in 2015 and then I found out he was a paedophile years earlier. A major paedophile. And a murderer.

I suspect this priest of having robust involvement on North Fox Island, and I think his DNA should be checked.

As a possible suspect in the Oakland County Child killings. I do note that a strong rumour of a “priest leaked out of the country at the time” was remarked by lower ranked law officers according to one or more bloggers.

I have looked at the photofit likenesses of the OCCK suspect, I have three different drawings,
and I have a lot of varied images of the priest, which of course is meaningless, but there is a striking resemblance all the same. I have made up a compilation image of all the pics together

I have evidence that the priest had more than one passport, that is he had fake identity, and could easily have been in the USA, while ostensibly still in India.I have a copy of the fake Indian passport dated long after OCCK but if he had a fake then, why would we think he might not have had one earlier?

The priest was ordained at Mary glade seminary, and lived in the vicinity of the OCCK murders throughout 1962 – 1966 but he retained close ties to Detroit, even though he was English.

Significant funds came into the orphanage, from Detroit, and I think Frank Sheldon was sending quite a bit of that money, but again this is hardly relevant, except that to show the ongoing connection to Detroit.
The priest returned on fundraising, ostensibly, because don’t forget he was a missionary who came from the local Detroit Seminary and they were funding him also as I understand.

I have photographic evidence of Frank Shelden holding orphan children, in this orphanage in India, years before I came along of course. All of this info of Shelden has been exposed to me within the last 9 months and the criminal matters in India only after the priest died in 2015.

I have identified another international paedophile in close liaison and friendship with Frank, and that is Dr Frits Bernard, and I have photographs of him also at the orphanage in India. Over these men were coming there to have sex with orphan boys, who were too poor and illiterate and isolated, and were trafficked by the priest

I would like to attach a photograph but I suspect my previous communications have been perhaps auto-discarded, so I won’t send an attachment until I get confirmation that you are willing to receive an attachment.

The priest is accused of killing a woman, or at the least concealing her body illegally, under a building in the orphanage, and I have a map to this illegal grave but he also buried a Child secretively in the midnight hours, and I believe that was one of his victims who died from abuse.

I also have a map to where that grave is, but getting any action in India is very difficult.

An eyewitness has described how this priest nearly murdered a man in front of his eyes. The diary of the priest which I am now holding makes reference to snuff sex.

The priest is alleged to have been interested in black magic.

There is a great deal about this man that makes me think he is a very ideal suspect in the murder of one or more of the Oakland victims. There might have been more than one killer.

It is very hard to get attention, but I think I have some very troubling information that needs to at least be eliminated.
If the priest was not involved, or if there is not enough evidence, if his DNA is not match, well then fine.

But surely every lead should be followed. I believe that the American police should contact Indian Federal police and request a crime scene be declared, to exhume or find other sources of DNA of the priest
And of course to locate those Indian victims.

I have tried to convey this info to US police but unsuccessfully

let me know if I can send a compilation image with all the pics I have of the priest.

His name was John Robert Thwaytes and he was a damaged sexual psychopath and even I forgot to mention had issues with females and maybe the OCCK killer also had this as I note the girls were not sexually touched allegedly.

I am Adrian Millane of Nambour, Queensland, Australia 4560 +61431593446 and Skype Facebook Ade O’Maolain

I received permission from Adrian to post his email, including contact information and the attachments.

Here is the compilation image with the photos/pictures of Thwatyes:


Here is a passport photo of the man from 1981.


The diary page Adrian sent is from this priest’s diary and it goes on about how much he thought about snuff sex and his fantasy that he himself be tortured to death. It is horrifying and I will spare you the read. But snuff sex is certainly something Frank Shelden capitalized on and probably enjoyed himself.


Read lines 17-37 if you have the stomach for it, and ask yourself how a monster like Frank Shelden was allowed to flee justice and hook up with another monster like Thwatyes, to rape and abuse probably thousands more boys overseas. No doubt some were murdered as well for their snuff fantasies:


23 Comments on “Monsters: Rich Philanthropist Francis D. Shelden and Catholic Priest John R. Thwaytes.”

  1. Judi Coltman says:

    I’ve started this fifty different times and deleted so I’ll cut to the chase. It is your persistence, insistence, and resistance that has made you the conduit for all that has been hidden or ignored in these cases and in the greater, more hideous world of sex trafficking, pedophilia, rape and murder. It is a heavy burden to shoulder the push for truth and action, and I know it is frustrating (but that seems like a benign word to describe it) to continually beat your head against a Blue wall. You are the embodiment of strength and in your work you have given what I can only guess is hundreds, perhaps thousands of victims validation and hopefully a path to move forward in their lives.

    I don’t know how long that MSP wall will stand but you continue to throw hatchets at the base and at some point it will have to tumble. As more people become aware of the horrid realities around these cases, they too will throw hatchets. WE will throw hatchets.

    Never stop.

  2. Cecilia Brown says:

    While the creep who went to India has a richer, nastier history, the one named Harold Depp, who was personally known to me for years, who came from Detroit and was “active” ten years before the Shelden-related murders, is someone who DIDN’T escape the law. He went to prison. Why isn’t anybody interested to see if he knew or partook in what was going on in Michigan?

  3. bitamoney says:

    Adrian, you are top notch. Thanks for this.

  4. Amy S says:

    There is just so much to unpack.

    It’s not surprising that Sheldon and his fellow perverts would take advantage of helpless orphans in a 3rd world county. These sickos
    weren’t even under the radar at this point. LE knows it’s happening. Don’t tell me they didn’t have enough evidence. There were pictures for God’s sake. It is just heartbreaking.
    I am thoroughly furious after reading the Richards reports. I can’t comprehend
    Washtenaw County’s refusal to
    issue a search warrant. ESPECIALLY because
    it involves the horrific sexual abuse of children.
    Would a warrant had been issued if Richards had reported the recruiting of children for Sheldon to beat?
    “Wait” on the warrant. Wait for what?!
    I can’t wrap my head around this. It is beyond disturbing.

    • cathybroad says:

      Amy, “wait” is how law enforcement handled all of this. Wait for what is right. For more people to die? For the public to get sick if this and move on? “Wait” as a strategy is going to stop working, hopefully soon. If law enforcement won’t get out ahead of all of this and everything that is coming, the implosion that affected the people they are supposed to protect and defend will swallow them and their agencies up as well. Get to work.

  5. Amy S says:

    Also- why wasn’t the Federal Govt involved in
    this? Were there child pornography laws in place in the 70’s? If so, why weren’t the guys facilitating this evil prosecuted? Busch had a suitcase full of pictures. He paid a fine and was released. So many victims yet to come. It’s just unconscionable.

    The local police in these different parts of Michigan knew these guys were distributing child porn. What happened to the list of customers?

    I am thinking out loud. It looks like there were so many possible leads to follow the evil. These guys were on the radar of police.

    • cathybroad says:

      The FBI was involved at numerous points. The MSP file on Fox Island indicates they were forwarding file information to the FBI. Of course they were. The file reflects operations in Tennessee and other states.

      In the OCCK case, when police did not take impressions of the bumper marks in the snow banks at Kristine’s drop site, FBI agent Mort Nickel worked with Lt. Jack Kalbfleish (Birmingham PD and on the task force) to have photos of the impressions evaluated for measurements at University of Michigan. These were then taken to car manufacturers to determine the make and model, Pontiac LeMans. This information, along with the findings that there was a trailer hitch on the back bumper that had been pulled to one side from some kind of accident or mishap, was never made public.
      When Jack attempted to make contact with SA Nickel when the task force was reactivated in 2005, it was a Sgt. Shultz response–I know nothing.

      I remember being interviewed by an FBI agent in our living room while Tim was missing. The FBI was involved in the hypnosis and interview of Doug Wilson, the witness who came forward a few weeks after Tim’s murder after he realized what he the evening of March 16, 1977, at the parking lot behind Hunter Maple Pharmacy was important. He described a young boy talking to an older man and an even older freak sitting in a Pontiac LeMans, with the numbers 222 on the license plate.

      And let’s not forget the FBI’s response to a FOIA request for files on Christopher Busch, Frank Shelden and N. Fox Island. When they finally responded, it was with the “records destroyed in a catastrophic flood” at the relevant storage facility.

      The FBI agent assigned to this case for the past few years, unlike his predecessor (who retired), struck me as very defensive and unnecessarily combative about strategy. If he is still on the “team,” I hope he has taken the time to read up on recent DNA testing methods and use of ancestry databases.

      Bottom line, if you ask me: Some people at the state and federal level made this go away. The people they protected they protected to the extreme detriment of many, many kids who were victimized before, during and after these investigations. Look at Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell and their little bevy of clients. Nothing has changed.

  6. jade says:

    I’m glad this is getting attention. I have read this story posted in the comments section on multiple websites

  7. Brad Olson says:

    The Pontiac LeMans or GTO has a tow bar and is dented. Police cant or wont track to see who had those vehicles with a 222 in the license plate and had a boat, camper or trailer? The rear bumper being dented makes me think that the dent was caused by “jack knifing” the towed object. Perhaps there still exists photographic evidence from the origional owner of the dent. I know my dad kept pictures of his truck and boat until he died. Just a thought.

    • cathybroad says:

      That law enforcement would not deal with this information back in the day not only “doesn’t make sense,” it points to a high up deciding this case would go unsolved because 1. “Big” people were involved and would be revealed, 2. Pedophiles were getting offed and no one wants to spend the rest of their life in prison, 3. Agencies knew they dropped the ball, leading to more abductions and murders, or 4. Fill in the blank.

  8. thwaytes had a youtube account:

    some of the video he ‘favorited’ are quite disturbing

  9. Based on the unusual ear shape, might there be a chance that Thwaytes is this guy:

  10. Survivor says:

    Cathy It has been almost a year Sense the Documentary Children of the Snow aired. I have been silent And patient waiting for authority To show some sort of movement in this case. I have seen no signs of life In moving forward with this case From any authority. So on December 5th 2019 I wrote a letter to our governor. And I also forward that Letter to the Attorney General’s office The head of the state Police. And to the president of the United States. As of today I still have not gotten a response From any of These agencies. So today I am going to email you the letter I Sent to these agencies. In hopes that you will post it on your blog on the anniversary date of children of the snow. February 19th 2020. This will be my last and final attempt To seek Justice For the families and victims involved including myself. There is no way I could ever explain The damage These monsters and our government Has caused me And my family. And I have came to the realization There is absolutely nothing anybody can do To fix this. And somehow make a right Out of all of this wrong. And with this being said. I hope you all have a very happy MLK day

    • cathybroad says:

      I will absolutely post the letter on February 19. The silence and inaction in this case is beyond abhorrent. So many people to expose. As Martin Luther King said “Lightening makes no sound until it strikes.” Justice for all of the victims.

  11. RD1 says:

    Cathy – thanks very much for that snippet from an investigator’s report, referencing John Oullette FBI. It has given me some insight, and better understanding, about a burden you & your family have apparently labored under for many years.
    I’m so sorry for all the self-serving lies and misinformation your brother’s case has been infested by over the decades. I expected that, from the lying POS Lawson who has ‘stalked’ your family seeking to manipulate and exploit you since 1988(!). I expect that, also, from Gunnel’s little brother – whose lies are so obviously intended to save his brother from whatever fate he no doubt richly deserves. But, the betrayal of your trust by law enforcement professionals just makes me want to vomit.

    “…Lawson talked about Shelden financing the film of Timothy King, produced by Bob Moore…”
    What, exactly, was Shelden supposed to be funding? A camera? Don’t need a millionaire for that. A professional film crew? Obviously not. The kidnapping and murder of your brother?
    It’s beyond outrageous, that LE professionals would even entertain such a baseless fantasy, and frankly grossly incompetent if they actually suggested that to your family. Why would Shelden bother with risking the attention & investigation of a kidnapping, with so many boys already at his disposal? If he really wanted a snuff film of a boy, little E.D. could just “go missing” on a camping trip and tragically never be found – at a cost of nada for him.

    “John and I agreed that the motive behind the kidnappings & killings was probably the money the suspects were getting for filming and selling the ‘snuff’ films of these children”
    Sweet Jesus! Were you told that this was an ‘expert’ opinion? Were you led to believe, this was based on these two persons having confidential knowledge of “kiddy snuff”, never released to the public? That would be false. They didn’t tell your family, that they knew there was a “film of Timothy king” because they had seen it, or had a copy in their custody? Because that would be a lie. It doesn’t exist, as I’ve tried to reassure you many times over 20 years.

    According to NCMEC, there are child sexual abuse images of me as a young teen, from the mid 1970’s, that were published commercially in the “Golden Boys” series. For me, for M.F., for so many others, the nightmarish understanding that those images of us STILL circulate among perverts today and probably always will, that the total number of copies “out there” can only increase – never decrease – over time. If there was ever more than one original copy of a CSA image, this is inevitable…and there’s no way for anyone to stop it, including the producer of it.
    There never was an underground kiddy snuff “industry”, but if there had been, this would be true of whatever “products” they produced as well. The fantasy of kiddy snuff, if it existed, being fantastically profitable is debunked by this inevitable reality also. There’s no way to stop their customers from making endless copies of the film/tape/digital file they bought, and the “value” of that product would plummet shortly after their first sale of it. And it would also, inevitably, eventually ‘surface’ in the massive collections of obsessed perverts being seized by law enforcement all the time.

    • cathybroad says:

      Thank you very much for your insights. So many thoughts about them. In addition to getting gas lighted and jacked around by law enforcement for decades, the thought that so many people have information or knew and kept silent is beyond devastating. With law enforcement, the Nietzsche quote “I’m not upset that you lied to me, I’m upset that from now on I can never believe you,” is always present for me. Not to mention that someone at the very top made the decision to make sure this case could never be solved for the public or families.

      As for people with knowledge, who must lie to themselves every day of their lives, you have to wonder how they don’t rot from the inside out. Paul Gunnels–knowledge. Vince Gunnels–has knowledge because he participated. He knows. Brother of Greg Green told police Greg sent them a letter about his life while he was in prison, but they threw it out when he died. I just bet you did. Charles Busch–the things he said, alluded to and did not say in his interview with law enforcement after his brother’s name surfaced again are very telling. I believe John Hastings has knowledge. And his family has suspicions, if not knowledge as well. Neighbors of Busch who knew “bad things were going on over there,” and kept quiet.

      A friend of mine from another part of the country has watched the documentary Children of the Snow and listened to various podcasts about the crimes. She said “my heart breaks a little more every time I learn more.” She asked “How did so many evil people end up in Michigan?” I think when a society, like Oakland County, tolerates or looks the other way, when people like Medical Examiner Robert Sillery manipulate and take and prosecutors do the dodge and weave; when law enforcement cultures allow and cover for people like polygraph examiner Cabot at the MSP, shit festers. This process helps families like the Busches and the Sheldens keep their little family name fantasy and everyone else pays.

      • RD1 says:

        Thank you! (I hope you are well)
        Yes, “you have to wonder how they don’t rot from the inside out”
        Chris Busch nephews were also complainants against him? Or did I misunderstand that?
        The Gunnels brothers and their ‘we were used to lure other kids’ claims…quite possibly true, but not the whole story is it? Paul said, Green used him to lure other kids to the car, so Green could look them over. And? Then they would drive away, just the two of them? Isn’t something missing, there, like Green pickling up kids he “liked” – and then the three of them, (or four, or five…), Paul included,go somewhere Green can abuse them all in relative peace and safety, eh? That never gets spelled out.
        Nor, for that matter, does the obsession of so many Michigan pedos of that era, with making adolescent victims sexually assault pre-adolescent ones, in their presence or in their pornography.
        I could believe a Gunnel was the second boy seen with Busch at the cabin, and that he was made to abuse Tim. But the part where they drive away out of reality and into Lawson’s “Lamborgine did it” fantasies/falsehoods,and leave Tim there in a fantasy land of “we’re not responsible for anything after that”, is just too G-D convenient – for Gunnels & Busch.

        • cathybroad says:

          The FOIA documents, including interview transcripts, reflect that one of the nephews was raped by Busch. The other denied it. No charges were ever filed on the nephew’s behalf. The father, John Busch, is alleged to know of the abuse.

          Use of the lure? Get the kid close and engaged in conversation so an adult can appear, punch the child in the throat and throw them in the trunk or car. Twenty seconds, max. Gunnels, unlike KB, offers no speculation, no information. Was only with Busch twice—raped both times but never again. KB is the person who said the boy who looked like my brother got dropped off to Lamborgine. Lamborgine has maintained that he “only” raped boys. Not a killer. I guess that’s why he thinks his god has forgiven him. Gunnels, likewise, has said very little except, “I wasn’t there” when anything happened “to those kids.” Clearly does not understand the concept of complicity.

          • RD1 says:

            [laughing at myself]
            Thanks again! Suspected I had misunderstood some things, now I can see where I’d mixed narratives together. Apologies to P. Gunnel for putting incorrect words in his mouth.

  12. RD1 says:

    Having raised the subject of pervert’s CSA images collection, perhaps I should tell you something related to that. I have a source, who has the stomach-churning task of sorting through seized files – separating known & classified child sex abuse images from “new” ones.
    This person thinks there might be a film depicting Greene & Busch abusing two young boys. Apparently this one has been showing up in seized collections for decades and still does from time to time. The faces of the abusers can’t be seen, but this person thinks one perp could be a body double for Busch, right down to the right size & shape of beard, and that the other perp could be a body double for Greene. The victims might be 7-9 and 10-12 years. There are two ‘parts’, I’m told. In one, the older boy is bound to a tree by the Greene double, then stripped and brutally raped – which sounds to me a lot like that evil man living out the fantasies described in documents you’ve shared.
    My source says, your brother definitely NOT one of these victims.

  13. RD1 says:

    One more thing. All beliefs about alleged underground child snuff industries and their customers, are mythical. Because there haven’t been any real-life examples to study & analyze.
    Many of the common mythical beliefs about them, are based on mistaken assumptions. One of these, which you may have come across, is that wealthy pedophile sexual sadists presumed to be customers, would “pay any price” to see “the real thing” – another ‘reason’ people think it would be insanely profitable.
    I asked a friend with access to a confidential database, restricted to law enforcement and authorized academics, to search out the closest I thought we could come to “the real thing” from commercial publications of the 1970’s – so, CSA photo magazines with these content parameters; hardcore, S&M and B&D.
    This is an example of the results; “S&M Boys” (original German: “Knaben S/M”).
    I wouldn’t want to see the content, but I have no doubt that it was “the real thing”.
    Sounds like it would appeal to a similar customer base as child snuff?
    Cover price was: $500? no. $100? no $50? no $20? no. Cover price was 10 deutchmarks, approx $4 US. That’s how much, REAL child sexual torture customers were willing to pay, to see “the real thing”.
    The mistaken assumption, is that child sex abusers place a high value on their child victims, or on victimizing children. They don’t. The child’s value, to them, is negligible to nothing.

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