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  1. Yes there were images of Mark Stebbins, and even showing his red coat. This capture does not even look as complete to me, unless it is a different shot from what I remember. I will revisit the video I have.

  2. Mr Scherer; There was other footage floating around with a red hoody. I believe this was footage when the cops played games with the killer. There were rumors they tried to entice the killer by putting a fake body there. Something to do with a funeral card and the idea that the killer kept going back to revisit the scene. We need to establish what color hoody did Mark really wear. Red or Blue?

  3. First I would like to apologize for this 3 month delay in replying. I am older, and really don’t know much about this blog type of thing. I guess I didn’t know anyone responded to me! Anyhow, here is the picture where I see Mark, or perhaps a dummy, in red. Here are some possibilities:
    1) It is Mark wearing red.
    2) It is a dummy wearing red.
    3) Face up, or face down and we are maybe seeing his hands tied behind his back.
    4) Red blanket over him.

    The idea of the police playing tricks is there too, I had never heard that. I had heard of the funeral card, but the killer would certainly not fall for a fake body after the funeral had happened.

    Also, note that funny clouded area around the body area, like something was there, then erased. Lot of confusing possibilities. Here is the image, a brightened version, zoomed in a bit. http://www.mdscherer.com/ms2.jpg

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