May 12 Discussion of The Snow Killings

Here is a video of Marney Keenan’s May 12, 2021 presentation on The Snow Killings for the Spring Lake District Library. It is worth your time. I understand last night’s presentation through the Ferndale Public Library was excellent as well. If the content from Facebook doesn’t embed, I will try to link in a comment below.

Keep asking questions and talking about these crimes and the fact that, despite millions of dollars and tens of thousands of man hours, these crimes have never been solved. Listen to Marney Keenan’s presentation and ask yourself how TF this could be the case?

11 thoughts on “May 12 Discussion of The Snow Killings”

  1. Thank you Cathy. Will Marney be doing any new webinars coming up?

    Thank you again, hope all is well with you and your family.


  2. Participated in Marney’s Zoom meeting last night. Cory was there as well to answer questions. Very impressive presentation and interaction with people’s questions. Was surprised to hear JH named as a suspect along with Sloan, Gunnels and the rest of the gang. Glad to see JH mentioned as it’s been like pushing a loaded train for so long. There were a few questions involving JH as well. Cory stated sincerely that he did not know anything about the conclusions of Georgia polygraph until recently and was quite surprised. This easily beats any public presentation on the OCCK in history! Refreshing to witness a very sincere and open atmosphere on this case for once.

    1. The discussion was very well done. I agree with her 💯 that this case will be solved by people coming forward. This was the very first time that I’ve EVER heard John Hastings mentioned as a suspect in the media. Also, I didn’t know he mentioned Jill was killed by his brothers gun. No doubt what so ever this guy has more issues than Playboy magazine. How can he be walking the streets? Even if he’s lying about any of this.

      1. And let’s not forget John’s sick fuck talk with his pal Helen about “Burking.” Google it. Just another ruse to mess with his coffee buddy? How many people know about this kind of shit? Oh yeah, I forgot. He’s just a serial killer aficionado.

      2. brothers gun? I thought I heard her say that as well. I think she’s wrong on that though but Helen stated something about the name Hastings brand name associated with it someway.

          1. This is the first time I’ve heard the word Burking. Also, I’ve most definitely never heard about this fruit cake talking to Helen about that. Catherine , I hope you have contacted Nessel. This mother fucker needs to be brought up front and center. Duncan stated no doubt he knew Busch. Does he know who Gunnels and Sloan is as well? There at least 15 coincidences with John Boy. I know I’ve heard a few times that he’s been institutionalized off and on. I can’t find the documentation on it. Ugh

            1. I have written at length to the new Oakland County prosecutor and copied Dana Nessel on all of it. I sent copies of Marney’s book and all of Cory Williams’ notes to both offices. That was in January. Today is May 26. No substantive response.

  3. Why do Sloan and others refuse to talk? And why did Jessica Cooper stonewall the investigation?

  4. I watched the online presentation and thought it was very good. It was nice to see my suspect for the past 15 years, Hastings mentioned. However, I would have liked to have heard more discussion on him and Bloomfield police officer Richard McNamee.

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