6 thoughts on ““You can’t always trust the FBI.””

  1. Or MSP, or Oakland County Prosecutors Office. Money can’t buy happiness, but it can buy freedom and silence

    1. “The FBI responded in a statement saying, ‘The actions and inactions of certain FBI employees described in the report are inexcusable and a discredit to this organization.””

      Agents did not respond to reports they received about Nassar. When they finally did move on the allegations, a year had passed. A year during which 70 and up to 120 more sexual assaults were committed by Nassar.

      Ass-covering for their failures which has been exposed. Not to mention an agent who, during this time period was not only not working the case, but tried to get hired by USA Gymnastics as head of security. And then he lied about it. The FBI was forced to acknowledge this shit after a Department of Justice Inspector General investigation and the recent release of a report on their findings.

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