Does anyone remember Ralph W. Bryie of West Bloomfield Township?

A reader recently asked about Oakland County Sheriff Johannes F. Spreen, who served as sheriff beginning in 1972 for three consecutive terms. There was clear conflict between Spreen and other law enforcement during the OCCK investigation and his points, especially in hindsight, are very well taken. More on that in another post. A search revealed this January 1980 arrest by Spreen’s deputies of an Oakland County man who committed sex crimes against three boys, for years, beginning when they were 10 or 11:

This man, Ralph W. Bryie, age 35 in 1980, was a salvage inspector WITH GENERAL MOTORS TRUCK & COACH DIVISION IN PONTIAC. Sounds like a pedophile and a trafficker to me. I could not find a photo of him. Does anyone remember this man?

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  1. lisalink63 says:

    Is it Byrie? or Bryie? It is spelled two different ways in the article.

    • cathybroad says:

      You’re right–sounds like its Bryie. Thank you. I used the first spelling in the article, but the rest of the references therein are to “Bryie.”

  2. Meghan says:

    I think it might be “Bryie” – I saw that it’s spelled other spots in the article in that way, and I saw records for someone matching that name/age who lived in W. Bloomfield, moved to KY, and is now deceased. Maybe that spelling of his name will help in the search for a photo/info?

  3. cutter5466 says:

    Cathy, his name later in the article comes up spelled as Bryie. A Ralph W Bryie passed in 2006 in KY. He was 62, meaning the age works out. This might help in your search.

  4. Sheri-lyn Traylor says:

    He died in Kentucky in 2006. Imagine Gene Thacker was his wife at the time. He lived in Indiana during the 90’s.

    Ralph Wayne Bryie
    Birth Date: 25 Feb 1944
    5619 Swan St
    West Bloomfield, Michigan, USA

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