Your family tree could help catch a serial predator/killer

If, that is, the Michigan State Police would do a damn thing with the DNA evidence they have, especially the Y-str DNA sample from Kristine Mihelich’s case:

At least two people have reached out to CeCe Moore about the OCCK case but again, her involvement would require cooperation by the MSP. As we know, the MSP is “not accepting any interviews” at this time on the OCCK case. They won’t talk about this ancient cold case; they won’t ask for help. And nobody in Michigan pushes them for any answers or updates. It stays just the way they like this case–twisting in the file cabinets.

And it turns out everyone with a cold case reached out to The Case Breakers after they announced they identified the Zodiac Killer. I initially heard off the record, that they were too busy and would not take cases that had previously had publicity or had films made about them. This did not seem in keeping with their website, which lists involvement in cases like the Zodiac Killer case, the Atlanta Child Murders case and the Jimmy Hoffa “disappearance.” All cases which have had numerous books, films and documentaries made about them.

I submitted a rather lengthy explanation of the OCCK case and the failure to address the real issue in this investigation–public corruption. I received an acknowledgement of receipt of my information and a warning that they were horribly overwhelmed with requests. I next received this email:

From: Administrative Office <>

Date: November 8, 2021 at 12:25:33 AM


Subject: RE: The Case Breakers “The Oakland County Child Killer (1976-1977, Oakland County, MI)”

Hello Catherine,

Thanks very much for your email. I’ve been asked to respond to the unusual volume of requests the team has received. In that regard, we have added a form on the website which will allow us to monitor new witness or evidence tips in your case.

Please go to and provide as many details as possible. 

The team will be expanding our case volunteer network in the near future; but until then, we unfortunately have to limit the number of new investigations.

We’ll of course contact you if we need additional details or there is an opportunity to reconsider your case. In the meantime, please be sure to stay in touch with your local law enforcement. 

With appreciation,

Dawna Colbert – CFO

The Case Breakers Corporation

So if you are one of the still living people who knows who killed these kids, or who works or worked at the MSP or the Oakland County Prosecutor’s office and you have knowledge of what got pulled here to derail this investigation and a conscience, “Please go to and provide as many details as possible.” Apparently what I tried to explain to them isn’t going to get the job done. You know who you are. Speak up.

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  1. Catherine , I’ll throw my ten cents . Someone out there has a heavy chest and they need to unload that load off their chest. Unload it before you meet the Lord and have to try and explain why you didn’t help to end this case. Do it before it’s too late and God says” I don’t know you . And casts you into the lake of fire .

    As for Case Breakers, they at least know there’s a case here in Michigan that people WANT SOLVED! There are many that are extremely proud of you . Your will, grit and determination is truly inspirational .

  2. Cathy have you tried reaching out to Billy Jensen and Paul Holes- they worked on the GSK case and now host a podcast- they seem to have money, resources, and connections to make things happen. I know it’s been a long time since anything has happened in this case but at this point I this throwing everything at it and seeing what sticks is the approach that’s left.

  3. “Stay in touch with your local law enforcement”. Color me shocked. Might as well respond you with a “Too long, didn’t read”. This was SO out of line, for fuck’s sake.

  4. We have this wonderful tool – DNA – which can help solve some of these horrible cases, and provide the grieving families with some semblance of “closure” – for lack of a better word. As with any tool, it can be used for good or bad. “Used” is the operative word! I hope they one day act on your request.

    I also HOPE that those who are guilty, but not yet caught, are perpetually looking over their shoulder, and shaking in their boots. Dreading the day that genetics finally brings them to justice. A justice that has been denied too many for too long!

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