“The FBI has a responsibility to ensure that every alleged child abuse victim with whom the Bureau interacts is protected against further harms and to hold those committing these heinous acts accountable.”

From a letter sent last Friday by a bipartisan group of senators to FBI Director Christopher Wray requesting full, written explanations of changes in the FBI’s policies following the recommendations from the Inspector General’s Office following FBI failures in the Larry Nassar investigation. https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/politics/bipartisan-senators-press-fbi-inspector-general-for-changes-following-nassar-case/ar-AAR03BY. The OIG report said FBI officials made “numerous and fundamental errors” and “violated multiple FBI policies.” Two months ago Wray testified before a Senate subcommittee that he would provide written answers. The senators are making sure Wray has this on his “to do” list.

The senators also wrote the OIG, specifically asking for additional audits of the FBI’s work when it comes to sex crimes against children, and to audit and evaluate the FBI’s adherence to its new training and policy changes, in addition to the effectiveness of the new regulations addressing the failures outlined in the Nassar report. They also asked for a comprehensive audit of the bureau’s Crimes Against Children Program, particularly focusing on sex crimes and trafficking.

The FBI has a responsibility to every child abuse victim they interact with, no matter when or at what age they come forward or are interviewed. They are subject to further harms whenever a predator is exposed, especially one in a lab coat, suit and tie or uniform. I hope the delay in Wray’s written response is because he and his agency are taking a very deep look at the ramifications of their failures and their inadequate policies when it comes to sex crimes.

We will never know what the FBI link to the cover up of the OCCK crimes is. But if you want proof that the victims of pedophiles need protection not only from the sex criminals but perhaps also from law enforcement, consider this portion of a transcript of an interview of Vince Gunnels on February 25, 1977, after his name was given to police by another victim of Busch and Greene on January 26, 1977:

As a victim and a minor, Vince Gunnels’ name was never in the press in connection with Busch or Greene. Charges against Busch for assaulting Gunnels were not even filed until March 2, 1977 (Montmorency County). Someone made that call on February 19, 1977, who had an interest in protecting Busch and knew something only known to law enforcement. At that time only law enforcement knew Gunnels was a victim. A little less than a month after this interview, Tim King’s body would be on the side of Gill Road in Livonia.

So if the FBI thinks all is well in OCCK land and that surely victims of the Oakland County child sex/porn ring would come forward with no worries after all these years, or that other whistleblowers from Oakland County or the Michigan State Police would speak freely, they need to think again. And step up their efforts in every single sex crime or public corruption case to protect victims and whistleblowers, whenever they come forward. Walk the talk.

FBI and OIG, your paper is due with the U.S. Senate. Past due.

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  1. cathybroad says:

    And late this afternoon, word that Parkland School Massacre families settled their lawsuit against the FBI for between $125 and $130 million. https://news.yahoo.com/parkland-school-massacre-families-settle-232100613.html; https://www.foxnews.com/us/parkland-school-shooting-victims-families-settle-lawsuit-against-us-govt-for-fbis-failure-to-stop-gunman. This is a sign that the feds are being held responsible for known ticking time bombs like Nikolas Cruz. I can think of a big, fat ticking time bomb Oakland County, MI and the feds ignored in 1977.

    • Paul Jolliffe says:

      Yes, thanks Cathy for bringing up the Parkland case.

      The FBI conduct was so outrageous in that case that they were forced to lie for days after the shooting.

      Namely, they pretended for days that the only time the name “Nikolas Cruz” came to their attention was the previous September of 2017 when a youtuber reported that someone of that exact name was threatening to become a school shooter!
      The FBI claimed that they were unable to act that September because they couldn’t track down the perp, even though by that time, the Broward Country Sheriff’s department had a file on Nikolas Cruz with no less than 45 separate calls!

      Of course the FBI itself was informed directly on January 9, 2018 in a detailed 14 minute call to its call information center about this very Nikolas Cruz in Broward County, Florida.

      The FBI desperately tried to hide the January 2018 specific warning through a classic “limited hangout”: they publicized the September 2017 warning, the one (allegedly) too vague to act upon and hoped the public would never learn of the more recent January warning.

      So what was going on?

      I believe the FBI knew all about Nikolas Cruz and his history of gun purchases. I believe they were planning a sting of gun shops and that pressure would then be brought to close loopholes in gun purchase laws in Florida. Whether anyone from the FBI ever had any contact with Cruz himself is unknown, and I think unlikely, although some FBI assets may have been guiding Cruz in these gun purchases, some of which were made at the end of January!

      I don’t think the FBI had any specific knowledge of Cruz’s nightmarish plans, but who knows?

      The Miami office of the FBI was deliberately NOT TOLD of the January 9, 2018 warning. The decision to keep Miami out of the loop was made at the FBI headquarters in Washington. Therefore, the Miami FBI office, the one that would have interviewed Cruz and made a decision about him (and detained him!), never knew of his existence!

      Why did FBI HQ violate their own protocol and not inform Miami about Cruz on January 9, 2018?

      I don’t know, but then again, the highly paid major media news stars have never even ASKED that question, let alone demanded an answer . . .

      And the FBI, to this day, has still not provided an answer.

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