“He got to die with people thinking he was an upstanding man. And he wasn’t.”

A suspect’s daughter helps solve the 1959 murder of a 9-year-old girl in Spokane, WA:


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  1. Joe says:

    The Oakland Press is the main newspaper for Oakland County, Michigan. The front page today is the new dig for Jimmy Hoffa in New Jersey.

  2. Inquisitor says:

    Does anyone have the address to Greene’s old house that had the mystery crawl space upstairs? I’m just curious about something.

  3. RD1 says:

    Apologies, I know I’m off topic…but can we please talk about the Investigator Report dated;
    “2-7-07 **FBI report from the Dutch Police in Amsterdam Today**” – ?
    And these statements, contained in it;
    “…John Ouelett (FBI) forwarded a request to FBI and Dutch police in Amsterdam, to pursue a possible connection between a large distributor of Child Pornography in Amsterdam, according to Lawson, named “Kim”, Francis Shelden and the possibility of a connection to with the Oakland County Child Killings”

    Followed by, (no offence intended to the Detectives), in my opinion, one of the most blatant and self-serving HERRINGS that I’ve ever heard of;
    “Lawson had told authorities in 1988, when he was facing life in prison for child molestation, that he had traveled to Amsterdam in 1979 and had a conversation with this “Kim”. Lawson said that “Kim’ named Francis Shelden and #1 by name as having involvement in the abduction/murder of Timothy King”.

    Let’s begin with the logic of that statement. Lawson goes to Amsterdam and meets Kim, who is a real person and really a distributor of CP. And then, in casual conversation;
    “Hi! Are you Kim? I’m Richard formerly of Michigan. I like to *#!&$ little boys around 8-10”
    “How do you do, I’m Kim, I’m also a pervert”
    “So I’ve heard. Hey, you talked to Frank Shelden lately?”
    “Frank’s here. In Amsterdam. Why? Oh yea…did you know Frank and [censored] kidnapped and murdered a 10 yo boy, back where you come from? He told me all about it, ’cause he’s a moron, and I’ve been gossiping about it all with every random pervert – like you – who comes along. Because, I run a criminal organization but I’m a nitwit and can’t stop myself blabbing potential death sentence criminal confessions by my associates. Well, nice chatting, have a nice day!”

    1) Why does Kim know anything about the involvement of Shelden (or anyone else) in OCCK, or Tim King case specifically? Why would he be interested in such information, if it was offered to him? Did OCCK make front page headlines in Holland & Denmark? Frank Shelden told him about it? Why? What would Shelden gain, if he was involved, from gossiping about it?

    2) If Kim DID have such info, why would he pass it on to Richard Lawson? Who is Lawson, to him? A random pedo? Lawson ISN’T a producer/distributor of CP products marketed through Holland or Denmark. Why would Kim give such incriminating info to some schmuck from Michigan?

    Then there’s this statement attributed to Lawson in the report;
    “Lawson had mentioned in the 1988 report, that Francis Duffield Shelden…was the person who was financing the child porn photos and films in the Detroit area and shipping them to Amsterdam for distribution to “the eye of the chicken-hawk organization”.

    It is certainly a fact, that photos & films created in USA were sent to Holland & Denmark for processing and re-distribution back into USA (and worldwide), although this was a small fragment of all the materials being marketed through these nations. Presumably, Shelden was selling photos and film shot on his Island, by his partner Gerald Richards, to foreign distributors.
    But financing? Their own materials cost them next to nada, they aren’t paying the victims.
    And the truth is, other than occaisional professionally shot photo-series, the bulk of the filth being marketed under “Piccolo”, “Joy Boy” or “Show Boy” (COQ) as examples, was sent to the publisher/distributor by the pervs who were abusing these boys, worldwide, for NOTHING!
    Just like today, the pervs of that time got a special thrill from sharing, from seeing their “work” in publication or just knowing other pervs will be seeing it. “Look what I did!” (Sick f*cks)

    I can’t access the Dutch police report, I don’t doubt what was quoted from that source is correct.
    But Shelden, from 1979 to his death, was primarily involved in creating & marketing boy-sex porn FICTION books. (As Frank Torey or Tory). He was the primary producer of those materials, no doubt he appears in Dutch or Danish police investigations as a major producer of boy porn FICTION. But photos & films, after 1979? I’d like to see the documentation.

  4. RD1 says:

    Brief follow-up.
    Investigator Report “12-13-05” “I met with John Oulette today…”
    “The only connection between so far between Lawson and Francis Shelden’s pedophile ring is that Lawson talked about Shelden financing the film of Timothy King, produced by Bob Moore”
    “John and I agreed that the motive for the kidnappings and killings was probably the money the suspects were getting for filming and selling the “Snuff” films of these children”

    “The film of Timothy King”, “the Snuff films of these children”, discussed therein as matters of proven fact! Not the “alleged” film of Tim King, not the imagined Snuff films. This makes me furious, but also very sad. That evil lying b*st*rd Lawson, manipulated and suckered many people. Good people. Intelligent people. Caring people. Nevertheless, suckered by him – and he used his lies to get released from a LIFE SENTENCE for child molestation. Walked away free.

    The timing, the year 1988, is not coincidental. Satanic Panic was at its height in America then, and rumors of child snuff films were a pervasive aspect of those urban legend narratives. And there was Lawson, soaking it all in from the tv talk shows and “satanism” specials. He knew just what to say, at that time, to get himself a free pass from prison…to go out and molest more boys no doubt; “OCCK…child snuff films…”

    Here’s an example of the media-driven hysteria on that subject, in that era;
    “Los Angeles Times” “January 18, 1985”
    “Children Say 3 Others Died in ‘Snuff Film’ ”
    No, no snuff film. No murdered children, either. The fantasies of adult snuff film obsessives, attributed (falsely) to innocent children.
    And there never were any Francis Shelden “ring” child snuff films. I’m sorry, but that’s the truth, just the manipulative fantasies of a self-serving, lying scumbag child molester named Lawson.

    • RD1 says:

      One final “getting Richard Lawson out of my system, for good”.

      Some OCCK investigators & media commentors, allege that these four terrible tragedies are somehow involved in – ultimately motivated by – the CSA images production ‘industry’ in Michigan during those years. (There has to be a motive? They can’t just be some deranged maniac ‘acting out’? I suppose, hoping to someday CONVICT someone responsible, you’d best be able to articulate SOME motive…?)
      There is however a paucity of physical or direct evidence to support this idea, (that I know about). No images of the victims, by their captor(s), exist today or can be proven to have ever existed. There is some ‘testimony’, that a few persons might have seen something involving Tim King, but nada for the other three victims (that I know about).

      Cui bono?, then. In one of the reports, Det. Williams says to Richard Lawson that he’s “cleared” as an OCCK suspect. He knows what he’s talking about, I certainly wouldn’t, so I accept that. But if the ‘motive’ for these tragedies has anything to do with – who benefits? – the answer has to be, Richard Lawson.
      If the motive COULD be…to generate a pretext for Lawson to rat-out and help convict, any & every pederast-pedophile that he knows in the area, whom he might see as a rival for exploitation of boys he desires or who simply won’t “share” their boys with him, (clearly, for Lawson the definition of a ‘friend’ was – a person who shares their boys with him).

      How many times did I read through the reports, and not see what was staring me in the face?
      Mentally block my awareness, that Ike McKinnon said Lawson really WAS “working with” his sex crimes unit during OCCK investigation by them, and helped ‘put away’ as many as 20 area pedophiles?
      How many times do the investigators quote Lawson, that boy prostitute Ralph “the catch” was the most beautiful hooker boy around, that “every man wanted him”? Including you, Lawson?
      How could I fail to put those together. It’s right here;
      “2-15-07”, the first pedo Lawson helps put away was Kent Gilbert (David) Shultz? Who just happens to have been “Ralph the Catch’s” ‘lover’ for the past two years? How convenient…for Richard. Looks like Ralph will be available for Lawson, now, if he wishes to pursue him.

      If the motive COULD be, to generate a presumed pedophile predator EMERGENCY in the community…making Richard Lawson’s “unique investigative quality”, of being a real pedo actively involved in abusing kids with other area perverts, and thus able to penetrate “the secret society” (Ike McKinnon said) , so indispensable that it would be unthinkable to charge HIM for his own heinous child-sex crimes…or his friends…then he got what he wanted. Effective immunity from prosecution for his own crimes, for many years to come.

      And MORE! How about, the ability to have an impending life sentence for child abuse – in 1988 – wiped right out. Just by pretending to have a solution to the OCCK case.
      If there had never been an OCCK case, he couldn’t have done that, right? Or…if it had ever been solved? But it wasn’t, and so Lawson got to try doing that trick AGAIN! with his murder charge. WHO benefitted, from these four horrible tragedies? And the fact they were never solved? Richard Lawson did.

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