Nothing ever “takes” in the OCCK case

Most residents of Oakland County continue to believe the false narrative created in the OCCK case by L. Brooks Patterson, his #2, Richard Thompson, and cemented by the Michigan State Police. It is why no one in authority will act on the obvious illegal, unethical and negligent acts in this case which have kept it from being solved, closed, or even honestly discussed, after 45 long years. The press was manipulated by Patterson and decades later, Jessica Cooper and her #2, Paul Walton. Therefore, this case simply goes into the “too bad, so sad” category, while cold cases from that era are being solved at an impressive rate in other jurisdictions around the country.

I discussed coverage of two Oakland County wrongful conviction cases last week for a number of reasons, not the least of which was that prosecutors, detectives and judges won’t talk to the press when something doesn’t look good for them. That leaves civilians and reporters to piece together the truth. I think those two cases are also a stark contrast to the OCCK case and the “investigation” into Christopher Brian Busch, son of GM executive H. Lee Busch. The rich and guilty get treated better than the “less wealthy” and innocent. The blog Guarded by Jackals,, makes this eloquently, and in my opinion, abundantly clear.

Nothing, but nothing, moves the dial in the OCCK case, a case no one wants to ponder for too long because it is just that horrific. But by looking away, you are part of the problem. You are part of the reason sex crimes committed by the wealthy are swept under the rug and why prosecutors like Patterson, Thompson and Cooper can and will engage in corruption in the future. On your dime.

The most important part of the GBJ analysis is a Tale of Two Polygraphs. Yes, the analysis is conjecture, but I ask you to explain the following hugely relevant irregularities:

  1. Only two polygraphs of Greg Greene are put forth in the official record, when the notes made by detectives obviously indicate Greene was polygraphed FOUR times.
  2. The results of all four polygraphs are not known, not even by detectives who worked the case decades later.
  3. Decades later, forensic analysis by three independent polygraphers was made only on two of the four Greene polygraphs.
  4. The conclusion of these experts was that Greene should not have passed the polygraphs (whichever ones were provided to them) and that Busch’s was at best inconclusive.
  5. Based on comments made by private polygrapher Larry Wasser to Detective Cory Williams in 2007, his client Chris Busch should not have passed his MSP polygraph in January 1977, and that’s why this shit bag did not advance Busch past the pre-polygraph interview to a private polygraph exam.
  6. Answer this: Greene and Busch were brought in on some of the same victims, but after the polygraphs and the obvious wheeling and dealing, their official charges assigned them different victims. There was to be no link between Greene and Busch.
  7. Busch got $1,000 bail and probation (and probation in numerous other counties as well). Greene’s bail was $75,000 and he got a life sentence. Even if you come up with some explanations for this disparity, it still feels like icing on the wealthy pedophile cake.

Jessica Cooper has been credibly charged with shredding documents in an open investigation. This is a truly egregious act by any standards. What was destroyed to ensure that nothing in this investigation can ever rise above “conjecture”? The current Oakland County Prosecutor responded to a FOIA request for the OCCK files. In the thousands of documents, not once was there a single note or mention of Richard Thompson’s activities when he went to Flint to sit in on the Greene and Busch polygraphs. Not a fucking thing from that time period. Or, of course, any mention of Jessica Cooper.

Even my discovery that Thompson himself had checked out the CSC file in the Oakland County case against Chris Busch on MARCH 17, 1977, hours after my brother had been abducted in Birmingham (uh-oh) was sheer luck, when I found a file in my dad’s office a year after he died. It looked like a file a journalist had provided to my dad–it was not produced in any FOIA request he made of the OCP. Yes, it remains in the lap of civilians to try to piece this corrupted case together. It is insane.

I say again: This is what must be done if law enforcement and public officials in Michigan give a shit about the abduction, captivity, torture and murder of four kids between the ages of 10 and 12 in 1976 and 1977. And it is the minimum which must be done to even pretend you are working this case:

  1. The Michigan State Police must produce all four polygraphs of Gregory Greene, taken between January 16 and February 1, 1977, or explain their absence. We are way past FOIA requests. This must be done by the Oakland County Prosecutor or the Michigan AG, with the assistance of the FBI if necessary. Anyone still living who participated in the arrest or interrogation of Greg Greene and/or Chris Busch must be interviewed by the FBI. Preferably there would be a grand jury so these statements would be made under oath.
  2. The document shred by Jessica Cooper must be investigated and statements taken under oath.
  3. Steve Duncan, polygrapher for the Georgia Highway Patrol, who polygraphed John Hastings in the fall of 2009 must be interviewed. Then Hastings must be interrogated again. How many times do I have to raise this obvious issue? See, for example: Polygraphs are all good as long as they are controlled by the OCP and the MSP. Then, when a neighbor of Busch flunks one in Georgia, it all goes in the circular file.
  4. ALL of the evidence in these four murders must be rerun by a third party lab utilizing the most recent technological advances in DNA examination. I am told such a lab has offered to do this for the state police, FOR FREE.

These are straight-forward, obvious steps to close “loose ends.” Why would these steps not be taken? See If you have a better explanation, I would love to hear it. The failure of anyone in authority to close the gaps in this case cements the legacy of protecting raping child murderers in Oakland County.

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    • Do not for one moment think that this is not prevalent in every private sector in our country. The elite schools in Bloomfield Hills have tentacles that reach out
      to all other “private” schools throughout the US.

  1. I was in the area last week for work and took a drive around. I was shocked at how close Hastings and Busch’s houses were to each other. That doesn’t prove they knew each other, but it sure makes you think.

  2. The steps are not taken because the crimes and cover ups continue to this day.
    Thank you for the Guarded by Jackals site.
    Keep pushing.

  3. Just read guarded. What an interesting read. Quick, concise and to the point.
    All I kept thinking is that none of these kids had to die.
    Protecting child crime perpetrators has got to stop. Child crime has got to stop.
    Rich and powerful, indeed, but also depraved.

  4. There is an obvious ring that will never be exposed. They are too rich and too high ranking to ever be brought to justice. They protect one another.

  5. If and I say IF the departments in charge have not destroyed evidence, then there is still an opportunity for a discriminating prosecutor to take up the case.

  6. I believe the only was to get things done in America is thru litigation ,I say you file a class action lawsuit against Francise Sheldon heirs for aiding his purchase and construction of a pedifile ring .I think the reason that family hasn’t gone after you for liable in making a connection between him and OCCK is that they know way more than we do .The wealthy power brokers of this kind hide and close ranks, but,the the public has had enough.I think naming someone from the top will shake the rest of the filth out. N.Fox island was an business.

  7. Is there a way to get the Department of Justice involved? (Or some other governing body that is ‘higher’ than the MSP.)

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