Happy New Year. Thanks to many of you for your support, your ideas, and the links you send. Thank you to the courageous few who have come forward and continue to circle back to law enforcement so they know it is their JOB to at least listen and consider.

At the beginning of this year, I ask that you consider or reconsider a post from May 24, 2022:


Or try:

As a brief update, I have heard nothing from the Oakland County prosecutor’s office since January 2020, save for the response to my FOIA request in 2022. The OCCK case was transferred to yet another set of MSP detectives. I know this only because I received a response to an email I sent via the “contact us” link at their website in which I sent my family’s contact information and requested the name(s) of detectives currently assigned to the case. They did respond and informed me that they are actively advancing the case.

I feel like part of the duty of a cold case detective, especially one newly-assigned, is to make contact with the family members. Sure, it is probably one of the worst parts of the job, but I think good practice mandates this. It is apparently too much to ask for even a yearly call after that–maybe one that says “we haven’t got anything to report but I wanted you to know we remain committed to solving this case.” I will just say this: Empathy diffuses anger. Avoidance and obfuscation do not.

Disgrace is a form of accountability, but this is certainly not ideal. I am asking the Michigan State Police and Oakland County for complete transparency in 2023. (I won’t even bother adding the FBI to this list.) Your track record in this 45-year-old cold case, involving the abduction, captivity and torture of four pre-teen children, is abysmal. Complete. Transparency. There is nothing special about your “methods” that needs exemption or exception. With a bunch of the mossbacks from these agencies gone, it is time to come clean.

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  1. MMS says:

    I am hopeful for you,and all the families involved, that this case can move forward in 2023. Keep looking for ways to tell your story, and ways to put some pressure on elected officials in the state to solve this case officially.

  2. Anonymous says:

    FYI, the link is broken for me. It leads to a login page.

    Another thing I’ve noticed is that each page stops loading at 10 posts and just shows the spinner icon. Example; when I click on October 2022 the earliest post that will load is 10/19. I’ve tried two different browsers. Not sure if this happens for other visitors also, but if so, people are missing a lot of content.

  3. C. says:

    Wishing you peace, encouragement, and justice in the new year. I’ve been following your blog for several years and can’t believe this case isn’t making headlines. Is is possible for me to email you privately regarding Grossman?

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