People tend to understand complicated stories through elements of time, space, and association. Whether this is through a narrative of a documentary, a book, or through various forms of data visualization, these elements help make sense of an immense amount data and information. On this page, you can review the timeline of the crimes and subsequent investigations, understand the abductions and recovery of the victims as they geographically relate to overlapping and far-reaching crime rings, and learn about the complicated social connections between victims and suspects. Later, you will be able to view and search a repository of thousands of official documents gathered over 45 years since these crimes were committed. It is the hope that by making this information public, new eyes and new angles of analysis on the case might yield new leads.

Timeline Analysis

A narrative chronology of the OCCK investigation 1970s–present. This is a work in progress and will be periodically updated. Its purpose is not to reach conclusions, examine theories or “solve” the murders but to present a comprehensive (not exhaustive) sequential account of case history.



See the case from a geographic perspective as you learn where victims were taken and recovered in relation to the top suspects in the investigation. Pedophile and child pornography operations around the state were known to converge, cooperate, and collaborate with each other, and this case, easily transcend the boundaries of Oakland and Wayne counties.

Link Analysis

Coming soon. Please check back.

Online Repository of Official Documents

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Book: “The Snow Killings”

A definitive account of the crimes and the investigations thus far by former Detroit News reporter, Marney Rich Keenan.


Documentary: “Children of the Snow”

A two-part series on the case can be streamed online.

Investigation Discovery:


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