Some people know who abducted and killed kids in Oakland County, Michigan in 1976 and 1977.  More energy has been expended in keeping a lid on these “cold cases” over the past 36 years than has been spent trying to solve these crimes.  It is only one shocking facet of this case that when the truth finally bubbles to the surface, I believe it will be shown that a remarkable number of people knew at the time and know now who was involved in the abduction and killing of these kids.  Law enforcement agencies in Oakland County are not above re-victimizing family members who dare to ask questions about the investigation and have been quick to dismiss people who have come forward with information.  It has been obvious to me since early 2006 that this thing reeks.  I regret not speaking publicly about these cases after it became obvious what was going on (or not going on) here.  I can’t believe I spent three decades thinking the police would never stop being the voice for the kids, including my brother, who were murdered in Oakland County.  These kids never had a chance–then or now.  See if you agree.


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    I edited some settings and it should make it easier. A comment box should appear under each post. This blog platform is easy for bloggers to write but not so easy for readers to navigate. I will work on it!

  3. Jessie Kanehl says:

    I would like to meet with you and share. We have an unsolved double homicide in Waterford.

  4. Michelle says:

    In the summer of 1976 or 77 myself and 2 of my friends were almost abducted by someone whom I assume was the Oakland County Child Killer. My parents called the Madison Hgts police (where we lived at the time and filed a report). This story has haunted me for all these years…one it was never solved and two it could have been myself or one of my friends. I remember what he was driving and basically what he looked like. If you would like to chat or think I may know something that could help please let me know. ALL of these victims need justice!

  5. Lindsay Geibig Bitzarakis says:

    You are going to solve this case good for you. I am so sorry your family has been made to suffer so much for lack of people coming forward and proper police work. I grew up in Ferndale and my Grandmothers good friend was Ruth Stebbins I remember her as a very nice woman who was just very sad. I have always tried to keep up with the story in the news. I hope that one day you and all the other families get some sort of justice upon reading your blog I feel that Busch and his loser friend were most likely behind this. Never give up you are going to solve this thing I believe. Good luck to you and all the other victims. It’s never too late go after their families someone knew something.

    • Terry B says:

      The smoking gun documents that link the OCCK case to the 60’s California Zodiac killer is the typewritten “Dear Draftboard” letter in the FBI FOIA Zodiac files, note the intermittent use of the number 8 as an apostrophe in the words like “shouldn’t and didn’t”, this same signatory element is found on the letter to Dr Danto, additionally these and other related documents have the same mockery and deception elements, there are many other specific elements to these documents that are signatory and cross-connected. I’ve studied this and other cases that I believe to be related in great depth.

  6. Terry B says:

    The last murder that the Zodaic killer claimed was the murder of San Francisco cabbie Paul Stine, the killer had Stine drive him up to the Presido neighborhood and then shot him behind the ear, he then casually removed a section from Stine’s bloody shirt and casually walked away from the scene.

    A very nervy, very cold blooded and very self assured bastard wasn’t he!

    An APB was put out for a black male perp, why is still unexplained. 2 cops in a patrol car encountered the perp about 2 blocks from the scene, the killer gave them the he-went-that-away and they fell for it, why he wasn’t detained as a material witness is still unexplained. I don’t know the exact date but sometime later it was released that the crime lab had recovered a palm print from the taunting letter the killer sent in, this same letter had a piece of Stine’s bloody shirt. About or before 1974 Jack Tarrance (JT)dipped his hands in acid up to the wrist, there was a clear line of demarcation so it wasn’t from a car radiator as he told his step family. There were 4ea post cards sent in by the Zodiac killer, each one had a “Jack” clue, jack rabbit in the snow, jack-o-lantern belly, a one-eyed jack on a jack ass. One card not released to the public had the Alice in Wonderland rabbit on it which I found in the FOIA FBI Zodiac file. Officer Foukes description of the perp was an exact description of Jack Tarrance. The composite drawing is a perfect match to Tarrance. Tarrance’s step son has a lot of evidence that Jack was the Zodiac killer, besides an audio tape confession, I think the picture of Jack with Dr Saums is good piece of evidence, because on the reverse side is a sample of Tarrance’s handwriting. Because of the sheer volume of documents in this case I thing a good match of handwriting has been made to Tarrance, additionally the initials “JT” have been incorporated in most if not all Zodiac documents, look for the Red Phantom letter and notice the initials on the words “hell hole” as an example.

    There’s more.

  7. Mark Morton says:

    Cathy can you write a post detailing the specifics as to why the police are certain all 4 homicides are related? What links them specifically?

  8. Terry B says:

    Cathy, you know that the official OCCK case is filled with deception, it doesn’t take much study to realize that.

    Incredible as it may seem; I believe that JT was also involved the the Ameritrax/Anthrax case. Check out the letters and envelopes, they have several signatory elements including his habit of making his “N’s” look like his old Zodiac Z’s. Suspiciously missing from the FBI files are the ones sent into Goldman Sachs. The FBI first tried to hang the thing on Dr Hatfil, then Bruce Ivins even though it was never explained how either one could have gotten a hold of weapons grade anthrax. Once Ivins was “suicided” then they played it as “case closed”. A cross-reference to the return address on the envelopes was the word “Greendale,” this referenced to Hatfil. BTW Hatfils name was originally Hatfield as in the infamous Hatfield’s and McCoy’s.

    A four line address box, double postage, high-low felt tip printed lettering, missives like can not vs cannot, misspelled words, prominent letter J with the T top hat, the Goldman Sachs letter has the initials JT integrated in it. A goofy J-Low letter was sent to the contaminated building in Florida, get it ? J-Low! All these things are Zodiac Jack 101.

    I used to think that the poetically cross-connected word/clue study of these cases was crazy, however; there are far too many of them for it to be a mere coincidence. It too is a repeating JT nuance.

    It’s the appointed officials that can steer an investigation as well as official statements, and they do so to the chagrin of many good people that are interested in justice.

    People being “suicided” is also a common re-occurrence in the cases that I think are linked

    I believe that JT did the whole radian and encryption thing so as to keep his associates/ handlers from bumping him off as a “loose end”. A file in the FBI FOIA Zodiac file hints at this, even though the actual message in that letter is probably mostly fiction.

  9. Terry B says:

    The testimony or deposition of Mike Mageau in the Zodiac spree is what caused me to suspect that the killer was making snuff films, Mageau survived being shot, the attack was after dark and he reported that a very bright light was on him and Darlene Ferrin. In that era 8mm movie film required a very bright light, the same goes for 16mm and 35mm film.

    When I was a kid in the 60’s one of my screwy classmates brought a very graphic snuff magazine to school, I remember one image showing a youngster with their brains laying on a coffee table and a big hole in the top of their head, very shocking and nasty. I was too shocked to look at any of the rest of the magazine. Where he got this magazine, I don’t know? I would guess it was bought at one of the many adult book stores as found in Minneapolis on Lake Street for example and probably under the counter and by request. The city of Minneapolis has since cleaned up Lake Street.

    I suspect that Jack Tarrance was in the snuff and pedophile business with associates in organized crime.

    • Terry B says:

      IMHO, for the police to report that Tim Kings body was found face down was in many way a bad move, I understand their reasoning, the trouble is is that it was a lie and it circumvents the public’s right to know. I also can’t believe that LE didn’t suspect it was the California Zodiac killer, if they truly didn’t think in that direction then they were terribly incompetent. Taunting by the killer is the central theme.

      I also don’t have a very high opinion of the late Dr Danto’s power of reasoning, that is if he really believed that there was an Allen person. A careful examination of the letter shows that it was very much so a hoax, again; taunting by the killer is the central theme.

      From the letter: Hes not a monster like you think he really loves children especially that little girl for 3 weeks not doing it because he hates childrens but doing it because he hates everybody else out there and this be his way to get even and get back at everybody.

      “especially that little girl for three week” ??? come on…..really? Notice he used and correctly spelled “especially” yet a college graduated psychiatrist can’t detect the phoney syntax in the thing!?

      Why do they still withhold the envelope? I think they know that It would be readily linked to the California Zodiac killer.

  10. Terry B says:

    Sorry to be so insistent about my beliefs in this case but I hope that it may be helpful. This is from a file I started developing a long time ago on the OCCK case, I can make several other observations about the Allen to Dr Danto letter but I think these points convey my thinking.

    OCCK letter nuances

    The 4th line: “You must help me as there is no one else to turn to.” This is an example of typical American English phrasing with the use of “as”.
    author says he’s guilty as well as juilty (sic) four times, I think because he is the mastermind/killer
    “clothes hamper and delivery route” are probably lies coupled with the main lie about the building having “Primps (sic), fags…. etc.”
    rich people are the admitted target, this is a common factor in most of the suspected cases linked to JT
    the word “slave” used twice, a throwback to the Zodiac killer era
    “He’s not a monster like you think.” Really?…….the author has a high opinion of this guy, this guy being himself, he’s justifying his actions
    “I be only one alive know it him.” ” Nobody else know.” I think this is one of the main deceptive messages that he wants to convey.
    Author used the word “code”, this is typical Zodiac Jack 101.
    “I so scared policeman come to door never happen.” This could be inside info that a cop was directly involved in these crimes, maybe not?
    This letter shares many nuances in common with the JBR ransom letter, Zodiac killer letters, Black Dahlia, Chicago Lipstick, I45, and Texarcana writings
    Notice the line:
    “Hes not a monster like you think he really loves children especially that little girl for 3 weeks not doing it because he hates childrens but doing it because he hates everybody else out there and this be his way to get even and get back at everybody”.
    He has no problem spelling “especially” and notice how snide this line really is.
    Notice the little game he plays with the word “Gremlin” then spells it “Grimlin”
    Notice the little game he plays with the word guilty/juilty
    If LE can’t tell that the letter is bullshit, then there is something very wrong with the people they hire.
    Notice that;again: He just has to get his message published in the newspaper, just like the Zodiac killer insisted on.

    • Tina says:

      Actually what Allan wrote makes sense if he were living in the Cass Corridor. Of course they would put the kids in a hamper to transport them. They wouldn’t want anyone to know they had kidnapped a child. As far as Pimps go there would have been many along with prostitutes and drug dealers. And the misspelled words could just be that he was uneducated. I’m curious as to whether or not Ted Lamborgine or one of the other Cass Corridor pedophile ring was in Vietnam.

  11. alwaysproud69 says:

    Hello Cathy,
    I grew up on West Parent Street in Royal Oak about two blocks off Woodward Ave and graduated from Dondero High School in the 80’s. I remember this time very well and it has haunted me all these long years as well. In 1976 a man tried to abduct my younger brother and I from main street in Royal Oak when I was 8 and my brother was 6. He chased us and tried to force us into his green late model sedan and I will never forget it and even still dream about it. This man got away free as well. I hope you and your family never give up like my family did in finding out who hurt Tim and the others. I do remember being young before all of the killings and abductions happened and how my world changed after, it was never quite the same ever again. We never got that sense of safety and freedom back again even living out of the city in my nice neighborhood. There seemed to be a hidden unknown sort of danger that kids from my generation have never gotten over and it follows you all your life. I wish you the very best and hope you know not everyone has forgotten Tim and the others. Best wishes.

  12. Terry B says:

    The Arch Slone business fits right in with my suspicions regarding Jack Tarrances’ activities.

    Even if you try to remove Tarrance as a prime suspect (and I don’t), you’d still have the JT nuances on all of the documents I’ve mentioned, you’d still have the Jack rabbit, Jack-o-lantern belly, the one eyed Jack on a Jack ass as well as the Alice in Wonderland Jack rabbit post card clues, you’d still have the composite drawing made by a police officer as well as his description of the suspect, an audio taped confession by Tarrance. (The confession tape should be compared to the Allen recording said to exist in the OCCK case). You’d still have the huge quantity of matching letters back to Tarrances’ hand printing style. You’d still have Zodiac victim Hartnell’s description that matches Tarrances’ hair color, eyeglasses, height, build and pot belly. You’d still have the photos of Tarrance’s hands that were dipped in acid up to the wrists, you’d still have the violent death images found in his personal possessions, some are very nasty. You’d still have photo’s of his cars that matched the cars associated in that case. You’d still have many time, date and rhyming names that cross reference to victims and locations. (read Mindhunter to understand this), these links cross over into the OCCK case as well as other cases linked to the Zodiac case and there are far too many of them to be a mere coincidence. There are many more points on this line of reasoning that I can make, I think these points are all very solid.

    Again, that “Allen to Dr Danto” letter is tied/linked to the “Dear Draftboard” letter in the Zodiac case, my understanding of it is that it can’t be a copycat document but I honestly can’t claim that with perfect certainty. The fact that the Allen letter and envelope are being withheld from public view heightens my suspicions regarding LE. There is no valid argument that they can make with regard to this, they claim the want the publics help, then why don’t they help the public ?, it won’t jeopardize this very cold case.The Arch Slone car and hair thing should have born fruit by now.

    For example, and I think this somewhat applies to the OCCK case as well: there is an active and ongoing effort on the internet and in the major media to distort the facts in the brutal and vicious JonBenet Ramsey murder case.

    Please understand that because these subjects draw out a lot of opposition to the truth, that I’m apprehensive of this very forum as well, no offense intended.

    Please get at least an accurate description of the Allen letters envelope.

    And if anyone can please provide me a link the to the audio tape recording of the mysterious “Bob”, I don’t trust the transcripts that I’ve found on the net. In one of his statements he allegedly made is something that does make sense, it was with regard to a specific date.

    Again, the unsourced beaver hairs found on JonBenet Ramsey and the Big Beaver road in the OCCK case are valid and intentionally placed clues, again, read Mindhunter to understand this matter, there are many more of these types of clues.

  13. Terry B says:

    The mitochondrial DNA from the hairs in question won’t be enough to win a conviction in the OCCK case, it’s doubtful that it will lead to the actual killer. It would be just like Zodiac Jack to plant evidence. How long of a hair is gonna end up a victims nose without it having being planted there? Get it?

    If an intelligent investigation can determine who all is behind the active campaigns to suppress the truth in these cases, then there’s a chance to at least know who ordered these killings in the first place. Zodiac Jack Tarrance allegedly died in 2006. My guess is that someone has picked up on the list of pedophiles that he and his handlers controlled, or they’ve had it all along ? These crimes are way too sophisticated for the average child molester to have pulled off. One has to look in the direction of true motive and not be fooled planted evidence.

    I’m bound to be redundant in my messages, but you see, I’m trying get folks to examine these cases with an clear and open mind. There is too much organization involved in these crimes when compared to most other crimes that seem to be similar. The author of the documents has been trying and succeeding in subliminally controlling the thinking of those that look at the cases. Look at the deceptive elements, devices and statements or messages contained within: 1)He’s planting the false suicide message, 2)he’s planting the false Gremlin message 3) he’s planting the false message that he had an accomplice, 4) he’s planting that the Gremlin can’t be found and that it was removed to Ohio 5) he’s planting the false message that the killer has a delivery route 6)he’s planting the false message that he’s in a building with low life’s. 7) he’s planting the message that he was a Vietnam vet. 8)he’s planting the false message that he wants immunity. He’s structured the letter like it’s all one big sad joke as though he’s trying to appease his like minded associates. The sentence structure and or syntax isn’t like any foreigner is going to speak, that falsity is mixed in with several statement and misspellings that clearly demonstrate that it’s a ruse. The same exact sentence structure or false syntax is found in the 1968 Zodiac killer Dear Draftboard letter, keywords, nuances and all.

    This was not the crime of your average killer pervert.

  14. Terry B says:

    Now review the violent elements and or messages and words in the Allen letter: “he whips me and beats me all the time” etc, etc, etc. It’s from the actual killer and it’s Zodiac Jack 101.

    My sympathy goes out to the victims families and too all of us really, but then one must move on. Then one must get emotionally removed and clinical about the cases, because no one notices details when they’re upset, no one thinks clearly when they’re upset, and a deliberate murder…… especially of a child, is very upsetting for anyone that really cares.

  15. Terry B says:

    Cathy, I just reviewed a 5 month old broadcast of local 4 news posted on youtube, in it, they say that the police do find the death of Chris Bush suspicious! That makes me feel a lot better about your local law enforcements integrity. Perhaps the Boulder police were also apprehensive about the death of Helgoth in the Ramsey case and the public accounts of it are skewed.

    The killer was too methodical, I’m not saying that he was a genius, I’m just saying that he executed these crimes with a great deal of planning. One has to back away from the obvious and look for what makes the most sense. I’ve already pointed out that this guy was trying real hard to steer everyone’s attention away from a sensible underlying motive.

    The pathway to finding out who ordered these killings is via finding out whomever is behind an active campaign to stifle, as well as looking at who benefited from one or more of these crimes. In the Ramsey case it was someone on the corporate ladder, somewhere between Access Graphics, which Lockheed Martin acquired, which in turn was held by GE Capital. The money angle is beyond my scope. Several people have pointed out that there is a tie in between the Aurora CO theater shooting and the Sandy Hook shootings (alleged shootings), that being; that both of the shooters fathers had ties to GE Capital. Holme’s father is reported to have developed an algorithm to track big money flow. Lanza’s father is said to be an accountant at GE Capital, otherwise, neither of the crime sprees make immediate sense. Only as some kind of a Manchurian candidate thing do they begin to make any sense. Did psychotropic drugs play a role in getting these young men to go into a self destructive mode?

  16. Terry B says:

    I meant to say Dr Hodel in the Black Dahlia case, and former suspect Arthur Leigh Allen in the Zodiac case, this applies to any and all other suspects that have been named in the Zodiac case except for Jack Tarrance. Author and former detective Steve Hodel has named his father as a suspect in the Black Dahlia case. The Black Dahlia /Elizabeth Short murder was another example of a victim laid out on display, a very graphically violent one at that. Signatory elements point to “JT” including the actual initials on the documents and on the corpse. Hodel has zilch for evidence that his father was the killer, however there were some of the poetically linked elements that he mentioned that I agree with and it is interesting that he noted those particular elements.

    The E Short murder case takes some study to fully understand why I think JT was the perp. Miss Short was fixated on the Chicago Lipstick case. It’s been reported that in her last letter to Fickeling (sp) that she was going to Chicago with “Jack” to do some modeling. She was last seen with a red haired man, which was later determined to “not” have been a red haired guy named Manley. Tarrance had dark red hair. Film images found in Tarrance’s possession appear to be linked to both cases. The injuries on E. Shorts forehead are explained by the head restraint on an image inTarrance’s possession. I think the killer attached bottle caps to the leather strap he put on her head. Look for the post card that has the words “January” and “Turning” in the Black Dahlia case, they were positioned to accentuate the letters “JT”. The killer placed the severed remains on Norton Ave in Hollywood, he drove down “Degnan” Ave to get there and probably thought he was still on Degnan Ave. Victim Degnan was placed on Hollywood Ave in Chicago, this was one of the “poetic” clues that Steve Hodel” has pointed out. This type of evidence is also an example of what John Douglas pointed out in his book “Mindhunter”.

  17. Bill Jolley says:

    Cathy, I’ll never forget when all this happend. I still remember the solemn faces of our classmates and community reacting to your families tragic loss of Tim and the other kids. I hope you and your family are well? Let us hope an answer to this horror story will come soon. God bless. Your old friend Bill Jolley

  18. geekmail says:

    My heart goes out to you and all the family members. I check your blog periodically hoping someday to read, “Case solved”. Your family and all the families deserve closure. So many people who lived in Oakland County remember this case and want it to be solved. I grew up a few blocks from the 7-11 and always think, “This could have been me or one of my siblings.” Hoping someday you have peace.

  19. Info says:

    Is there an email address for you…I haven’t seen it. I’d like to share some info with you…in particular…about the Tic Toc sighting described in the letter. As the blogger…I’m certain you can see my email from this post.

  20. J K says:


    In the fall of 1976 I lived with my father on Timkin Street near 9 mile and Van Dyke in Warren Michigan. I was either 13/14, but looked much younger, at the time and in 9th grade at Lutheran High East which was located near Eastland Mall. (My birthday is in the fall and I am not exactly sure of the exact date.) I used to have to take city buses to get home from school and made three bus transfers. One of the bus transfers was on the corner of 8 mile and Van Dyke. I used to have to wait nearly an hour between buses. Sometimes, I would just walk from there to home, rather than wait around. I used to walk along Van Dyke towards 9 mile road. But because I didn’t like walking on such a busy road, I turned onto a neighborhood side street and would walk through that neighborhood until I got to my own neighborhood, across 9 mile road. (That neighborhood and my own were both blue collar neighborhoods).

    I know for a fact that what I am about to tell you occurred in the fall of 1976 because I only attended Lutheran High East for that one fall semester. I moved back to my mother’s in Roseville for the next semester.

    One day, I chose to walk home from the bus stop on 8 mile road and Van Dyke. I walked for a few blocks along Van Dyke then turned down onto the neighborhood side street that I usually chose to walk down. As I was walking down this street, a man in a white car with brown hair and a beard pulled up beside me and asked me if I wanted a ride. The white car was missing a window and had opaque plastic taped in its place. The man was persistant. He kept asking me if I wanted a ride, even though I continued to refuse. For some reason, he finally gave up and drove off. However, just a few minutes later I heard him coming down the street again from the direction of Van Dyke. I turned around, saw his car, and ran to the next side street. I then ran around the corner and up the next street looking for anyone that could help me. The street was deserted, as many neighborhood streets are before 5 pm. I ran up to a house and hid between the house and some large, round, front bushes. As I hid, I saw the white car pass me. I could see him looking around. I was terrified and was praying that the people in the house would look out and ask me why I was hiding. I don’t think anyone was home though.

    After a while, I guess I decided it was safe because I started to continue to walk home. I walked back to the side street, where I had turned the corner while running, and turned towards home. As I was walking down this street, I saw the white car turn onto the same street I was on and was once again behind me. I turned and saw his face, I will never forget his face. I immediately began to run, only this time I was right near nine mile road, at the time. There were several cars but I was able to cross the street right away. The white car, however, could not cross due to the traffic. I continued to run but I kept looking back and around. I made it home safely.

    When my father got home, I told him what happened. He asked me if I had gotten the license number and got mad when I had not done so. He told me to always get the license number and that there was no sense in going to the police because they could not identify the man now and that the would be long gone. I loved my father, he was a wonderful man, but now I know how wrong he was. At the time though, I believed my father, that it would not have done any good to go to the police and report the incident.

    As I already mentioned, I moved back with my mother after Christmas. We then moved to South Carolina in the fall of 1977. I have lived down south ever since.

    When I lived in the Detroit area, I remember hearing about one or two girls who were kidnapped, raped, and killed. Although I do not remember hearing before about the two girls tied to the Oakland killer. I do remember hearing about a boy that had been kidnapped. I don’t know if it was your brother or the other boy. I had never heard of anyone being called the Oakland killer before this week. I also had never heard of the name Christopher Busch until this week. Having moved out of the state, I was not familar at all with the four killings.

    What happened this week is that I saw an article on AOL news page about infamous serial killers. I saw a story about a black man that had been a serial killer in Detroit. That reminded me of my experience and I began to wonder if the man who tried to pick me up was ever caught or anything, so I did a google search of child kidnappers in Detroit area or something like that. I don’t remember the exact words I originally searched. Anyway, as I often do, I chose to search by images. The minute I saw Christopher Busch’s face, a chill went down my back and I stared in shock because I immediately recogonized him. This was not an experience I ever forgot. I then clicked on his picture and began reading. Since then, I have read everything I could find on the internet about this case and about Christopher Busch. I kept trying to find a link between him and a white car, but I cannot find anything.

    All of the stuff I have mentioned to you previously, I have always remembered from that day. When I read the articles though, a possible repressed memory came back to me. I can’t swear to this, because it is not something I always remembered, but after it came back to me, I feel sure it happened. When the man was trying to get me to get in his car, he had a white dog. He told me I could hold his dog. When I still declined, he told me he needed someone to hold his dog because it kept jumping on him and inteferred with is driving. The memory of the white dog came back to me when I read about the white dog hairs. As soon as I read about the white dog hairs, that part of the memory began to come back, fuzzy at first and then stronger and stronger to the point I remembered the conversation about the dog. I think I would need to undergo hypnosis to really swear about that part, but I cannot believe that my imagination would make something like that up. I don’t know how repressed memories work, but that is the only way I can explain the part about the dog.

    I have read, this week, how your family is still searching so hard for the truth about what happened. I realize that my experience was nearly 40 years ago and may have been helpful back then and possibly is not much help now. However, if that really was Christopher Busch, it would prove that he did stalk kids and try to pick them up. He did not just target kids he knew. He did not just target boys. If you look at a map, Van Dyke, between 8 and 9 mile road is not that far from Ferndale.

    If the repressed memory about the dog is true, then he used the dog as a lure for the kids, which could be very successful. Most kids will pet a dog without any hesitation and will talk freely with the owners of the dog. This is just an hypothesis but what if Christopher Busch had the dog run up to your brother while your brother was on his skateboard in that parking lot? Would your brother not have stopped to pet the dog. What if Christopher also told him that he needed help with the dog? Might that have been the reason he would get in a car with a stranger?

    I hesitate to add that last bit because, the dog is not something I have remembered all these years when I recall that experience. I remember more the white car, the plastic on the back windshield, a general description of the man, and the actions I took to get away from him. I am going to keep it there though, because the repressed memory is now so strong and the use of the dog as a lure just makes so much sense to me.

    I currently live in North Carolina. I am high school science teacher with a masters in secondary science education. I didn’t want to include my name here because I am not comfortable with this being so open on the internet. If you email me, I will be more than happy to tell you my name and follow your suggestions on if I should report my experience to someone or not and who to report it to. After giving it a lot of thought, I chose to contact you before I mentioned anything to the police because of your family’s experience with the police. I will do anything I can to help you and your family, as well as the other families. I feel terrible that we did not report this experience back when it happened. I am so sorry for that. Hearing the anguish your father is going through just breaks my heart.

    • cathybroad says:

      Thank you for your comments, they are very much appreciated. Don’t beat yourself up about not reporting–you are one of at least five families I now know of who were in a similar situation. One family DID go to police and the father did not press charges because he was told the “flasher” who approached his daughter was the son of a GM exec. The girl got a license plate number. The father of the girl also worked for GM corporate and after he returned from the police station, the family never spoke of the incident again. Trust me, he knew he would lose his job if he pressed this. This incident took place BLOCKS from our house during the OCCK era. I’m not even sure the police took these kinds of incidents very seriously until the body count started mounting. I’m sorry you crossed paths with this monster. Thank you for speaking up now.

    • wow interesting cuz back in 73 or 74 i was suspended from lincoln jr high for smoking in the girls room……walking down livernois to get home a guy in a white car kept following me talking about a puppy but it wasn’t bush it was a skinnier taller scraggly dark haired guy with an olive complexion and narrower face than busch’s… he never drove past me to make sure i wouldn’t get his plate but he circled around a few times at the right moments.. i finally lost him when i cut through a few yards …i never told anyone about it cuz i already had enough trouble being suspended and all …..he was driving a white car though

      • Daniel David Schneider says:

        Dear Susan , I’m asking you to take a look in two pictures of a relative of mine ,whom I suspect was the person who tried to abduct you.
        The pictures were taken around 1990 and his hair was dyed , but nevertheless –if you still have some good recollection of your stalker’s profile , you might be able recognizing him.
        I plea for your cooperation !
        Thanks in advance ,
        – Daniel
        my message is also intended to j.k. and virtually anyone with such stories.

      • eagleeyes0072015 says:

        i don’t see your pictures but he had very dark brn or black hair a thin face and some facial hair he followed me up livernois toward pleasant ridge when i cut through some yards to get lost from him ..he had a older looking white car maybe blue seats not sure…DANIEL DAVID SCHNEIDER i don’t see th pictures but i’d be glad to take a look as i’m willing to cooperate

      • Daniel-DAVID Schneider says:

        Dear Susan , the pictures (What I can get my hand on today ) are available in the attached link.
        His hair is dyed , pictures were take circa 1990 :




  21. Marie says:

    I’ve just stumbled upon this blog, and noticed your posting about the “suicide” of Berkley Police Officer Chris Flynn. I grew up directly around the block from the church where this occurred and I can’t believe I’m just now learning of this. Back then, everyone would sit on their front porch and the neighbors would stop by to chit-chat, so it’s amazing to me that nobody on our block knew that a Berkley Police Officer killed himself in what was essentially, our backyard. Also, my family was very active in that church, so I’m double-amazed that we didn’t hear of it that way either.

  22. MacAdemic says:


    I grew up in one of the neighborhoods around 13 Mile & Middlebelt, and was in grade school during the time of these murders. I will never forget just how scared we all were, as were our parents, of the OCCK. I have since moved out of state, and have often wondered what happened in the investigation. I have only recently found your blog, as well as other sites on the web detailing what has and – more realistically – what hasn’t happened over the years related to the investigation. I was especially floored to learn of the North Fox Island ped ring – and to think, I was attending a summer camp on Walloon Lake during those very same years – not far from where all of the horror was occurring at the same time.

    I was reading some old media reports recently regarding the blue AMC Gremlin that was found in Grand Blanc late last summer. Were they ever able to link it to Busch, or to the OCCK murders?

    • cathybroad says:

      If there were any answers on the recent Gremlin find they were not made public or given if victims’ family members. Not holding my breath.

      • MacAdemic says:

        I’m not holding mine either…. I only hope that, with the passing of certain politically- and financially- motivated individuals in the future, the truth will come out as to what really happened. Then, and only then, will there be closure for you and your family, as well as for the other families involved. Until such time, it is up to us (our specific generation..the one who experienced it) to keep the quest for truth going…so that it is not buried and forgotten.

  23. MacAdemic says:

    Forgot to mention… I recently emailed Mardi Link to see if she had thought about writing a book about the OCCK murders. She told me that she did spend a little time researching it but found that she couldn’t offer much new insight and was unable to emotionally deal with writing about the death of children. That part of When Evil Came to Good Hart continues to disturb her and she just couldn’t see going through it all over again. She hopes that someday someone solves the case(s) though.

  24. beatlesforsale313 says:

    My colleague and I are interested in making a donation and would like a copy of your DVD. I’m sending along my email so that, if possible when you have time, you could let me know how we can go about the process.

    Although I have never met you and your family, you are an inspriation to me; you are undoubtedly strong people and your perserverence and dedication make me proud of humanity. I am certain of one thing: words cannot express what you and your family have gone through and continue to deal with.

    • cathybroad says:

      Thank you for your words of support. Much appreciated. To order the DVD, send your address and a check for $20 payable to The Tim King Fund to The Tim King Fund, 1509 Yorkshire St., Birmingham, MI 48009. Thanks again.

  25. MacAdemic says:

    Hey Cathy…. Were you ever able to get more info on Richard Hojnacki? I was reading one of your entries from April of last year, where you were listing some of the search phrases and said the following:

    “Interesting search phrase. I mentioned r.h. early on and almost in passing. I haven’t even gotten to him and his death certificate/information. In the meantime, was Richard Hojnakci:

    (a) living in his parents’ basement at 28110 Rollcrest, Farmington Hills, MI, and dealing drugs (see Oakland County Complaint No. 76-04-0697 FY)”

    When I read the above, especially the address, I almost lost my lunch. I was going to the elementary school (Highmeadow) right around the corner from this home….as well as living in the neighborhood just adjacent (Holly Hills)….and would frequently walk and ride my bike up and down Rollcrest, Minglewood etc…. Didn’t know it at the time, but knowing now and floored as to just how close I was to what was going on.

    • cathybroad says:

      I have a fair amount of information on Richard Hojnacki. I have so much information on all of this nasty business it would take a month of Sundays to post it all. I will add it to the list of things I need to put together and post.

  26. beatles313 says:

    First off, I certainly agree that there is some serious explaining to be done by the investigation side and that what we know raises serious questions.

    Second off, it may make real sense to consider using Paypal to collect donations and mail out DVDs. I am sensitive that I do not know all of the objectives of the Tim King Fund so I do not want to overstep and say something that is inconsistent with the goals of the Fund. However, if some of the goals are to raise as much awareness as possible through the DVD and potentially obtain leads, I would suggest that you consider Paypal instead of snail mail and hard copy checks. Not only is Paypal safer for donors, but it’s faster for donees and donors in processing. Further, I think that in today’s fast paced information age, folks are less likely to take the time and effort in pulling out a checkbook. What’s more, many people do not even order hard checks anymore–they pay everything online. With the instant gratification world we live in, making it a one step process to donate through Paypal seems like a sure thing.

    Third, I think an organized social media campaign could help unearth key leads. I recently saw the story of 2 Los Angeles fathers whose children were taken by their Ukranian mother. She absconded with them and was evading authorities throughout much of Europe and Western Asia. The fathers began a Facebook campaign seeking leads and tips on the whereabouts. The FBI stated that the social media campaign was the thing that led to cracking the case and return of the children. I know there is some social media stuff out there for the OCCK but a more organized effort may produce real, meaningful results. See http://www.dailynews.com/social-affairs/20131228/abducted-children-return-to-los-angeles-with-their-fathers.

  27. Lindsey says:

    This story is haunting. People who can hurt innocent children are the oppitomy of evil. Have you ever considered contacting Michael Moore? I think he would be a great “tool” to blow the lid off this case.

    Also so sorry for your families loss.

    Warm regards,

  28. Dee says:

    Dear Cathy,

    First off…you are a “spit fire”…and rightfully so. I have lived in Oakland County my whole life…born and raised….still here 45yrs strong.
    I am a Christian with strong values…always seeking the truth. This horrible saga you live through every waking moment has got to be eating your family to the core. I have the deepest sympathies for all of the victims and family members that are still grieving for these forever young, precious children and what horror they endured the last days of their short lives on this scary, evil earth.
    I also lost two family members to the violence of murder…30 yrs apart. One was married to a GM Exec that used to beat the crap out of her and the kids daily. She was found nearly beaten to death by her children… she survived 2 months…had the mind of a 2yr old…couldn’t say who did it to her. Of course…we knew…but could we ever PROVE it? That bastard is alive and kicking someone else’s ass now down in Florida (seems to be one of many states where a bunch of sick F’s like to flock.)
    I was 8yrs old when the OCCK took place. My parents kept me close…changed my view of the world…as one of the bloggers above stated. As a sister, I can’t imagine loosing a brother or sister in the manner you lost Tim. My heart goes out to you and your dad…you two have such a fight on your hands.
    I never studied the case until about 6 days ago. Strangest thing happened to me that led me down this road. I live in Farmington Hills…haven’t for too long. I work very daunting hours, and I like to take a drive to relax…early morning or late night. When I took my last drive, I drove a huge radius of about 7 square miles. I ended up driving down Gill Rd….crossing from Oakland into Wayne. I was listening to a cd I made years ago, and I was enjoying the drive until I crossed over that county line. After crossing, I got sick to my stomach and very disturbed. I decided to just end my drive and go home.
    Don’t ask me how…unless you tap my pc…I ended up reading an article about the OCCK two or three days later. I was drawn like a magnet to reading the case. Never have I wanted to get involved in any other homicides like I had to with my aunts’ murders. It was a tremendously draining time in my life, and I didn’t think I’d be up to the challenge. Yet, here I am. I found your blog. Totally on-board with where you are in the realm of things…shall I say.
    Maybe this means something or nothing to you. But, you’ve got a friend out here that’s praying on and studying this case. Justice will prevail for Tim, Kristine, Jill, and Mark….and all those with no voice that have been killed or involved in the pain and torture these monsters place upon their victims and victim’s families.
    I’m sure you have many cheerleaders keeping you in the spirit to keep fighting, and I am one of many. Just know, I back what you say 100%! I came to the same conclusion by the end of the day yesterday. I literally screamed it at my husband! What in the hell does the State Police, Oakland County, and other LE have to hide? It’s fairly clear Busch killed Mark, Jill, and Tim. Not so sure about Kristine. I have a question I haven’t found an answer to. Did L. Brooks play fair?

  29. TerryB says:

    There’s no evidence that Busch killed anyone.

  30. David Alexander Tracey says:

    I heard that the Oakland County Child Killer Murders where political and the victims where all children of people who where in the Civil Rights or Protest movement. I knew the Stebbins family and the kids where actually all abducted from Fortunas Party Store on Livernois and Nine Mile. They where kept upstairs in a small living quarters and then dumped. There where several cars used in the abductions and all where disposed of in a used car lot at Rochester Ford in Rochester Michigan. I owned one, a White 1980 Rabbit. Brooks Patterson told me to buy it and they found DNA from Mark Stebbins in the car.

  31. TerryB says:

    How could a 1980 car have DNA from 1975 crime. It’s BS.

    The earlobe of the screaming child drawing at the Busch’s death scene, said to be of Mark Stebbins, has the Zodiac Killer cross-hairs on it! The face of the drawing has several JT inclusions in compound form on it as well. Go look!

    If the cops didn’t notice that, then they can’t find their asses with both hands!

    The victims weren’t dumped, they were laid out the way a funeral parlor would have done.

  32. TerryB says:

    There’s no evidence that Busch abducted or killed those kids.

  33. TerryB says:

    The reports I’ve read said the kids were laid out neatly, face up, arms crossed? Also I read that is was intentionally reported differently,I have no way of knowing which story is actually true. I wouldn’t be surprised in any event, because this killer just had to make some kind of sick spectacle,sorry to say.

  34. James Michael says:

    Hi Cathy, I was trying to send this to your email privately but couldn’t find one listed! Thought you should know Sears is apparently in the murder memorabilia business now?

    This is kinda sick and Sears should be more discerning about who and what 3rd parties are selling. And also at least make it clearer it’s a third party because it appears it’s Sears selling this.


  35. jkloewy says:

    Dear Catherine,

    I remember Timmy fondly. I didn’t know him well, and he barely knew me, but I actually had a crush on him at Adams Elementary School. He was a few years older than I was, but I thought he was so cute and nice. My parents were going through a violent divorce, I was awkward and painfully insecure, but Timmy would still smile at me, and it made me happy every time I saw him. He gave me a sense of hope.

    I wish I had written you sooner, but I want to say now that I’m so, so sorry for the loss you and your family suffered. I saw your brother as a bright light in my life at a time I really needed it.

    Thank you for keeping his memory alive and for continuing to seek justice in his murder case.

    Also, I would love to be able to connect with you one-on-one if you ever want to. I tried LinkedIn, but I didn’t know which Catherine Broad was you.

    Much love to you and your family,


  36. jmk1981 says:

    Hi Cathy,
    I came across something I’ve never seen before.

    The OCCK Wikipedia page has a new addition about a suspected Victim from 1974. A 13 year old boy kidnapped in Wayne County. Held captive for several days, dumped in the clothes he disappeared in. But he survived…

    I’m sure you’ve seen this before, but I’m pasting here just incase. On Wikipedia, it looks like someone keeps deleting it.

    Here’s the entry:

    “James Davison, 13, was abducted June 22, 1974, around Morris Ave and Porter Ave in Allen Park “Wayne County” Michigan, and was missing for several days; he was strangled and left in an alley face down in Oakland County. He was found on June 26 in the same clothes that he went missing in. He was on his way to a friend’s house when he was abducted and his bike was found three blocks away from his home. He survived the attack and it is believed that he may have been a victim of the Oakland County Child Killer.”

  37. Thinking of you and the family today.

    • cathybroad says:

      Thank you, Alison. It is always a hard week but this year and last I am more at peace. We have done everything we can (civilians with no police powers) to light a fire under this investigation. I take some solace in that. Thanks again.

  38. james smith says:

    Hey Alison, its great you have a blog about this. Jill Robinson was in my class at Longfellow and I think about her from time to time. I think she was the first girl I ever really “noticed”. I have checked in by searching google every few years to see what information I can find about the case and haven’t seen too much about it for a while. I will be checking in here from time to time to see it there is anything new. It runs chills down my back to read how many near misses there were. I lived on Center St. right between Dondero HS and Barton JHS. We never had this issue and that is surprising as I had 3 news paper routes and was all over the downtown Royal Oak area regularly. Makes me feel very lucky. Jim Smith.

  39. Terrence Battcher says:

    I’ve discovered many more things about the Ramsey case in recent times. Nanette and I have come to the realization that Jack was leaving a trail to be “FolLaw ed (sic). Flova was Jack’s mother’s middle name. “Flova” hints on the documents span from at least 1947 to 2001. The 340 cipher in the Zodiac case has an FLOV hint in all four quadrants, no other ‘adjacent’ letter or symbol combination does this on that document. The 340 cipher has never been cracked and one key expert is starting to realize that “patterns” on the plaintext are where the emphasis was placed. Another very key item is the “Sergeant Lynch” typewritten “concerned citizen” note. It has the lower case letter “a” hand printed into the word “signature”. The Ramsey note has one example of the word daughter spelled “aaughter”. In the anthrax case was a letter signed Amanda Sayles, it’s a “please help me the otter” drawing that has a cheesy drawing of an toy otter that looks bound up and is drawn in white on a black background. I believe the the name “Amanda” was used to hint a Amana, as in microwave ovens. I am convinced that the demolition charges placed in the twin towers were set off with a microwave/Starwars device which was probably housed in building 7. Is this all TMI/too much information? Well…whomever first coined the phrase that the “truth was stranger than fiction” wasn’t just whistling Dixie, that’s for sure. Back to the OCCK case: That screaming boy drawing found on Chris Busch’s bedroom wall in 1978 has Zodiac killer elements all over it, and that’s an irrefutable fact and that whole crime scene was Zodiac Jack 101, rope in the tidy closet and all. VW “Rabbit” DIEsel by the candy scoop, none the less. Jesus Christ!

  40. Laura Hurst says:

    Hi Cathy, I have been following your Dad’s posts on Facebook and I sent him a suggestion about doing a podcast.There is a gentleman named Bob Ruff that has a podcast called Truth and Justice… He is always looking for cases to highlight. I think this would be an excellent way to get this out to the public again and maybe put some pressure on government officials. Maybe even gain some new evidence.Just an idea. I pray that someday soon you will be able to find out what happened to Tim.

    • cathybroad says:

      Thanks, Laura. I will talk with him about this. We have had such a hard time getting any traction in this regard. A few reporters have written some really good articles but pressure on officials?? Teflon in Oakland County. I was just thinking tonight that one of the very many depressing and overwhelming things about this case is that it is so contrary to the idea that most people really are doing the best they can. Oakland County had a very dark and awful underbelly and I think it still does.

  41. Val says:

    Hi Cathy,
    I was a teenager in Detroit at the time and my father had a stamp and coin store at Eastland Shopping Center. One of his customers was E. Harwood Rydholm, a big executive at Chrysler. Mr. Rydholm told my dad that the OCCK was the son of a powerful GM exec and that the police were protecting GM’s reputation so he probably wouldn’t be arrested. Mr. Rydholm passed away in 1987. The ghastly part is that Mr. Rydholm told my father this shortly after Kristine Mihelich went missing.

  42. Bill says:

    Would like to talk to you in person if you are in the oak co area today I will be leaving the area at 2 pm

  43. David says:

    Hi Catherine — I’m a reporter at a public radio station in northern Michigan and am interested in talking about North Fox Island if you have some time. Thank you

  44. Cheri says:

    I wanted you to know that there is a dumpster outside of the former home of john Hastings I’m guessing there may be remodeling going on and wonde if there’s evidence in that house. I’ve lived in Oakland county for 55 years. I believe this can be solved. I’m so sorry about your brother Tim

    • cathybroad says:

      The police will never go there, Cheri, because that would mean Helen Dagner might be right. It’s a long story, but law enforcement prefers to be the victim here. Thank you for your comment.

  45. John Taminski says:

    Hello Mrs. Broad,

    My name is John T_______. I have been following your and your father’s blogs, and this tragic OCCK case in general, for the past few years. I am 44, and grew up in Rochester. I am just old enough to remember child abductions in the area when they were happening. I recall the sense of urgency in the voices of my parents and those of my friends in the middle and late 1970s. It was my first recollection of “stranger danger”.

    I follow a group on Facebook called “Macomb County Memories”, and I recently saw something on a post in that group that immediately caught my attention.

    An unrelated photo of a Macomb Daily newspaper clipping dated 7/26/77 mentions a man by the name of John T Wagner of Mt Clemens being arrested for being the ringleader of a child “sex club”, in which children ages 8-12 were subjected to watching child pornography movies and engagaing in sexual activity with each other and with the perpetrator himself. I have not seen this person’s name anywhere in the blogs you or your father have posted, though I admit my search has been less than exhaustive. But, I cannot get this out of my head. I can only hope this person was investigated at that time for possible involvement in Oakland County child abductions. And though it’s a bit of a long shot, maybe there is something to the timing of this man’s arrest. I am more than happy to obtain the whole newspaper clipping, but there is no way for me to post the photo I saw on Facebook to his comment. Please contact me if you would like me to send a copy of the photo I saw.

  46. Micah says:

    Is the DVD documentary still available? Can I Paypal the money for payment? That would be easiest for me but whatever works best on your end. I pray that the solving of the Original NIghtstalker case brings some rejuvenated eyes on this case and finally cracks it. Thanks and keep fighting the good fight!

  47. Brian Wood says:

    We lived a few doors down from the Kings on Pembroke and that was terrifying for my parents who sold our home and moved to Rochester. I pray that Timmy’s case gets solved so he can finally rest in Peace and his Family can get closure.

  48. Janet young says:

    Noticed the name Tristan Hoag was listed under tims drawing in a picture with his story and I had seen a story about 2 boys named Hoag and a third boy had gone missing together in hannibol,mo.I believe 1965-68 it’s an unsolved disapearanceof 3 boys.since the ages of all 4 boys are close and the last name of Hoag appeared in both .it probably has no connection and is just a common last name but both cases are only like 12 years apart and it cough my attention that both involve boys of simular age and I know in those days things weren’t shared between states

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