Some people know who abducted and killed kids in Oakland County, Michigan in 1976 and 1977.  More energy has been expended in keeping a lid on these “cold cases” over the past 36 years than has been spent trying to solve these crimes.  It is only one shocking facet of this case that when the truth finally bubbles to the surface, I believe it will be shown that a remarkable number of people knew at the time and know now who was involved in the abduction and killing of these kids.  Law enforcement agencies in Oakland County are not above re-victimizing family members who dare to ask questions about the investigation and have been quick to dismiss people who have come forward with information.  It has been obvious to me since early 2006 that this thing reeks.  I regret not speaking publicly about these cases after it became obvious what was going on (or not going on) here.  I can’t believe I spent three decades thinking the police would never stop being the voice for the kids, including my brother, who were murdered in Oakland County.  These kids never had a chance–then or now.  See if you agree.


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  1. tummytwouble says:

    Hi Cathrine,
    My name is Emily Nanney. I am a 19 year old psychology major at Oakland University. I have always been interested in true crime & the OCCK has been something that I have honestly thought about for years. I stumbled across your blog last night and fell into a rabbit hole of fucked up child rapists, conspiracy theories, cover ups and families still struggling for a straight answer. I was struck by your passion for justice and an unrelenting urge to have all the facts, your honest feelings towards the system and an established timeline to tie this whole story together. you give me motivation to do what I love & screw the S.O.B’s that commit crimes of this violent nature. Thank you for unapologeticly searching for the truth for your family & many others.

  2. Martin Wilke says:

    Hi Catherine,

    I grew up 2 houses from Woodward between 12 and 13 Mile Rd. and was 13 at the time of these terrible murders. Never have I been able to forget growing up during this era. I have a question that I would like to get to you that I have not seen addressed in my research that perhaps you have already considered.

    Kind Regards,


  3. Kendra Smith says:

    Hi Catherine,

    My name is Kendra Smith. I am currently writing a research paper about the OCCK case for my English 101 class. I was wondering if there was any way I could interview you to get your perspective of the case. If you would rather not, I completely understand.


  4. Duran says:

    Was there at any time a report of an big black Chrysler Cordoba or one similar with two men trying to pick kids up? In 1977 (I was 9) in Hamburg MI just East of South Lyon, I was approached by two guys trying to get me to get in the car.

    • cathybroad says:

      Duran, the car doesn’t ring a bell for me. Anyone else? Big black Chrysler Córdoba or sedan? Hamburg or South Lyon, MI?

      • Duran says:

        There was two white guys in the car,maybe mid to late 20’s with longer hair and the passenger was wearing an army jacket. It was a black 4 door Cordoba or Newport. When they told me to get in the car because my mom said i was to go with them I turned and went the other way. They quickly went down the road and turned around and when they came driving slowly back I hid behind a tree then ran the 100 yds the rest of the way to where my mother was working. I never forgot that day in the summer of 77. Ever. Especially because everyone knew what was going on. I always wondered if he got out and ran at me would I have froze or would I have ran? If I continued walking the same direction as them I think they might have grabbed me. They were 12 ft from me but just late enough for the inside to be kinda dark as I couldn’t get a good look at the driver. I have never spoke of this day to this length ever. It’s upsetting and emotional,I didn’t expect it to be.

      • cathybroad says:

        Duran, others who have written/spoken about this from back in the day have had similar reactions. Thank you for posting this. What a horrible, scary and unsafe time it was for kids in Michigan. The Oakland County child murders deeply affected generations of kids and parents. It is a stain on the state that it was never solved and that it is one of the biggest cover ups in history.

      • Duran says:

        After looking on the internet, i believe it was a black 1971 or 72 Chrysler Newport or New Yorker four door. Bad exhaust and no hubcaps. Hope someday you get the answers you seek.

    • Duran says:

      Sorry,Hamburg is West of South Lyon. Sorry about that.

  5. Chris says:

    I’m a retired police officer, turned part time rural mailman. My aunt was also murdered by a stranger when I was 9 years old, which I believe also drives my interest in such cases. Yesterday, I listened to a podcast on the Oakland County story yesterday via True Crime Garage. Since then, I’ve been looking for a documentary, etc on the case. Didn’t want to invade your email uninvited, so I thought I’d try here.

    Am I accurate in that Barry King is your father? I saw that the King family produced a documentary some years back. I was trying to find if it is available for viewing on the internet, possibly. Not sure I even own a DVD player anymore.

    Sorry for your frustrations over the years. I was fortunate and proud to work for a department that had an outstanding robbery/homicide squad- run by some dedicated folks that really knew how to land the bad guys in jail. I watch these shows and constantly understand the outcomes would be very different if some of our people had been calling the shots.

    • cathybroad says:

      Hi Chris, there are a number of podcasts out there about this case. Stay away from the earlier podcasts that rely on Wikipedia to simply repeat myths and misinformation about the case. You are right, almost no one has a DVD player anymore and my Dad (yes, he is my Dad) needs to get that DVD on YouTube. We will work on that. Documentaries and other projects which will address a wider range of information and opinions are in the works. I will post as soon as I have further information on these. I agree, the outcome would have been far different if Oakland County had asked for help from more experienced departments and if the state police had someone with more experience heading the task force. The outcome would also have been far different if the FBI in this case hadn’t been dirty. And if the medical examiner in Oakland County was not an incompetent drunk. The decision-making in this case was so flawed at the highest levels that there was no chance there would be answers.

  6. Hi, it may sound trite, but I do pray for your family. I lived in Southfield and was 9 years old in 1976. We watched out for a “purple Gremlin” such was our knowledge. I am amazed at Cooper’s treatment of your family, although I did watch a news conference with her on YouTube (can’t remember date) in which I found her arrogant and scornful. I am truly sorry for your loss, although nothing can make it better.

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