Florida suspends QB Jalen Kitna after arrest on child pornography charges

Kitna has served as Anthony Richardson’s backup in 2022.
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Looks like you’ve thrown your last touchdown, pal.

A partial look at the FBI file on Francis Duffield Shelden

Today the FBI responded out of the blue to a FOIA request filed some two years ago by author Marney Keenan on Francis (Frank) Duffield Shelden of N. Fox Island “fame.” I know, right? That waterlogged, missing-in-action file that was given up as a goner floated to the surface. Well at least 367 heavily redacted pages of the 506 pages the FBI reviewed did.

Marney agreed that it is important to get eyes on these documents to help decipher them and illuminate in some sense for the victims of Shelden (and Dyer Grossman) what kind of investigation took place as these two criminals fled justice and left so much hurt and agony in their wake.

Here is the response with explanation of exemptions dated 11-30-22 and sent via email today:

The pages were provided in three segments. As I said, they are heavily redacted. As we all know, the other criminal whose name is redacted (the guy must still be alive) is Dyer Grossman. We know this because of the MSP FOIA response of many years ago concerning Fox Island, as well as by the press clippings included in this FBI file which mention Grossman as the other wanted fugitive.

I will be comparing the information in the MSP FOIA response which contains far fewer documents but is less heavily redacted (you know, how they left some victim names but redacted the names of Better Life Monthly patrons/subscribers–described as a bank president, a juvenile court officer, and a principal?).

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Wednesday, December 7, 6:30-7:30 p.m., Chesterfield Township (MI) Library

If you are in the area, consider attending Marney Rich Keenan’s book talk about her book The Snow Killings: Inside the Oakland County Child Killer Investigation. Sign up here:

31 N. Saginaw Street, Pontiac, MI, 48340.

This is an in-person event, so you can’t hide online. As the year nears an end I am again struck by the number of people who have come forward since Marney’s book was published in July 2020, the utter failure of police to acknowledge any of these people or the information they were willing to provide, as well as the continued silence of the Michigan State Police about any aspect of this case. I think they are going to regret not speaking with some of these people, but they continue to control the narrative. Once the killing stops, the power goes to the police. Maybe you get a good cop, maybe not. Maybe you get an agency with a decent culture, maybe not. Bring your questions and an open mind and see how cases turn into the coldest of cold cases, served up with a cold shoulder. If you haven’t read the book and you have any interest in or connection to these cases, you should.

The Killer of Susan Tice and Erin Gilmour is Identified

Toronto Police Service Uses Othram’s Genetic Testing Platform to Solve the 1983 Murders of Susan Tice and Erin Gilmour
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60 Minutes Australia

Watch this piece from about four months ago. I will not post any comments about beliefs that JonBenet’s parents or brother committed this crime, so don’t even bother. Twenty-five years later, the same detectives in Boulder are holding on to the case. Step aside if you will not agree to have the evidence in this little girl’s case retested by a sophisticated third-party lab with capabilities far beyond the state lab. JonBenet deserves every effort by Boulder PD, not game playing by an agency that has been unable to solve this 25-year-old homicide.

Responsibility, Accountability and Transparency

A lot has been written in legal, ethical and leadership circles about responsibility, accountability and transparency. Or, as I like to refer to it, RAT.

One 2011 law review article crystalized the importance of addressing these concerns in the context of the abhorrent practices in the prison system in the South. The authors’ observations and conclusions transfer to government officials in any context and all over the nation (be it “up North” in Oakland County or “out West” in Colorado Springs):

First, no good comes from permitting government officials to perform their duties in secret. Second, officials who have been accustomed to operating without accountability are loath to relinquish the power that comes from conducting their business without public scrutiny. Third, when public officials resist efforts to shine a light on their activities, there is often something to hide. Fourth, public scrutiny is often a prerequisite for changing harmful, entrenched practices.

Geraghty & Velez, 22 Stan. L. & Pol’y Rev. 455 (6/5/2011)

MSP reopens two cold cases from 1975 and 1973




Holiday Message

I hear from a fair number of people who have been crime victims as well as those who were dismissed by police and prosecutors. Most often, there is next to nothing I can do to help. But this message is for you and for all of us. I forgot where I saw this but I took a photo, printed it and hung it up in a place I see first thing in the morning and last thing at night. You go.

Getting the job done in Hamilton County, Ohio

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“48 Hours” to feature murder case of Michigan woman solved 35 years later – CBS Detroit

The segment, titled “The ‘Unsolvable’ Murder of Roxanne Wood” will air on Saturday, Nov. 12, at 10/9c on CBS and streaming Paramount+.
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