Does anyone out there have a conscience?

Check this out about our “old friend” John “nothing to see here” McKinney, who was murdered in his Birmingham art gallery at 1025 Haynes Street on September 20, 1977, six months after my brother Tim’s murder:

I’m also wondering why a detective from Raleigh, N.C. would be interested in McKinney’s murder.

We’ve discussed McKinney numerous times before, read here:

And of course, if you have not read Portraits in the Snow, The Oakland County Child Killings…Scandals and Small Conspiracies, by M.F. Cribari (2011) well . . . let’s just say you might want to.

And as for my question, does anyone out there have a conscience?, if you have the sense you should have spoken up about unusual or criminal things about people like John McKinney, John Hastings, Everell E. Fisher, Jr., Richard McNamee, Chris Busch, H. Lee Busch, Greg Greene or Vince Gunnels–guess what? YOU SHOULD HAVE.

CARE House of Oakland County, 40 Years of Helping Children

On Thursday, January 28, 2021 at noon (EST), the CARE House “Circle of Friends” will hold its annual event virtually this year. In addition to celebrating 25 years of the Circle of Friends support of CARE House of Oakland County,, the event is honoring the memory of my Dad, Barry King.

The virtual event includes a panel discussion moderated by Kevin Dietz, a journalist who covered the investigation into the killings for more than 20 years, with Marney Rich Keenan, author of The Snow Killings: Inside the Oakland County Child Killer Investigation, my brothers and me. A painful, but important discussion.

Examining the legacy of the Oakland County child killings helps call attention to the vital mission of CARE House: the prevention and treatment of child abuse and neglect and advocacy for victims. Please check out their website to see the important work being done at CARE House and make a donation if you can. Oakland County has a 50-year legacy of empty political platforms promising the protection of children. Let’s hope this changes in the near future. CARE House of Oakland County needs your help now more than ever.

“Old Sins Cast Long Shadows”

Episode 7 of The Clown and the Candyman is very disturbing.

Some big take aways for me:

1. Here is another serial killer described as “the nicest guy in the room.” It reminded me of Det. Williams’ interview of Larry Burgess, husband of the late Jane Burgess who was the attorney representing Chris Busch as his child rape charges piled up all over Michigan. Burgess, who could have just said “look, it’s all attorney-client privilege stuff,” wanted to have it both ways. Wanted to tell Williams what a nice guy his wife’s client was–he made us a gingerbread house at Christmas time!–and then backfill with some lies and some amnesia episodes.

2. The “friendship” between Gacy and his prison penpal/investigator Randy–I’m sorry, it’s sickening and inexplicable to me–but is it so much different than John Hastings reeling in Helen Dagner with his tales from the OCCK? Helen was offensive and, god forbid, a woman, but cops couldn’t keep an open mind about all of this? Maybe they could have if they were not in “shut this shit down” total overdrive in 1992. And it continued after Hastings’ polygraph in Georgia in October 2009 because these fuckers were not going to go down that road again.

Remember, initially it was pathetic policing–suspects dismissed if they had an alibi for any of the four murders (there could never be more than one person involved, right??), dismissed if they didn’t drive a Gremlin, dismissed if they didn’t look like a drawing, dismissed forever if they passed a polygraph administered by a dirty MSP polygraphist. Then as time went on, it became squelch all inquiry and any tips–we really don’t want any. Even with the older tips–every tip sheet I have ever seen says “low priority tip” or some version of that phrase. And then the most overused phrase in the OCCK task force lexicon: CLEARED.

3. The discussion of a very active production of porno and snuff films using boys as victims.

4. The discussion about the “note cards” listing clients and the obvious acknowledgment that these clients included men like judges and politicians. So of course they go missing! Just like the N. Fox Island client list.

5. The discussion of Gacy and Dean Corll’s use of teenage boys as accessories. Why is it so hard for police to accept that Gunnels was just that? Poor old drug-addled Vince. Let’s see that Oakland County grand jury testimony from 2011. I know you must have lied your ass off.

As the podcasts notes, “long sins cast long shadows.” Just ask Gunnels, Hastings and every other liar (by omission or commission), including liars in law enforcement, associated with this case.

Zoom discussion of The Snow Killings tomorrow night, Tuesday, Jan. 19 at 6pm (EST)

Tomorrow evening at 6 pm (EST) Bridgman Public Library is holding a virtual book discussion of Marney Keenan’s book, The Snow Killings: Inside the Oakland County Child Killer Investigation, via Zoom. The Zoom link is provided on the announcement page and it does not appear that you have to sign up in advance.

Bridgman, Michigan is about 200 miles from Oakland County. The entire state was rocked by this unsolved case. No matter where you live, join the discussion if you can.

Message for the Day

A reader from Michigan snapped this photo of message painted on the back of a car window on Friday. I have to admit, it kind of made my day.

Everell E. Fisher, Jr.

Here’s a photo of “Ev” dated 1973, at his new gallery in Birmingham, Michigan (Interiors, Inc., 328 N. Woodward at the time). Ring a bell or a trigger warning for anyone?

From the assortment tips turned in to the OCCK task force on this man:

  1. Very violent
  2. Married a nurse
  3. “Looks like composite”
  4. Thought to be living on Franklin Road with a female impersonator
  5. “Believed to be homo”–married twice–odd acting, violent temper
  6. Interviewed on March 29, 1977, at the office of his attorney, Basil Briggs with attorney William M. Bolger present.
  7. Arrested 3-4 years prior in a town on the outskirts of Grand Rapids for “some type of homosexual charge,” later dismissed. Represented by attorney Nick Spicer from Grand Rapids.
  8. Institutionalized 1960-1964 at Menninger Clinic, Topeka, Kansas
  9. Was alibied the evening of March 22 (when Tim’s body was dumped) by his girlfriend Bonnie Karrick and friend Dotty Weisman.
  10. “Doesn’t look like composite.”
  11. Case cleared
  12. “Very low priority. No reason to connect with any of these homicides. Cleared.”
  13. Through out: Subject is related to the GM/Fisher Body Fishers.
  14. Related to the late Senator Phillip Hart–his uncle. Attorney Briggs also related to Mrs. Hart.

From the MSP tip files on Fisher:

Wow, Rick.

Years later, Michigan officials are going to be made to answer for the Flint water crisis, including ex-Governor Rick Snyder. You might call it a clean up of the people who refused to clean up the water in Flint, Michigan.

The Michigan Attorney General’s Office Thursday announced criminal charges for eight former state officials, including Snyder, along with one current official, for their alleged roles in the Flint water crisis. Together the group face 42 counts related to the drinking water catastrophe of roughly seven years ago. The crimes range from perjury to misconduct in office to involuntary manslaughter. I don’t live in Michigan so I was not aware of and did not follow how Snyder was able to pull off what he did. I’m glad he is facing consequences. Jesus, dude.

This is what happens when someone in government decides he knows better than anyone else how to govern or how to make a problem (or a case) go away. The good news is that officials in Michigan are being held to account by an attorney general who is not afraid of the old guard.

Michigan’s part in America’s sordid secret is addressed in this documentary.

If you have been listening to the phenomenal podcast, The Clown and the Candyman, the documentary airs in the U.S. starting today on Discovery-plus.

First, the podcast:

Two serial killers, Dean Corll and John Wayne Gacy, thousands of miles apart, brutally murdered over 60 teenage boys. The police said the murders were the work of these sole deranged killers, but for the first time we reveal that they were actually connected by a network of pedophiles which was partially financed by prominent members of American society. This is America’s sordid secret.

If you’ve listened, you know that two of the episodes deal with Michigan crimes–the OCCK case as well as the original Pedophile Island, N. Fox Island, owned by the late Frank Shelden.

“The Clown and the Candyman” documentary can be accessed on Discovery-Plus, a new streaming service which launched earlier this month. You have to subscribe to the service ($4.99 a month) to access the content, but there is a 7-day free trial. The series will air on Investigation Discovery some time after early March. Two more episodes remain in the podcast series.

Also, four more Zoom book discussions of Marney Keenan’s book, The Snow Killings, Inside the Oakland County Child Killer Investigation (July 2020) are scheduled.

  1. Tuesday, January 19, 6 p.m. EST, Bridgman Public Library
  2. Wednesday, February 10, 6:30 p.m., Milford Public Library
  3. Wednesday, February 17, 7 p.m. EST, Huntington Woods Public Library,
  4. Thursday, February 18, 7 p.m., Royal Oak Public Library

Mark your calendars and sign up for notices at Marney’s blog,

The media and author Marney Keenan continue to try to bring attention to the OCCK crimes because the vacuum created by the Michigan State Police and Oakland County law enforcement has squelched inquiry and integrity. That’s what happens when government is not transparent.


So much has been written about this man, including on this blog. I am going to keep it simple and post the MSP supplemental report dated Friday, October 9, 2009 concerning the polygraph of John Hastings by the Georgia State Patrol Investigator Steve Duncan of the Polygraph Unit.

Case status: OPEN.

I could post another 50 pages from this portion of the FOIA response from the MSP about not only Hastings, but about Garry Gray’s attempts to get as much dirt as possible on “tipster” Helen Dagner. Gray says at multiple points he basically just wants to get Hastings’ DNA to shut Dagner up. But I have posted all the documents before. Nothing turns the dial in this goddamn case.

Law enforcement, for those of you who don’t like to read, all you have to do is read this one document. Get that DVD of this polygraph session from the MSP before they destroy it. Get the reports prepared by Georgia law enforcement. Find this guy and make him talk. He has four siblings and at least one is in Michigan. Stop protecting this monster.

He was a child hunter along with Busch, Greene and their lure Gunnels. He is still alive, although now he will claim mental illness and a heart condition. So what. That he was “investigated” numerous times along the way is irrelevant.

If you want an example of a cold case where investigators backed a compulsive liar into a corner and solved the 1975 abduction and murder of two young sisters in 2017, read The Last Stone, by Mark Bowden (2019). “The path to the truth, or as close as they were likely to get to it, was down a long trail of lies. It was the only way.”

Troy Library is hosting a virtual book talk tonight on The Snow Killings, with author Marney Keenan

Thanks to a reader for this information about tonight’s virtual book talk with Marney Keenan, author of The Snow Killings: Inside the Oakland County Child Killer Investigation:

In case you were not aware, the Troy Public Library is having a program tonight (01/13/2021 @ 7PM). Here is the info:

The Snow Killings: Inside the Oakland County Child Killer Investigation

Written by award-winning veteran Detroit News journalist Marney Rich Keenan, The Snow Killings takes readers inside one of the country’s oldest unsolved serial child murder cases, which terrorized southeast Michigan in the late 1970’s. Join her for a look at the case through the eyes of the lead detective on the case, and the family that cracked it open.

Looks like a large amount of patrons have signed up for this ZOOM event.

You can still sign up:

You do not understand what happened in this case if you have not read this book. Get in on the discussion so you can understand what happens in communities that ignore the most vulnerable and cater to the wealthy. And what happens when law enforcement agencies decide to “handle” things by acting unethically, immorally and illegally. And what happens when you don’t pay attention to who you vote for.

Marney Keenan’s blog about The Snow Killings can be found at

A reminder that the FOIA documents my Dad paid $11,000-plus for are on my blog (posted starting in April 2019). You will have to wade through them, just like the rest of us. Some good samaritans are discussing a searchable database for this case. Someone has put an incredible amount of time into a timeline which will also be very helpful. A timeline the police should have put together back when they were allegedly “computerizing” this case.

This case isn’t going away. Read Marney Keenan’s book. People have come forward in the wake of her book and the documentary Children of the Snow. Speak up, for god’s sake.