Michigan Tax Payers: You paid for this instead of paying for counseling of the hundreds of victims of this animal.

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DNA From 100 Crime Scenes Has Been Uploaded to a Genealogy Website Post-Golden State Killer Arrest—BuzzFeed News

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Did this author of a novel called The Oakland County Child Killer (1980) have inside information or was he just good at guessing?

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Please refer to comments left at my previous post this morning.  There was an excellent post by a reader about this book, but you have to find his comments in the comment section of the post about David Metzger.

David Metzger, Forensic Laboratory Scientist

Compare and Contrast, Part II is going to have to wait.  In the wake of the dig for the bodies of long-missing girls in Macomb, Michigan, The Detroit Free Press published an article outlining the freakishly large history of serial killers in Michigan.  https://www.freep.com/story/news/local/michigan/2018/05/10/michigan-serial-killers/595797002/

After detailing the awful list of serial killers in Michigan, the Free Press article ends with the following about the Oakland County Child Killer:

Oakland County Child Killer

Four children in metro Detroit were found slain between 1976 and 1977, becoming victims of the unknown Oakland County Child Killer. The homicides remain unsolved.

Police have chased down multiple leads over the years. Early on, they zeroed in on Christopher Busch, a convicted pedophile who reportedly killed himself in his parents’ home in 1978. At the suicide scene, investigators found ropes in Busch’s bedroom closet.

The ropes were referred to by investigators as “bloody ligatures” and considered likely evidence that Busch tied up victim Timothy King, 11 — and possibly the other victims: Mark Stebbins, 12, Jill Robinson, 12, and Kristine Mihelich,10 — before killing them.

But in 2012, the Oakland County Prosecutor’s Office tracked down the forensic laboratory scientist who examined the ropes at the time of Busch’s suicide. “There was no blood, fibers, hairs or any other evidence on the ropes,” David Metzger said in a sworn affidavit.

“Early on, [police] zeroed in on Christopher Busch, a convicted pedophile”–early on, as in 2007 after a tip required many, many hours of investigation and a court battle in Wayne County and the Michigan appeals courts to get Busch’s name???  Or, early on as in on November 20, 1978, at 9:30 a.m., when Bloomfield Township Police were called to the home of Busch’s parents, where they found Busch’s decomposing body (dead 3-4 days according to the police report, although the date of death is noted on M.E. Robert Sillery’s autopsy protocol as November 20, the day the body was found)?  It would seem that no one present at the Busch death scene zeroed in on much, or for long.  Those present at the scene included Bloomfield Township Police Force members Det. Quarles, Cpl. McNamee, Officer Speicher and I.D. Technician Brabant.  Oh yeah, and OCCK Task Force Members John Davis and Ron Pierce, who were called to the scene after the cops got a look around Busch’s room and saw not only these ropes, but a drawing of a screaming young boy who looked a whole lot like the first OCCK victim, Mark Stebbins.  The drawing of the screaming boy shows him with a jacket on, hood up around his head.  Mark’s body was found with jacket on, hood up.

I won’t read anything into the fact that this serial killer article yesterday in The Detroit Free Press does not contain a byline.  It was clearly a collaborative effort by Free Press staff to pull together this sorry list of Michigan serial killers.  However, the person who pulled together the segment on the OCCK took a very interesting approach.  Maybe they were in a hurry to get to press, but the focus on David Metzger’s affidavit (requested from him by the Oakland County Prosecutor’s Office on February 28, 2012) to the exclusion of the mountain of circumstantial evidence against Busch, is more than troubling.  As is the fact that Metzger’s original report was not included in the Freedom of Information Request response to my father.  (See below).

On June 24, Assistant Oakland County Prosecutor Paul Walton delivered Metzger’s affidavit to my father.  While that office has never easily provided any documents to my father, and fought the FOIA action to obtain documents tooth and nail, Walton tosses this affidavit.  As my father points out in a letter to the Michigan State Police FOIA coordinator, Metzger’s original report was not included in the 3,411 pages provided pursuant to a FOIA request on December 15, 2010.  He then makes a FOIA request for a copy of the original Metzger report, unreacted photos of the Busch suicide scene, and “any other information concerning the Busch suicide scene which has not been previously provided to me.”  While eventually another victim’s family member succeeded in getting unredacted photos of the Busch “suicide” scene, I doubt Metger’s original report was ever provided in response to this FOIA request.  Metzger’s original lab report was number 14402-78, and was provided to him by the OCP so he could review it and opine about what he did decades ago.

Here is the FOIA request, as well as Metzger’s affidavit:

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The Free Press article notes that in 2012 the Oakland County Prosecutor’s Office “tracked down” Metzger.  First of all, that is the only effort, aside from the press conference about Arch Sloan’s 1966 Pontiac Bonneville and a possible cold case grand jury that may have included the OCCK case but clearly went nowhere, that the OCP has put into this case.  Metzger couldn’t have been too hard to find.  While he apparently left Michigan in 1981, he was the DNA Research Coordinator for the Illinois State Police, and his Linked In profile currently lists him as an Independent Forensic Science Professional in the Springfield, IL area.

And where are said ligatures?  I think they are long gone.  Like the suitcase full of 8mm child porn confiscated from Busch’s house in the wake of his arrest by Flint Police for Criminal Sexual Conduct with a Minor in early 1977.  If the OCCK cases “were very much on [Metzger’s] mind at the time [he] examined the ropes,” why were these ropes not carefully preserved in evidence?  Why didn’t the MSP compare the hairs found on Mark and Tim back when they were meticulously examining these ropes?

After the OCP “tracked down” Metzger and got him to sign an affidavit, Jessica Cooper held a press conference on July 17, 2012, announcing that a hair found on both Mark and Tim came from the same person, and that the hair came from a 1966 Pontiac Bonneville owned by convicted pedophile Arch Edward Sloan.


Cooper observed that Sloan “is not a suspect in the case” but often loaned his cars to other people.  This is the extent of the hustle by the OCP, conveniently timed in the months leading up to the election in November 2012.

See also:


I find it both fascinating and deeply disturbing that no Oakland County prosecutor has actively worked the OCCK case over these past four decades.  Compare this to the work done by the Wayne County Prosecutor.  Tracking down David Metzger and pulling out a hair from the MSP files that was in evidence right after Mark Stebbins was murdered, but never examined until 2012, shows the OCP wants this to be a DNA case.  This is a joke because the evidence in this case was never adequately evaluated or properly stored.  This stance means the case can never be closed.  That works out well for them.  While DNA meant nothing back in 1976 and 1977, you would think that the MSP would have done everything they could to safely preserve every piece of evidence in this case.  The MSP reran all four kids’ clothing back in 2007 and obtained “genetic material” (we never heard about that again), but they couldn’t find hair evidence they already had, linking Mark and Tim’s murders?

So much in this case strains credulity.  The Busch “suicide” scene.  The dog-ate-my homework approach to the evidence.  The obvious focus on muddying the waters at every step by the OCP, and until the past few years, by the MSP.  The lack of trace evidence on the ropes left on the floor of Busch’s bedroom closet does not clear Busch of anything.  There was no DNA testing in 1978 and the approach to examining these ropes would have been completely different if it had been available.   Assuming Metzger did the best analysis possible at the time, where are the ropes so they could be reexamined today?  So Metzger concludes, in April of 2012, that based on his review of his report from December 1978, “no blood, fibers, hairs or any other evidence” was found on the ropes.  We will never know if DNA was on those ropes, as the ropes are apparently gone, The lack of trace evidence on those ropes does not answer the question of why they were at the scene of a questionable suicide, along with the drawing of someone looking remarkably like Mark Stebbins.  I wish the OCCK Task Force members who came to the scene, John Davis and Ron Pierce, would have agreed to speak to current investigators.  But we all know what the chances of that are.

So I find it very interesting that who ever prepared this weak summary of the OCCK case for this article yesterday in The Detroit Free Press, chose to focus on the ligatures, which don’t mean shit in this case, except as possible evidence that the suicide was staged.

This case is crazy-making.

Compare and Contrast, Part I

Please read/watch the links I list.  Today, there was a press conference about the body dig going on in Macomb for the remains of four to six beautiful girls/young women who were probably raped and murdered by convicted child killer, Arthur Ream, age 68.  Some of these cases are 40 years old.   Check out this link to the press conference


Then check out this podcast by Nina Innsted.  Please listen to all of it.


I will post tomorrow about observations I have.  Immediately, I want to say that I hope the families of these girls and young women get answers, and fast.  Trust me when I say it is better to get a battered and bruised body dumped in a ditch, than no body at all.  The unanswered questions and hopes for a good outcome over that many decades are too much to bear.

Also, pay particular attention to the discussion in Nina Innsted’s podcast about Arch Sloan and his association with Kimberly King’s father (no relation to our family).  The evidence collected from Arch Sloan’s car should be tested against the girls who were abducted and were still missing as of 1976.  Arch Sloan, you piece of shit–like you have any reputation to uphold?  Again, check out the podcast for more information about this animal.

More comparisons and contrasts tomorrow.  In the mean time, ask yourself why every pedophile in the metro Detroit area has to try on the glass slipper in the OCCK case, when we have Busch and Green who seem to be golden and never were asked to try on that slipper?

Again, Sloan knew Kimberly King’s father.  He was turned in as a suspect in the Mark Stebbins murder case and his Pontiac was searched and evidence retrieved.  He was a known pedophile in the area.  All of this evidence should immediately be compared to the cases of these missing girls, who as of today, are still locked in police files, and probably buried in Macomb.  No wonder this piece of shit Sloan sweats bullets when questioned by any police.  Michigan taxpayers, he’s on your dime.  He may be more than a child rapist.  My guess is that the animal Arthur Ream is not talking a whole lot, either.

Let me just say that I love these true crime podcasts and other shows exposing cases and criminals.  In cold cases, these things are like “way back machine” body cams exposing the criminals and cops for what they did and didn’t do.  That and new DNA advances mean a lot of these old cases are going to get solved.  We might not even have to hold our breath.  Those of you who are going on camera to “speak your truth” might think twice about lying.  The truth will out.

More tomorrow.


Two Old Men Who’s Numbers are Up.

Today was a big news day in the Karma department.  An arrest was announced in the Golden State Killer/East Area Rapist/Original Night Stalker case.  Joseph James DeAngelo, age 72, was arrested at his home in Citrus Heights, California.  DeAngelo is thought to be responsible for the shockingly brutal murders of 12 people and raping 45 between the years 1976 and 1986.

In further Karmic news today, “America’s Dad” Bill Cosby was convicted of sexual assault.  I think the Universe is saying it’s sick of all this shit.  The lid of Pandora’s Box can be pried opened, you freaks, and sunlight can disinfect and disempower your secrets.

Less than two years ago, on June 15, 2016, the FBI and local law enforcement announced a national publicity campaign and a $50,000 reward in hopes of bringing the Golden State Killer to justice.

Said Sgt. Paul Belli of the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department:  “Our lifelines are people who give us information.  It all boils down to people helping.”

It turns out that help may have come in the form of a suggestion from a “civilian” to use a genealogy website to track the killer/rapist’s DNA to locate relatives and then work backward.  In fact, that is what authorities did.  https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/2018/04/26/break-golden-state-killer-case-came-dna-genealogy-website/556297002/, and https://www.nytimes.com/2018/04/26/us/golden-state-killer.html


DeAngelo was a cop during part of the time he was inflicting a reign of terror in numerous California cities, until he was fired after being caught shoplifting a hammer and dog repellant.  Of course he was cop.  What a surprise.

An article in the New York Times notes that Sacramento District Attorney Anne Marie Shubert has been central to the efforts to find the killer, and central in convincing people that this cold case was worth pursuing.  Wow.  How does that work?!  I can’t even imagine a prosecutor in Oakland County, MI, doing anything to seriously advance the legitimate investigation of the OCCK murders at any point, back in the day or now.

Nor can I imagine the FBI or local law enforcement getting out ahead on the OCCK case and launching a NATIONAL publicity campaign in an attempt to solve these murders.  But then again, in the Golden State Killer case, there was no cover up and no high level members of society set to be exposed as pedophiles in the wake of a legit investigation.  And how about doing something with the DNA that you DO have in the OCCK case, something similar to what was done here? (And fast.)  Make it a point to read the articles about the use of a genealogy site to track down the killer, and ask yourself why this was never considered in the OCCK case?

The contrast between how the Golden State Killer case has been handled and the OCCK case couldn’t be more obvious and depressing.  If you have turned this into a “DNA only” way to solve these murders, DO something about it!  If you let the evidence degrade and mishandled it over all these decades, tell the public.  The Michigan State Police were the keepers of these cases.  The Oakland County prosecutors over the years haven’t touched the case, and it’s pretty easy to guess why.  You don’t get to keep this thing an “open” case forever, with no explanation to the public.

One of the common themes of the many communications I have had with people over the past decade is that police blew them off after asking the local public to come forward with information in the mid 2000’s in the wake of Ted Lamborgine and Richard Lawson’s arrests and convictions for child rape.  And sometimes worse than blowing people off–representatives of the Michigan State Police were rude and borderline threatening to some of the people who called in with tips.  I have numerous emails from people detailing their treatment and I have no reason to disbelieve them.  At one point, one of the state police told a retired detective that his idea to go to the public with very, very specific information about a Pontiac LeMans “would generate too many useless leads.”  A Pontiac LeMans from that era with a trailer hitch, pulled to one side and other rear end damage would spark too many calls?  Seriously?  At least they have been consistent.  Anyone who reads a little bit of what’s online about these cases knows just how very different the Golden State Killer and the OCCK investigations are.

There will be more books and movies about the OCCK case.  I guess law enforcement in Oakland County is just willing to let the shit hit the fan and hope it goes nowhere, just like it’s gone since February 1976.

Earlier this month, comedian Patton Oswalt was promoting a book about the Golden State Killer written by his late wife, Michelle McNamara.  McNamara died in her sleep two years ago after spending years investigating these crimes and writing “I’ll Be Gone in the Dark,” chasing the unknown murderer/rapist.  As a tribute to the efforts of his late wife, Oswald hired an investigative journalist and researcher to finish the book.  The New York Times describes McNamara’s obsession with the case and the psychological toll it took on her.  DeAngelo was not mentioned in this book (he was apparently totally under the radar, using all his good police training to keep from getting caught), and officials said that while the book kept interest and tips coming in, it did not directly lead to the arrest.  But the arrest came on the heels of the publishing of the book.  Pretty wild.

See also,

How about it, Robert F. Leonard?

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Please click on the above link to see the letter dated January 9, 1978.  As happens almost weekly, someone contacts me and asks me if I have a certain document.  I then have to go through piles of papers, and sometimes I revisit certain documents that cry out to be disseminated to the public.  Like this one.  The first time I saw this stuff, it stunned.  The subsequent times are no different.

Here, Greg Greene, pedophile buddy of our pal Chris Busch (either killer or “loose end”), who had been sentenced to life imprisonment for Criminal Sexual Conduct of a Minor in Flint, Michigan, wrote to his sentencing judge asking for leniency.  I’m sure it shocked him that his buddy Chris Busch, son of one of GM’s Daddy Warbucks, got probation for the same offense they were both hauled in on in Flint in January 1977.  Greene apparently had a little difficulty parsing the different levels of criminal sexual conduct.  The judge writes Greene back at his new home in Jackson State Prison, and says “too bad, so sad,” but he will forward his information about a “ring” (read “pedophile ring”) to Genesee Prosecuting Attorney Robert F. Leonard.  How did that go, Mr. Leonard?  Did you get on that?

But either way, contrast how this judge in Flint handled Greene’s case compared to how Oakland County dealt with Christopher Busch.  You don’t see any letters in Busch’s criminal files in Oakland County that are anything like this.  No, you most certainly don’t.