At the risk of engaging in a little OCCK case confirmation bias, check out these YouTube videos

First a forensic psychologist discusses the suspect charged in the Gilgo Beach serial murders. Very disturbing, but I thought of at least two suspects in the OCCK case as I watched.

Next consider this interview of a woman who went on a date with the Gilgo Beach/LISK (Long Island Serial Killer) suspect. Who says serial killers don’t discuss their crimes in restaurants? (Just the cops in the OCCK case.)

This next one is also a little unnerving for a variety of reasons. But as a reader pointed out, Epstein became a liability, as Chris Busch did in the OCCK case.

Speculation, but . . .

Thanks to a reader for the links.

Speculation like this could perhaps be put to rest if the evidence in the OCCK case would be evaluated BY A THIRD PARTY LAB, as has been done in other cold cases of similar age, in cases where state labs and the FBI tried and failed. Are they waiting for the 50th anniversary?

The National Sex Offender Public Website: Your Go-To Resource for Sex Offender Information

This website is not just for the benefit of parents of young kids and teens. This OJP (Office of Justice Programs) blog entry urges home buyers to consult the National Sex Offender Public Website as they evaluate a home purchase. College kids living off campus and other renters should, too. The information is worth knowing even for a long-term vacation rental. accurate, complete and free,, go to

For information about the location of registered sex offenders (convicted of sexually violent offenses against adults and children as well as certain sexual contact and other crimes against victims who are minors) go to

Disgraced priest and convicted pedophile Gary Berthiaume can be found there and he has in fact moved from Michigan to Ohio, probably courtesy of some Opus Dei-type outfit.

Of course sex offender registries, websites and apps don’t include the old guys who served their CSC sentences and moved back to neighborhoods long before such a status existed under law. Nor do they include people who haven’t been reported or caught. According to the DOJ, as of 2018, there were some 850,000 registered sex offenders in the United States. Sadly, that has to be the tip of the iceberg.

And yet, consider this:

(Thanks to a reader.)

Pennsylvania HS teacher and baseball coach charged with sex crimes involving students and players: police | Fox News

A high school teacher and baseball coach in Delaware County, Pennsylvania was charged with several felonies for allegedly having indecent sexual contact with minors.
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