Commissioner Taub, you are everything we have come to expect from officials in Michigan, specifically Oakland County.   Everything in the way we expect you to lie and cheat and disregard the letter and spirit of FOIA laws.  Destroy records and keep your jobs.  I’m sure you and your cronies, and your late boss all pull(ed) this stuff.  You’ve gotten away with it until now.  That’s not going to happen this time, you condescending, immoral, incompetent fool.  Misconduct in office, as described by you yourself on camera.  Wake up Oakland County residents and voters.  There has never been transparency in Oakland County government.  Sunshine is the best disinfectant.  That and criminal charges.

Dead Men Don’t Talk

The pig Jeffrey Epstein is dead. https://www.mediaite.com/news/jeffrey-epsteins-suicide-is-very-suspicious-to-like-a-lot-of-people/  Allegedly offed himself in a federal prison while under a 24-hour suicide watch.  Maybe another member of the DMDT club, Chris Busch, welcomed him to the other side.  A good friend of mine observed:  “Welcome to Russia.”

To Epstein’s many victims, we mourn for you but not for him.  The piece of shit was either a coward and offed himself, or knew too much about the predilections of men in high places and committed the same kind of suicide Busch did.  The message this death sends to others who might squeal is obvious.  Civil suits can still proceed against his estate.  And maybe against “Epstein associate,” Ghislaine Maxwell and others who “partied” with their pal Jeffrey.

To the recent poster who advised me to “get over it” after 40 years–this is why I still blog. Sex crimes, especially against minors, continue unabated.  Put your head in the sand if you want.  You said you have lost relatives to brutality.  Were they held captive and raped for a week before they were murdered by suffocation?  No, I won’t be quiet.  If this shit can’t be stopped or curtailed, at least we can expose the criminal freaks who do this shit.  If you don’t like it, don’t read my blog.  And I’d be more than happy to block you if you can’t help yourself.

L. Brooks Patterson dies after leading Oakland County for a generation.


With L. Brooks Patterson’s death, this leaves only Richard “No Deals/Blue Gremlin!” Thompson as the only one left of the four men pulling the strings in the Oakland County Child Killer investigation back in the day.  Captain Robert Robertson of the Michigan State Police, who headed the task force, and his #2, Joseph Krease, are long gone.  From the Oakland County Prosecutor’s Office back in the day, Patterson’s #2, Dick Thompson is still alive.  Thompson apparently works for the St. Thomas More Foundation in his retirement, working on behalf of the unborn.  Too bad he and Patterson allowed so much victimization of living children and teens in Oakland County under their watch.

Robertson, Krease, Patterson, Berkley Det/Sgt. Ray Anger–all dead.  Even those with the power, influence and money, including Patterson, H. Lee Busch and Chris Busch, end up dust.  Still alive, with possible knowledge or suspicions concerning these crimes and/or cover-up:  Thompson, James Vincent Gunnels, Charles Busch, Larry Wasser, Ted Lamborgine, Arch Sloan, among others.

Never, not once, did Patterson or anyone from his office call my parents in the wake of my brother’s murder to say that they would never give up, they would stay in touch, they would work tirelessly on behalf of Tim, Kris, Jill and Mark.  Not in the wake of Tim’s murder, not in the years afterward.  Not when they went to Recluse, Wyoming to dig up that piece of shit David Norberg for DNA in the early-1990’s.  THEY NEVER TALKED TO MY PARENTS.  Frankly, I’m sure they thought “why bother.”  They knew WTF went down and had their own way of shutting it all down.  But I am quite confident they took H. Lee Busch’s phone calls over the years.

I wouldn’t have much to say, either, if I let Chris Busch and Greg Green walk a month before my brother wound up face down on Gill Road with his skate board dumped next to his lifeless body.