Month: August 2019

  • A stunningly similar case.

    Great article in Business Insider on the similarities between Frank Shelden and Jeffrey Epstein.  When I spoke to the reporter off-the-record, she asked me three important and insightful questions, which I will attempt to answer here.  How do Shelden and his associates tie in to an understanding of the OCCK case?  This is an […]

  • “DELETE, DELETE, DELETE, Now!” Commissioner Taub, you are everything we have come to expect from officials in Michigan, specifically Oakland County.   Everything in the way we expect you to lie and cheat and disregard the letter and spirit of FOIA laws.  Destroy records and keep your jobs.  I’m sure you and your cronies, and your late boss […]

  • Dead Men Don’t Talk

    The pig Jeffrey Epstein is dead.  Allegedly offed himself in a federal prison while under a 24-hour suicide watch.  Maybe another member of the DMDT club, Chris Busch, welcomed him to the other side.  A good friend of mine observed:  “Welcome to Russia.” To Epstein’s many victims, we mourn for you but not for […]