Forty Years.

Forty years ago today, yes FORTY YEARS, my family learned, via a news ticker at the bottom of a black and white screen of the Johnny Carson Show, that the body of a young boy had been found on the side of Gill Road in Wayne County, Michigan.  My brother, the fourth (known) victim of the Oakland County Child Killer(s), had been missing for six days.  The other three known victims had been found on roadsides in Oakland County.  My Mom and I, who were in the living room with the t.v. on, knew what this news ticker meant.  One or two hours later, cops showed up, along with our parish priest, and we knew what we already knew–that my brother was dead.  While it took decades to actually see an autopsy report (and it took a t.v. show to get us additional notes from that very sad autopsy), we knew in our hearts what had happened during the week my brother Tim was held captive and tortured.

To those who think they are “sparing” the family by lying to them and concealing information, I say:  Fuck you.  Fuck you, and your lies, and your rationalization and the selling of your souls.  Fuck you who didn’t come forward; fuck you who blew off people who did come forward, who you knew deserved more consideration and still blew off; fuck you who took calls from H. Lee Busch and Larry Wasser and living relatives of the attorney who represented Chris Busch and blew us families off.  Fuck the judges in Oakland County who let pedophiles off the hook with nary a slap on the wrist then and now.  Fuck you who lied to my Dad and the other parents of victims of the Oakland County Child Killer(s).  Fuck you then, and fuck you now.

The investigation is over.  The current investigators don’t have the balls to say that for public consumption.  Maybe they are waiting for a chance to investigate on their own or for book or movie deals.  Fuck you, too.  You are no more entitled to closure than we are.

Forty years.  Active investigation?  Get real.  You keep it “active” so nobody can get all of the relevant documents.  It is not an active investigation.  It is a BOTCHED investigation.

This past week, Ray Anger, a Berkley PD member who was always “close” to this investigation, died.  None of us lives forever.  Isn’t that right, L. Brooks Patterson and Richard Thompson?


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