Month: January 2021

  • Battle Creek PD solves 33-year-old homicide with DNA

    Police in Battle Creek, Michigan solved the murder of a Michigan woman more than 30 years later, after a newly discovered blood sample connected a man to the fatal stabbing. The killer is long dead. The family of Gayle Barrus expressed relief and her son said: “It won’t change the past, but it takes […]

  • “We can’t read your messages or listen to your calls and no one else can either.”

    From the website of Signal, a free-to-the-user, end-to-end encryption app. Great news for private citizens and companies. Complete thwarting of FOIA laws when used by the Michigan State Police. I posted about this last week. This certainly did not surprise me. After Marney Keenan’s book came out last July, Detective Sean Street […]

  • Let the sun shine

    Here’s a little civics lesson about the Freedom of Information of Act (FOIA). Listen to who all uses FOIA: I’ve posted this powerpoint on Michigan FOIA law before. It’s a good one and it should open on your computer (phone questionable), unlike so many of the broken links associated with If you […]