Apparently, it will never end.

I have just spent hours going through my blog comments.  First, I want to thank everyone who had the courage to comment.  Second, I want to apologize to so many who sent a comment to which I did not respond.  Originally, I was not going to accept any comments.  I really didn’t care what others thought–this was about my experience with this nightmare. I settled on a system where I have to “approve” a comment.  Trust me, that helped all of us.  It’s why I don’t accept calls from unknown numbers.  Life it too short, and some people are too horrible.  Also, it gives me the ability to receive information marked “do not publish” and to obscure/edit the names/emails of people who I know might be subject to being hassled.

For a long, long time, my life was in a place where literally all I could do is hit “approve” to your comment.  I couldn’t respond.  Seriously.  You wouldn’t understand unless you suffer from PTSD.  Most of the time, all is relatively good.  But shit like this can grab you like a shark from down below.  You are just swimming along . . . and then . . . you are fucked.  I know, you might think that only happens to 18-year-olds stuck in some fire-fight in Viet Nam, but try spending a week with cops living with you 24/7 for 6 days while your brother is missing when pedophile/killers are on the loose in a county in Michigan where they can’t get their shit together to make an arrest for 13 months–OR EVER.  Then try spending the rest of your life without anyone acknowledging what you went through and then suffering though the cops needing your “input.”  This our personal Viet Nam.  Then try being cast as total assholes by law enforcement for asking questions and demanding answers.  I try not to be a hater, but it takes so much effort.

One of the common themes of comments and emails I have received over the years is “Your anger is justified.” YA THINK???  HEY, LAW ENFORCEMENT–READ THIS ENTIRE BLOG, ESPECIALLY THE COMMENTS!!!  A LOT OF THESE PEOPLE WENT TO THE COPS AND WERE BLOWN OFF!!!  You are just getting around to this?  Seriously?!

I was thinking the other night, after emails from someone who was ignored by the police back in the day:  After everything all of us have been through–the families of the OCCK and other child victims from back in the heyday of child pornography and murder–can’t we just have the truth?  THE FUCKING TRUTH, YOU DIRTY BASTARDS??  Apparently, that is asking too much.

I believe some in law enforcement decided back in the day that they knew better than we did.  That they were going to take care of business. That justice couldn’t be served up in Oakland County and fuck all the rest of you.  No more kids go missing and you families can just eat it for the rest of your lives.  Yeah, you guys with your combined IQ of 110.  Nice work. That was back in the day when these guys literally got away with a lot of shit, including murder.  Power of the badge–maybe even especially in the suburbs, where y’all wanted to feel extra safe.

Email me at if you have information, even if the cops blew you off.  I will make it public if you want.  If you want it kept in confidence, I will honor that.  I have my mojo back.  Let’s go.

Books area on the horizon.  They will have biases, as you can imagine.  Think about setting a Google Alert for Oakland County Child Killer.  That should do it.  If you want a copy of Decades of Deceit, send check for $20 to The Tim King Fund (benefits abused children) to 1509 Yorkshire Road, Birmingham,  MI, 48009.  If you can’t afford, please email me at  I will make sure you get a copy.

Again, to all of you who sent comments, even if I disagree with you, thank you for stepping up.  To those of you who need to read this entire blog–mostly the comments–get started.


Please Respond

I will start with what is most important.  To the person who sent this comment to my blog, please contact me asap at More in the next post.

“Hi Cathy,
I was a teenager in Detroit at the time and my father had a stamp and coin store at Eastland Shopping Center. One of his customers was E. Harwood Rydholm, a big executive at Chrysler. Mr. Rydholm told my dad that the OCCK was the son of a powerful GM exec and that the police were protecting GM’s reputation so he probably wouldn’t be arrested. Mr. Rydholm passed away in 1987. The ghastly part is that Mr. Rydholm told my father this shortly after Kristine Mihelich went missing.
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