Child murders should be investigated as federal crimes, not left up to local police.

Today John Ramsey, father of JonBenet Ramsey, unveiled a petition to Colorado Governor Jared Polis to advance his daughter’s murder case to allow an independent agency to conduct DNA testing in the case rather than the Boulder Police Department (BPD).

All of Ramsey’s statements concerning the BPD’s handling of his six-year-old daughter’s 1996 murder case make painfully familiar points for me. I remember talking to my therapist about the JonBenet case soon after it happened and distinctly remember her almost angrily shaking her head and saying “these suburban police departments . . . ” This was not someone in Michigan, but two time zones away.

Ramsey also made the case that child murders should be investigated as federal crimes and not left up to local police who are “just big enough that they think they know everything and they don’t.” Ramsey said “The Boulder police were totally inexperienced, and I don’t blame them for that, I fault them for not accepting help from people who knew what they were doing.”

Ramsey faulted the department for its “arrogance,” “pride,” “ego” and inexperience at the time his daughter was killed. Sound familiar? You do know that Robert Robertson, Michigan State Police commander of the OCCK Task Force 1977-1978 had never worked on a murder case in his life before he took over the investigation of the serial murder of four preteens, right?

Ramsey asked “Why they won’t test the DNA samples that should be tested for DNA, I don’t know. It’s baffling.” Yes, it is especially baffling when you consider the work being done by Othram Labs,, and Bode Technology, Also, take a listen to this  (A Bit of Optimism with Simon Sinek, Episode 48, interview with David Mittleman of Othram).

What people don’t understand is that law enforcement has to work with and cooperate with a third-party lab. They have to be educated about what is available today, this minute, to test or retest evidence for DNA and use genetic genealogy to guide further detective work. They need to understand that the work their state labs are doing is by no means cutting edge, usually serves merely to extinguish valuable evidence, and that these labs have found DNA that was previously missed by state labs and which has resulted in convictions. I can make all the videos I want to send to Othram and send my saga to Bode. If the state police won’t cooperate, won’t step in to the 21st Century, won’t allow the copious evidence–the actual evidence, not the state lab paper results–in the OCCK case to be retested by a lab that has done this for hundreds of other law enforcement agencies around the world, we stand still.

In some ways, just as in the OCCK case, the failure to test is not that baffling. Anyone with a passing familiarity with the JonBenet Ramsey case has some idea what the Boulder PD put the Ramsey family through. I suspect they are in no particular hurry to see if further DNA testing will yield actual answers. The Colorado state lab, just like the Michigan state lab, is incapable of performing the cutting edge testing that is being done by third-party labs to solve cold cases around the country. Accept this and retest all of the evidence in the Ramsey case and the OCCK case. If they won’t do it in child murder cases, they have no business having jurisdiction over these crimes.

Do the DNA testing and then report to your constituents–the people you work for. If there is no viable DNA, you owe the public that answer. If there is DNA, keep the public apprised. None of your NDA, secrecy bullshit. You have the built-in excuse that this type of testing did not exist back in the day. But that excuse is wearing thin in the face of your consistent failures to ask for help and provide ALL the evidence to a lab that knows what it’s doing in the (ice) cold case arena.

Governor Polis, I am one of your grateful constituents. I implore you to find a way to get the Boulder police to advance the DNA testing in JonBenet’s case. Please do not ignore this father’s petition. Address it however you can. It’s time for the BPD to take every step to solve or close this case; it is a stain on the city. Failure to act only intensifies suspicion. And maybe Governor Whitmer can take some inspiration from you and take on the MSP in the OCCK case.

A 1994 British cold case solved last week using DNA.

Thanks to a reader who forwarded this link with the following observations about a British cold case involving the 1994 murder of a six-year-old boy. The case went cold for some very familiar reasons: failure to properly process evidence; unreasonable theorizing about the motive of the perpetrator; sloppy and indifferent interviewing of the actual perpetrator decades ago.

The boy’s mother was charged with the murder and a jury cleared her in 1996. Prosecutors conceded the not-guilty verdict was correct, adding “The decision to charge her with his murder was wrong.” (Try getting a statement like that from a U.S. prosecutor.)

The mother and her husband pressured detectives to reopen her son’s case a few years ago. Rather than punish this couple for pressuring police to do the right thing, rather than pulling a bunch of vindictive antics, detectives went through the evidence again and discovered a set of tapings (applied to the boy’s clothing in 1994 to lift possible evidence) and sent them for examination “using techniques unavailable at the time of the original investigation.” The tests found the DNA of the killer, who was interviewed at the time of the murder but not pursued as a suspect. He was finally charged with the child’s murder in 2020 and convicted last week.

There is plenty of evidence in the OCCK case, which at a minimum is all of the four kids’ clothing and shoes/boots, Jill’s backpack and bike, and Tim’s skateboard, not to mention whatever evidence was collected from their bodies at the time of autopsy. Why is it not ALL being rerun? Why is the press in Michigan not asking the state police about the status of this evidence (some has apparently been extinguished) and the failure to rerun it using technology which advances almost by the week? Why do the Michigan State Police get a pass? Why the silence? The stenography that passes for journalism in Oakland County and southeast Michigan does not involve the tough questions or pressing when they get ignorant, obstructionist “comments” from the MSP on this case, and it never has. It is a 45-year-old case. The code of silence in these serial murders is indefensible and reprehensible. As is the failure to take the most obvious, basic steps to retest all of the evidence in this case, as jurisdictions around the world have done in cold cases.

What are you afraid of?

If you are someone who worked in the offices of L. Brooks Patterson, Richard Thompson or Jessica Cooper, or who worked for the MSP and have knowledge of the obstruction that has taken place in these unsolved murder cases of children and are ready to take the high road, email me at

It took decades to catch up to this pedophile cop.

Allegations of child rape and assault first surfaced in the 1990s. Boston PD kept him on the force after an attorney threatened to file a grievance. He then went on to become a Boston police union chief until he retired in 2018. This week he was sentenced to 13 years for sex crimes against minors from age 7 to 16, over the course of 27 years.

I bet a couple of the 21 charges of child rape and assault this freak pleaded guilty to happened after this union attorney did the threat dance with the police commissioner, so some of those crimes are on those two cowards, too. YOU DON’T LOOK THE OTHER WAY OR REINSTATE WHEN THERE ARE CREDIBLE ALLEGATIONS OF SEXUAL ASSAULT BY ANYONE, ESPECIALLY A COP, ESPECIALLY AGAINST KIDS. Unbelievable.

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