Why this blog?

My youngest brother Tim was murdered by a serial killer in 1977.  Tim was 11 years old and supposedly the final victim of a killer (killers, actually) known as the Oakland County Child Killer.   I will detail the entire background of this series of crimes and the lame and inadequate investigation, as well as the cover up that continues to the present day.

Today I spent yet another long phone call with someone about my brother’s murder case.  It is one of many, many long phone calls since March 2006, when I first got a strong inkling that this case was not only botched, but completely f’ed up and that many officials knew this and turned the other way.  So, almost seven years later and no closer to any kind of a resolution despite the convening of two grand juries, much wheel-spinning and perhaps intentionally misdirected reinvestigations, the filing and denial of FOIA requests, followed by litigation and great expense to victims’ family members, the mistreatment of victims’ family members and unethical treatment and behavior by the Oakland County Prosecutor, and the promise of books, documentaries and articles which never see the light of day, I have decided to document what has happened in this case from my vantage point.  I will document what has happened since March 2006.  Nothing held back.  It is what it is.  I am asking for no one’s permission to go forward and I ask for and will entertain no comment.  If you have something of substance to offer to advance the case, you will find out how to contact me.  Sorry, I don’t want your opinion.  We are way past that.  Let’s just take a look at what has come to light since March 2006 and see if it doesn’t demand intense scrutiny by someone who can make a difference.  Someone who can make a difference and won’t get shut down by authorities and those who at one time had power and influence in Oakland County, Michigan.  It might be a slow, painful process, but there is too much here to ignore.  Make your own decisions.  The legal system in Oakland County will do nothing with any of this.  But the story still demands to be told.  

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