Certainty, in the way of DNA evidence, is probably now not possible. The Oakland County Prosecutor and the MSP must take some sick solace in that fact. Evidence was mishandled, misfiled, extinguished in testing—and used in the MSP’s goddamn Post Training for god’s sake. I know some of you who were exposed to this “training” are out there—how about a response confirming what we family members know took place?? These cases were so beyond solving (for many reasons your education would not dare cover), they let you play with the evidence and have your “projects” be about this case. How do I know? One of my family members crossed paths with someone at work who was talking about this “project.” She knew, as a few of us did at that time, about what had surfaced about Busch, Green and Gunnels. We were playing ball with police then, keeping silent about everything we had told them about, but we laughed to ourselves when we thought of contacting this guy and asking “hey, do you want to get an “A,?” and filling him in on what we had learned from others, which had been withheld from us all of these years.

Someone close to this case, with great knowledge of it, who is not a cop, told me “the case is at a tipping point. Public interest will push the case forward.” I believe this, and I think it will be sooner rather than later.

There were a number of animals involved in these crimes. Multiple people, multiple cars, multiple relatives and associates who should have come forward with information. NO ONE HAS BEEN RULED OUT in this case. Why? Because no one can be ruled out due to shoddy investigative practices, failure to follow up, failure to preserve evidence. How about the creeps who were at the American Legion Hall when Mark Stebbins was there with his Mom and then asked, and got permission to, walk home in the middle of a Sunday afternoon. Did anybody ever circle back with these fucks when other kids went missing? These were not brain surgeons. They were losers and criminals. They spent the rest of their lives (or are still living) free. For decades, investigative bias prevented a return to these freaks named in tips after Mark went missing, but before other kids were murdered.

Over the past few years, a few people have emailed me telling me they struggle living with what they know and the fact that police dismiss them time and again. Their struggle is intensified by the fact the police will not only not investigate their allegations, but dismiss them as nuts. Had those who spoke up when they should have been listened to back in the day, like other tipsters who thought their information was taken seriously and actually investigated, we might not be where we are today. That said, a lot of information was given to police but lost in the travesty that is investigative bias. Time intensifies errors and omissions in these kinds of cases.

Police and prosecutors wield vast and basically unregulated power. Kind of like a serial killer. When we first learned about the resurrection of the OCCK task force in the mid-2000’s and then watched in horror as the truth about that investigation came out bit by bit, one of my brothers and I exchanged notes about nightmares we were having. They were about cops, not killers. I am not kidding.

So, just for now, here are a few rough and brutal observations about why these cases will never be solved. I know I have a lot of catching up to do here, including a good number of posts about John McKinney, who should not be overlooked in our discussions. But for now, here are the problems as I see them:

–There were a lot of animals involved in child porn and pedophilia in Oakland County, MI, back in the day, and many of them were “upstanding” citizens who would protect their reputations at any cost.

–The silence of people with knowledge and the level of police work done on the murder of Mark Stebbins, resulted in at least three more murders. Nobody is going to come clean about that.

–People with money and influence were involved and applied pressure to the prosecutor’s office then and now.

–No police agency, especially the Michigan State Police, is going to be excited about solving crimes that will expose their misfeasance or malfeasance.

–It seems clear that there was an effort by people who could get away with it to rid Oakland County of scum pedophiles by way of “suicide.” There were numerous questionable suicides of men between the ages of 25 and 50 during the relevant time period. Somebody thought that was the only answer and there is no way LE is going to touch any of those cases, even if a careful reexamination would lead to information about the OCCK murders.

Again—public interest will push this case forward. Can’t live with yourself because of the knowledge you have? I believe it. Afraid of the cowards who are still alive and still somehow threaten you? Turn them in. They are now old and weak and they are still worthless. They deserve exposure and arrest. When this all blows—and it will, eventually—your name will be added to the list of people who contributed to the decades of silence unless you speak up. And that includes law enforcement that turned the other way. This is the most shameful case ever. Podcasts about “standard” murder cases are nothing compared to this case. This case is the most rotten serial murder case in U.S. history.

V is for Vendetta

It takes two prosecutors in court to beat up an 83-year-old victim.  The prosecutor asked for sanctions against my Dad, but didn’t get them.   Prosecutor Kaelin lied in court about the two different copies of the order their office fabricated to close an earlier case brought by my Dad.  Said the two were filed in different months, but they were dated the same.  Obviously, one was fabricated.  The best part?  The quote from the prosecutor saying this is just my Dad’s vendetta against the Prosecutor Cooper.  These people don’t get it and shouldn’t have the power they do.  It’s the reason nobody was charged back in the day and part of the reason the kids who were kidnapped and murdered in Oakland County in 1976 and 1977 will never have justice.


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