Child molester chokes to death on prison food.

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This freak molested boys in boarding schools where he taught math between 1975 and 1980. A 51-year-old man who was victimized by this freak told the BBC that the sexual predator was part of a ring that sexually assaulted students.

A ring of pedophiles assaulting children. That would never happen north of 8 Mile Road in Oakland County Michigan between 1975 and 1980, now would it?

Wake up call for complicit enablers.

The University of Southern California agreed to pay $1.1 billion dollars to patients of a campus gynecologist were sexually abused by him.

The university ignored the complaints and warning signs concerning this doctor and allowed him to “quietly resign” in 2017 with a payout and without immediately notifying the medical board of its findings. Three L.A. Times reporters won Pulitzer Prizes in 2019 for breaking the story of this doctor’s decades of abuse based on an anonymous tip.

One of the doctor’s victims said she hopes the eye-popping size of this week’s payout will cause “their risk managers and their attorneys” to look back at older complaints “about the weird men — and they are all men — they have on staff and get serious.”

The size of the settlement is the only way to get through to these enablers. The plaintiffs did not sign confidentiality agreements. More progress.

It took the press and a powerful legal team to bring this university to its knees for protecting a monster. Apparently, it’s the only way these institutions listen. If only Oakland County could get a similar message.

Analysis of Studies on Child Abduction

Prepared and provided by Dr. Mary deYoung. Very interesting.

A picture is worth 1,000 words (*trigger warning).

I last wrote here on March 16. Now it is March 22, around the time my brother’s body was found. What did you do all week? Can you account for the hours since last Tuesday evening? Imagine if you were held captive this entire time. Held captive by people who wanted to hurt you in every way possible, scare you and humiliate you. Who probably told you if you just didn’t fight back you could go home. Who probably threatened you and your family many times during your captivity.

Picture where you will be in a little over a month from today. Will you be fully vaccinated? Will you be planning a trip? In about 32 days you will have passed the mark of total time that four Oakland County children spent in captivity. Forty-five years later, after the biggest manhunt of its kind at the time and after millions of dollars allegedly spent on the case, officials would have you believe they are no closer today than they were over four decades ago to “solving” these heinous crimes in one of the wealthiest counties in the country. Four homicides. Four abduction sites; four body dump sites. Four forensic examinations of these bodies that weighed less than some large dogs. But no evidence! Times were different! No usable DNA. Sorry, we just fucked up. At least only Oakland four kids died. Nothing to see here. We owe you no answers because there aren’t any.

Ask yourself how that can even be true? Ask yourself how everyone who really knows or even suspects what was going on in Oakland County back then and what happened in this case and in this investigation lived with themselves. Ask yourself why officials never answered questions in this case. The obvious answers should cause mild discomfort, if not great concern.

By the way, the Michigan State Police “tip line” is active again after a few months off. Maybe someone forgot to pay the phone bill. 833-784-9425. Now that almost everyone who participated (in the OCCK murders and related crimes) or fucked up is dead, why not make the call? It’s never too late. Is it?

When you don’t examine the past, it can happen again. NEVER AGAIN. Not the crimes, not this investigation.


Is this anniversary closer to “justice”?

On this date, at this time, 44 years ago, my brother Tim was about two hours into what would be about a 147-hour ordeal before his body was found in a ditch in Livonia. I’m quite sure he realized at this early point that he was not going to make it back home. It was just a matter of how much he would have to endure before it was over. By the time the media reported he was missing, it was now completely evident that children in Oakland County were disposable, just like they were in the Cass Corridor of Detroit.

This is another anniversary of no answers, no justice and of covering up mis and malfeasance. With the vacuum created by the failure to work the case seriously in Oakland County or by the MSP, it’s hard to even know who to tell people to come forward to. But someone must come forward with information about these crimes and the reasons for the “failed” investigation and someone in authority needs to actually act on it. We owe it to the children who were victimized and some murdered by these deadly dangerous child rapists, murders, traffickers and producers of child porn to demand answers and demand conviction of anyone still living who participated or obstructed justice.

Here are two articles a reader sent me this morning. One is about the Oakland County sheriff’s office being part of a new transparency database/dashboard:

Sheriff Bouchard, I want you to know how ironic and laughable it is to me that your office is so concerned with transparency. Conspiring to hide potential FOIA documents is hardly transparent. Your co-conspirators should be reported to the Michigan State Bar.

The other article this morning is concerning Michigan FOIA laws. Michigan’s secretary of state is aiming to have Michigan join most of the rest of the country in expanding public information requests to the governor and legislature. Seems like a no-brainer. But why don’t you also use the chance to fine- tune FOIA and stop making it cost prohibitive to obtain records? I am going to pay over $500 for what is going to end up being probably 6 pages of heavily redacted documents. This was a very detailed request that is not going to cost $450 to locate and redact the documents. Almost 10 hours? Bullshit. It’s like going to the goddamn mechanic; it’s going to cost $500 just to pull into the garage. But it’s like getting your car back with the windows all blacked out. I have other outstanding FOIA requests that have estimated price tags of over $2,200 and $3,400. More on those later this week. You need to understand how these things work.

In January I spent almost $900 have 5,500 documents in this case scanned into searchable PDF format for an online OCCK document repository which is in the works. Marney Keenan spent at least that much as well.

I want someone to do their job in this and related unsolved child sex crimes. I am tired of blowing money trying to figure out WTF happened in this case and more importantly, in this investigation. I want someone in Oakland County to make this right and to act on behalf of Mark Stebbins, Jill Robinson, Kristine Mihelich, Tim King and all of the living victims of monsters who roamed and lived in your wealthy-ass county. You continue to make children disposable. Make it right and clean up your agencies. Never again.

Transparency. That’s a good one.

In other jurisdictions:

Here is a recent case demonstrating the relentless pursuit of the FBI in Georgia to protect vulnerable children and expose the threads of a complex child trafficking and porn case:

In the OCCK case or any related sex crimes against children from that era, if you contact the FBI you get SA Sean Callaghan from the Detroit office, who was an assistant prosecutor for the Oakland County Prosecutor’s office before he became an FBI agent. Yeah, that Sean Callaghan. And yeah, that OCP. See The Snow Killings: Inside the Oakland County Child Killer Investigation, by Marney Keenan, pages 142, 162, 163, 193, 220, 259, 260. No complex thread-pulling going on there. Put the tip in File 13.

Next we have a 72-year-old pedophile receiving an 80 year sentence in federal court in Florida for for producing and possessing images and videos depicting the sexual exploitation of children. The court did not fall for the “take pity on me I’m an old man” line that these types (especially priests) try to use. If anything, his age and his crimes demonstrate that these types never stop. It might take decades for them to get caught, but they never, ever stop. It could be your neighbor, your co-worker, your brother, your uncle, your father, your grandfather. If you don’t report, they will keep it up. Five decades from now, if unchecked, they will still be at it and you can now count yourself as an enabler. Eighty years sounds about right.

Starting Tonight on the ID Channel

Tonight and tomorrow night the four-part true crime series The Clown and The Candyman begins airing on the ID channel. The series explores murders committed by two prolific serial killers of young men, John Wayne Gacy, the Killer Clown and Dean Corll, the Candyman and outlines the underground child sex trafficking ring that connects the two killers.

Previously the series was airing on Discovery-Plus and the companion podcast, which discusses the Oakland County Child Killer case (Episode 2) and Frank Shelden’s original pedophile Island on N. Fox Island in northern Michigan (Episode 3) has been available since late January.

As Executive Producer Jacqueline Bynon well-knows from her work on the docuseries about the OCCK crimes, Children of the Snow,

“This is a real life, never ending horror story,” she emphasized, “And it’s still going on. It’s just that in the 1970s, we were kind of naive. And we didn’t know. And it started to be exposed. Now we have social media. So we’re now thinking, Oh, it’s all over the place. Well, they’re always all over the place. But now we’re just hearing more about it, but we’re still not catching them.”

I want to emphasize that even as these crimes are being discussed internationally via media, there is a complete vacuum in the OCCK investigation. This has always been by design. The producers of Children of the Snow literally had to hammer investigators to provide a tip line to be provided at the conclusion of the series, which aired in February 2019. We know that this Michigan State Police tip line has been dead for some months. Other Michigan agencies will refer callers to the MSP. Where your tip will die. And don’t be so sure you can trust any Oakland County agency to take your information seriously. There is a long line of people who have tried and gotten shut down.

And we know old, very cold cases of sexual abuse of children are being taken seriously elsewhere. Just not in Oakland County.

Next week is Sunshine Week

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We never stop looking.

The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children announced their oldest unidentified victim case, dating back to 1966, has been solved:

National Center for Missing & Exploited Children


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It took 55 years, but NCMEC’s oldest unidentified case was finally solved! Senior Forensic Case Manager Ashley Rodriguez began working on the “Pecos Jane Doe” case in 2019. The only information she had to go on was gleaned from a few news articles that said Pecos Jane Doe appeared to be younger than 18 when she drowned under suspicious circumstances in a motel swimming pool in Pecos, Texas on July 5, 1966. With little to go on, Rodriguez called the newly appointed Pecos police chief, Lisa Tarango. The chief wasn’t familiar with the cold case, of course, but was more than willing to see what she could find out and welcomed NCMEC’s offer of help and resources. Opening the file marked “Unknown X Girl” was like stepping back in time. The death of the young girl had clearly had a profound impact on the Pecos community, Tarango said. Along with the death certificate were letters written by strangers sending in whatever they could afford so she wouldn’t have to be buried in a pauper’s grave. News clippings in the file said her burial was delayed three weeks so “over a thousand families” could stop by to see if she might be their own missing child, she said. #Forensics #UnidentifiedCase #MissingChild #Crime #Mystery Read more:


NCMEC worked with Innovative Forensic, a genetic genealogy firm to help identify Jolaine Hemmy as the teenager who went missing 55 years ago. The Pecos, Texas Police Department reopened the case “Pecos Jane Doe” last year and exhumed the body. An investigation is ongoing., Texas (KSNW) –,old when she went missing.

Captured from the Wayback Machine

Thanks again to a reader who found segments of my Dad’s blog on the Wayback Machine Web Archive. I don’t know why the blog disappeared; perhaps a bill for the website or the domain name was forwarded to my Dad in the last three months of his life and it got lost in the mayhem that is end of life. The segments were transferred to a Word doc and the first batch is best read last page first. Parts are missing, but it is still followable.

This second section can be read first page first, some gaps, some out of order, but followable: