More comments on my blog

I just switched settings so that comments do not have to be manually approved by me.  So get ready for Viagra ads.  There is a spam feature to catch most of those types of “comments.”  My site crashed twice today while I was trying to post replies from my phone.  I contacted WordPress but there is so far no answer.  The comment function has clearly been messed up the past few days.

I originally required approval before I posted comments because this case has a very long history of disrespectful and disturbed commentary.  If you fall into that category, I will delete your comment and you can join the four people in the “Comment Blacklist” category.  The four posters in the penalty box were not coherent participators.  They were rude and threatening.  They are not just commentators with whom I might not have agreed.  If you didn’t threaten or disparage me or my family or say a bunch of crazy shit, you are not one of the four, so don’t ask.

I also required approval of comments before posting because this blog, unlike the old Topix or other true crime websites, is not a back and forth discussion.  I’m not here to answer your questions within 24 hours.  I’m not going to bring you up to speed.  Read what’s out there.

And, again–if you have information or real suspicions PLEASE call the tip line at 833-784-9425.  If you can’t get through because the voice mailbox is yet again full, please try again later.  I cannot investigate your tip.

If you are posting you can use a screen name if you want–you don’t have to type in your full or real name.  Your email will not show up.  Now let’s see how no pre-approval on comments works.

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