Month: April 2021

  • John Hastings

    Let’s have a discussion about John Hastings and his friends at the Michigan State Police. On January 13, 2021, I wrote the following about the polygraph conducted by the Georgia Highway in October 2009 on John Hastings: JOHN HASTINGS In September 2020, I posted the following about the same subject: Having “done business” with the […]

  • State legislatures are starting to realize the legal gaps protecting pedophiles.

    Today the Pennsylvania legislature is voting on “window” legislation which would create a two-year civil liability window for child sex abuse survivors to bring suits that were previously long barred by the statute of limitations. See Supporters are aware they have enough votes to pass this window legislation in the PA senate. Which leads […]

  • Rot in Hell, Padre

    But warm up in the general prison population first.