He (cousin of murderer) saw him sexually abusing one of the girls and never saw either of them again. Really, motherfucker?

Many thanks to my friend Tony for sending me the link to the article about the charging of a sex offender with the 1975 disappearance and murders of two pre-teen sisters in Bedford County, Virginia. http://www.nbcwashington.com/news/local/Lyon-Sisters-Mystery-Police-to-Announce-New-Details-315369131.html . Oh my god—it can happen; these kinds of cases can be solved! Forgive me if I observe that in the OCCK case some “untouchables” prevent such an outcome.

First, let me explain why I have been quiet. This shit kills me. It hurts every ounce of my being. And when it interferes with what’s going on with my kids—forget it; it’s gone. We didn’t ask to be victims here—I take control when I decide how and when to respond. I send you to the police—maybe they take you seriously; maybe they don’t. Welcome to the club. We do the best we can. We are not victims—we are responsible people who give as much information as we can to the people with police powers and that is AS MUCH AS WE CAN DO. And trust me, it’s more than most people close to the infection of this case have done. So forgive yourself if you came clean, no one took you seriously (again, join the club), and let’s move on. Maybe even adopt the mantra of those who know they knew shit and didn’t come clean—“At least no one else died.” You came forward and were ignored—join the club. Piecing things together are maybe a little easier now, 38 years later—MAYBE. Depending on if the cops take you seriously. I have no control over any of that. Fuck all of you who think you have control or think you could direct this shit.

OK, let’s talk a little about Lloyd Lee “Michael” Welch, Jr., who was—no surprise—“a person of interest” in the disappearance of 12-year-old Katherine Lyon, and her sister, 10-year-old Sheila Lyon, who were last seen at a Maryland shopping mall on March 25, 1975. Read the names of those girls again. THEY WERE NEVER SEEN AGAIN. THEY FUCKING DISAPPEARED.

Let’s look at this case and compare it to the Oakland County Child Killer case. In the OCCK case there were four defiled bodies, left in public like garbage. Dumped. Defiled. This fucking county—one of the most wealthy on earth—didn’t give a shit; wanted it to go away. I know I am supposed to forgive all of you fucks—but I still hate you. You suck; you let little kids die and gave a pass to wealthy pedophiles and their family members. Fuck you. You should ask all of us for forgiveness, but you never will. I hope you are poisoned by your lack of integrity. But odds are, most assholes will judge me for not forgiving your asses. Fuck that.  Fuck you even though I have to let this go.

In the case of these two young sisters, the news article states police spent 16,000 investigation hours IN THE PAST TWO YEARS. Fifty search warrants and interviewing/interrogating about 100 people.  Ok.  FOUR kids died here; each one held for days at a time and tortured.  Let’s ignore it.  Let’s move on.  Get over it.

Like the OCCK case, people in Montgomery County said they “’can tell you a personal story about how they or their family was impacted,’ said Montgomery County Police Chief J. Thomas Manger at the news conference.” Yeah, ya think buddy?!  In Oakland County, nobody gives a fuck.  Wayne County is different.  Wait and see, you suburban believers in the cops.  Jesus.  Breaks my heart.  How did my parents ever move there thinking it was a step up???

The police chief in the Lyons sisters case observed: “ This case has never left the collective consciousness of this police department, nor our community.” Wow. Haven’t heard shit from the Birmingham Police Department. Ignore and Move On. Better than Protect and Serve. Forgive? Seriously? Ignore and move on, baby.

Here’s a beautiful thing about this case—this guy’s wife has been charged with perjury for being a lying sack of shit about her pedophile, murdering husband. Everyone associated with him who lied should be so charged. THIS IS HOW WE STOP ANIMALS FROM ABUSING CHILDREN AND GETTING AWAY WITH IT. FUCK FORGIVENESS UNTIL YOU CAN MAKE SURE THESE PEOPLE STOP THEIR CRIMINAL BEHAVIOR—YOU ARE CRAZY TO DEFEND THEM!!!!!!  You should all be charged with perjury–you know who you are.  Oakland County–examine your conscience, for god’s sake!!!

More very soon about Catholic Priests in the Detroit area, and our friend Christopher Busch, who shows up as an enrollee in Brother Rice, during the era of some incredibly abusive and criminally responsible priests. Oh man, had I not examined my levels of forgiveness, I would have gladly taken a baseball bat to these men. How unfair that I have to forgive them. They deserve nothing. Yet I am a victim if I don’t forgive them. I’m irresponsible if I don’t forgive you pieces of shitl  Really? Those of you who’ve had a much easier life, please weigh in. Those of you who are working on the case tirelessly, ask yourself how I am supposed to feel? It doesn’t matter—I get that. But I won’t ignore these cases. Silence me? Won’t happen.

More soon about priest shit in the Oakland County area.  It’s worth considering.  Brother Rice–Chris Busch, listed in Classfinders as a Bro Rice enrollee, along with sick fuck priests from that era.  Seriously, search Christopher Busch and Brother Rice.  There you go.  Father Harrington and other dirty bastards–it’s all there.  We’re patient.  It’s all going to come out.  Between me and two other authors, this shit will all surface.  Get ready.  We’ve paid for decades; you’ve skated.  Let’s meet on the rink you sons of bitches.  The cops might not be able to nail you, but we can write about what we found.  And those around you who lied should be charged with perjury and I will stay on top of this to make sure you do.  Yeah, that includes people in the Oakland County Prosecutor’s Office. You can live with yourself like many before you did, but now we are watching.  Let’s see how it goes, ok?

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