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Sorry I am not great at responding quickly to comments.  I wisely chose the “preapproval” option for all comments, so they do not show up until I read them and post or, sometimes, quickly delete. Trust me, it’s better this way.  Originally I did not allow comments for reasons anyone who has read any of the other sites devoted to these crimes can certainly appreciate.  For every person who wants to do battle with me over what s/he thinks I think, or thinks I can wave a magic wand, or wonders why I just don’t get it–there are many more who have reached out in positive ways I could have never imagined.  To those people—many thanks.  To those I have not yet responded to—I will; I just have to do this in relatively small doses. 

I cannot even tell you how absurd this entire thing is, from start to non-finish, and every messed up twist and turn in between.  It’s like moving a sand dune with chopsticks.  It’s fucking exhausting at times and it often feels pointless.  Which is what has long made the MSP, the OCP and the family members and close associates of guilty parties exhale a big, fat, self-satisfied (if hollow) sigh of relief.  As I posted earlier tonight in a comment to a reader, if you want to try to wrap your head around why something like this is so bogus and such a mess, read Portraits in the Snow, The Oakland County Child Killings . . . Scandals and Small Conspiracies (M.F. Cribari, 2011).

Search terms used to access this blog, yesterday–4-23-13

Yesterday I posted my little background piece on Chris Busch (and by “little,” I mean “tip of the iceberg”).  His “buddy” Greg Green will take a few more posts.  He died in prison in 1995 of a heart attack, but the mayhem and evilness he managed to squeeze into the years between his birth and his incarceration for the rest of his life in 1977 is truly astonishing.  There is plenty to post about him, and none of it is in any way positive.  This is a guy who went went wrong way early on and should have never slipped through some “mental health” exception.

But the point of this post is that I thought a few search terms were interesting, given my diatribe about Chris Busch.   Here are a few that I found disturbing:

“mark stebbins” murder anal

OK, seriously, you p.o.s.?!  This is how you show up on my screen.  Nice work.

James Vincent Gunnells

Yeah, people should still be searching your name and asking questions about you.

Lawrence Wasser FBI Agent

Hmm.  Why do you think he was talking to an FBI agent?  He most certainly should have been, but  . . .

Other Search Terms and Unknown Search Terms

Congratulations, you use a search engine that allows your search terms and phrases to be kept private.  One can only wonder why.  Nice work.

Search terms from today, 4/24/13

A few interesting search terms from today:

richard hojnacki suicide

Interesting search phrase.  I mentioned r.h. early on and almost in passing.  I haven’t even gotten to him and his death certificate/information.  In the meantime, was Richard Hojnakci:

(a) living in his parents’ basement at 28110 Rollcrest, Farmington Hills, MI,  and dealing drugs (see Oakland County Complaint No. 76-04-0697 FY)

(b) a name given as a possible suspect in the OCCK investigation and as possibly trafficking in kids for pedophiles/porn

(c) a questionable suicide victim who died on 3-7-77 (see certificate of death, Oakland County #146721), or

(d) all of the above.

richard hojnacki bloomfield hills mi

Same as above.

portraits in the snow occk

Brave piece of writing that mentions this p.o.s. person.

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