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Sorry I am not great at responding quickly to comments.  I wisely chose the “preapproval” option for all comments, so they do not show up until I read them and post or, sometimes, quickly delete. Trust me, it’s better this way.  Originally I did not allow comments for reasons anyone who has read any of the other sites devoted to these crimes can certainly appreciate.  For every person who wants to do battle with me over what s/he thinks I think, or thinks I can wave a magic wand, or wonders why I just don’t get it–there are many more who have reached out in positive ways I could have never imagined.  To those people—many thanks.  To those I have not yet responded to—I will; I just have to do this in relatively small doses. 

I cannot even tell you how absurd this entire thing is, from start to non-finish, and every messed up twist and turn in between.  It’s like moving a sand dune with chopsticks.  It’s fucking exhausting at times and it often feels pointless.  Which is what has long made the MSP, the OCP and the family members and close associates of guilty parties exhale a big, fat, self-satisfied (if hollow) sigh of relief.  As I posted earlier tonight in a comment to a reader, if you want to try to wrap your head around why something like this is so bogus and such a mess, read Portraits in the Snow, The Oakland County Child Killings . . . Scandals and Small Conspiracies (M.F. Cribari, 2011).

Search terms used to access this blog, yesterday–4-23-13

Yesterday I posted my little background piece on Chris Busch (and by “little,” I mean “tip of the iceberg”).  His “buddy” Greg Green will take a few more posts.  He died in prison in 1995 of a heart attack, but the mayhem and evilness he managed to squeeze into the years between his birth and his incarceration for the rest of his life in 1977 is truly astonishing.  There is plenty to post about him, and none of it is in any way positive.  This is a guy who went went wrong way early on and should have never slipped through some “mental health” exception.

But the point of this post is that I thought a few search terms were interesting, given my diatribe about Chris Busch.   Here are a few that I found disturbing:

“mark stebbins” murder anal

OK, seriously, you p.o.s.?!  This is how you show up on my screen.  Nice work.

James Vincent Gunnells

Yeah, people should still be searching your name and asking questions about you.

Lawrence Wasser FBI Agent

Hmm.  Why do you think he was talking to an FBI agent?  He most certainly should have been, but  . . .

Other Search Terms and Unknown Search Terms

Congratulations, you use a search engine that allows your search terms and phrases to be kept private.  One can only wonder why.  Nice work.

Search terms from today, 4/24/13

A few interesting search terms from today:

richard hojnacki suicide

Interesting search phrase.  I mentioned r.h. early on and almost in passing.  I haven’t even gotten to him and his death certificate/information.  In the meantime, was Richard Hojnakci:

(a) living in his parents’ basement at 28110 Rollcrest, Farmington Hills, MI,  and dealing drugs (see Oakland County Complaint No. 76-04-0697 FY)

(b) a name given as a possible suspect in the OCCK investigation and as possibly trafficking in kids for pedophiles/porn

(c) a questionable suicide victim who died on 3-7-77 (see certificate of death, Oakland County #146721), or

(d) all of the above.

richard hojnacki bloomfield hills mi

Same as above.

portraits in the snow occk

Brave piece of writing that mentions this p.o.s. person.

Visitors to the site today from:

U.S., Canada, Brazil, United A.E. and England.

So frustrating.

My apologies for all the misfires on my WordPress posts.  Subsequent to my “Uncle Chris” post, and someone’s marking of that post on FB as “spam,” I have been unable to post any photo containing text.  I just easily posted the photo of my brother on the last day we saw him alive.  But this morning I could not post screen shots of my statistics page, nor even iphone photos of the screens.  I have always been able to post anything I photographed with my phone–pages of police reports, anything.  The time has come to move off of WordPress, which is a bummer, because WP is allegedly so easy.  Oh well.  

What I just tried to post was a photo of Tim’s first place certificate for his sixth place science project with his friend Tristan.  Earlier today I could not post photos of stat pages from my blog, showing who shows up here, where they are from and how they got here.  No matter; I will post about the recent interesting search terms used to reach my blog.  

I generally post my entries to my FB page and then copy the link into an open FB page started by an attorney who represents the mother of a Kristine Mihelich who was also murdered by this monster or monsters.  That is an open FB page and I know all kinds of people check that page, including people from the Oakland County Prosecutors office.  Someone marked my entry on Chris Busch (which included mention of possible associate of Chris Busch, James V. Ruocco, as well as deceased criminal defense attorney Jane Burgess, contemporary of current OCP Jessica Cooper) as spam.  Now every time I try to post on FB, I have to go through the security screen where I have to type in two lines of b.s. to match their security screen.  Do you really think that is going to trip me up?  How can you not understand by now that I am a very patient person?  Throw up whatever roadblocks you want.  Nothing you can do is worse than what was done to us in 1977, unless you want to expose yourself.  Things worked really well when we went to the police with a tip or information and they said “thank you so much, we are all over it.”  But they stopped doing that to the general public a long time ago, and–go figure–these people eventually reached out to us.  Then, they got lazy and started treating us the same way.  Eventually even the most grief-stricken losers catch on.  And we have caught on.  

Next–the interesting search terms from the past two days.  

Photo of Tim on the day he was abducted, March 16, 1977, at Adams Elementary School.

Photo of Tim on the day he was abducted, March 16, 1977, at Adams Elementary School.

This is the last photo ever taken of my brother Tim. He is holding up his science fair project with his friend Tristan. They got a first place ribbon.

Site stats pages

I have had about 8 misfires trying to post screen pages from today’s site stats page.  I think I’ve described before how the search engine terms used to gain access to my blog show up each day.  These are not searches from within the blog, but searches made on outside search engines such as Google or Yahoo.  This list tells me what people are specifically looking for if they are not subscribed to the blog but reach it via an independent web search. Some search engines don’t show search terms for privacy reasons and therefore some terms used by visitors to arrive at the site can’t be discerned.  These are listed as “unknown search terms.”  The “unknown search terms” category shows up in my queue almost every day.  I will keep trying to post the screen shots of this morning’s and yesterday’s lists of search terms.  They are sometimes very interesting and revealing.  

A “gregarious and happy guy,” who was physically “big and heavy,” who enjoyed “food, skiing and riding his motorcycle,” and struggled with living overseas and returning to America because, “it is hard to go back to your own country.”

IMG_2223The above quotations are from a FBI interview of Chris Busch’s oldest brother, Charles, on 4-22-08.  (FOIA document p. 02255.)  A commenter from a few weeks back wanted to know more about Chris Busch.  The following is based on FOIA documents, and by no means a complete overview of the information contained in the MSP files concerning Christopher Brian Busch.  I could spend five days cross-referencing articles from 1976-77 in The Traverse City Record-Eagle,  the FBI interview of Busch’s brother, the interview of the husband of the deceased attorney who represented Busch in his numerous criminal sexual conduct cases around the state of Michigan, Busch’s “suicide” file, his file with the MSP and Flint PD from back in 1977, and transcripts from his appearances before Oakland County Judge Templin and other judges around the state who let this pedophile walk time and again.  Here is a short overview of what I’ve read.

First, a totally depressing observation:  It’s obvious the authorities/legal system let the few victims who were brave enough to come forward and press charges against Busch and his “pal” Greg  Green hang out there on their own.  Four convictions around the state–Busch pleaded guilty for god’s sake!–but only probation; no prison time.  “Thank you for playing, boys, now beat it.”  By the time Busch appears before Judge Templin on yet another CSC, this time in Oakland County, he is now a model citizen–the best CSC arrestee his attorney Jane Burgess, had ever seen in her ten years of defending criminals–and come on, Your Honor, let’s leave him out on the street to deal with little boys as he and his local psychiatrist see fit.   Can he be in the presence of youngsters if their parents are present, Your Honor?  (She seriously asked for this clarification at the end of  a hearing.)

So here is a little more background on our gregarious chef and friend to all (all those over 18 and able to physically defend themselves), Chris Busch.

Chris Busch was born on 7/31/51, the youngest of four boys born to Elsie and H. Lee Busch.  The family moved frequently when the kids were young because the father was an executive with General Motors for 40 years.  In fact he was an Executive Financial Director in Europe and the United States for GM.

Three of the four sons predeceased the parents, who lived until their early-90’s.  One son, described as “a homosexual and ‘kind of an activist,’ died of leukemia in England where he had lived for several years.”  (FOIA doc. 02254.)  Another son died approximately 10 years ago “in Michigan of congestive heart failure and diabetes,” and had struggled with alcoholism.  (Id.)  Chris “committed suicide” on November 22 1978, and was the first of the sons to die.  He was cremated two days later at a funeral home in Birmingham, two short blocks from my parents’ house.  There was a small death notice for Busch, but I could find no obituary.

From about first grade on, Busch attended LeRosey boarding school in Switzerland.  After he graduated, I am sorry to say, he stayed on as an instructor “for a time.”  Busch then attended Wayne State University in Detroit for one year.  (FOIA doc. 02255.)  He later went to a culinary institute in Midland, MI.  His father provided the financial backing to open up a bar/restaurant called The Scotsman in Alma, MI.  While Chris Busch was running The Scotsman, he was living in a rental home at 736 N. State Street, Alma, MI.

At some point after Busch was arrested for CSC with a minor at The Scotsman in January 1977, he moved home to his parents’ house in Bloomfield Village, MI.  The Buschs lived in the Bloomfield Village home from 1970 to July, 1979.  Busch was employed as an administrative chef at an assisted living/retirement apartment complex called Franklin Club Apartments, 28301 Franklin Road, Southfield, MI, for about one month–until November 4, 1978.  The manager of the complex at the time was Bob Prussack.  Prussack said Busch quit in order to pursue a new job at Franklin Terrace Apartments, another assisted living facility, located at 26962 Franklin Road, Southfield, MI.  According to Busch’s father, Chris was to start his new job on 11/22/78, the day he was found dead in his parents’ home.

At the time of Tim’s abduction, Busch was driving a 1975 blue Chevrolet Vega hatchback, with white stripes painted on the side.  Associates of Busch were Greg Green and Vince Gunnells.  Another possible associate was James V. Ruocco (also born in 1951, and a photographer–information from The Traverse City Record-Eagle, 1977).

Busch’s only first-degree living relative is Charles Nels Busch.  His son was five or six at the time all of these CSC allegations were floating around, and Charles and his wife made sure their son was never alone with Uncle Chris.  Good move.  Chris’ criminal defense attorney and her husband were apparently ok with Chris–a real nice guy, by the way–and they once stayed at the Busch cottage up north.  Chris even came over when they were there made them and their kid dinner.  He made his attorney a gingerbread house at Christmas time.   Outwardly, at least, Chris was not the monster Greg Green was.

Composite Drawings from FOIA Documents

Composite Drawings from FOIA Documents

Here’s a good page from the FOIA response documents. I remember seeing two of the four (left side of page)–anybody else remember ever seeing the other two composites in the press back in the day? I bet one of them was based on the description of the boy who was approached by a man in the Hunter-Maple parking lot on March 15, 1977, the day before my brother was abducted. Never heard about that incident? Join the club.

Sent to me in early 2008

IMG_2208This photo with composite photo of suspect next to it, was sent to me in early 2008. No name, no idea who he is. Kind of freaky. As I recall, it was in the context of men who were paid to abduct kids for others. The figure tossed around was $5,000 (1976/77 dollars). No clue who this guy is.

More From the “You Can’t Make This Stuff Up” File

This is a recent email from my brother describing what his friend told him in 2008 about talking to an ex-Oakland County sheriff deputy in the early 1990’s:

Hi Cathy: Here is my recollection about the story on my friend’s encounter at a bar with the former member of the Sherriff’s office:

My friend and another female friend were at a bar in northern Oakland County near closing time. This is perhaps 10-15 years after the murders. They were being chatted up by a guy who worked somewhere in Oakland County government—maybe for Oakland County Circuit Court as a bailiff or something, she wasn’t sure. At some point, he indicated he used to be a cop in the Oakland County Sherriff’s office. The two women  indicated they were friends with the King family and asked the guy why that case had never been solved. He said something to the effect of, “We knew who did it, the FBI knew who did it, but it was some rich kid from Bloomfield Hills and we couldn’t touch him.” She said he didn’t really elaborate on why they couldn’t prosecute. However, he gave her his card. My friend said she kept it for more than 10 years just in case anything came up, but at some point she was moving and threw out the card, assuming she would never need it. She never told me about this incident until I asked for the yearbook in 2008  because she thought it would be too disturbing and wouldn’t help at all.  My friend does not remember the guy’s name.

One thing that is incorrect in the blog entry: To my recollection, this guy never intimated the victims’ families knew the identity of the killer—just law enforcement. Of course, there were several other people who contacted me after we went to the press in late 2009 to say they had come forward with information to the police and were told something to the effect of, “Look, the families know who did this, but they don’t want to stir it all up again and have this in the press, and the guy can’t harm anyone else (implying the perpetrator was  dead or incarcerated).” I’ve seen several similar statements on some Internet forums as well. Sad to think that members of law enforcement might have been using the families of the victims as an excuse to derail the investigation.