More horror. The Lamborgine/Lawson investigation as of September 2006 – February 2007.


The Lawson/Lamborgine investigation continues to reveal tentacles in the Detroit suburbs. Page 89, lines 37-48, December 2006, reveals a 1977 victim of Lamborgine who called police after he saw press on Lamborgine. He will later appear in the Busch investigation as he was a victim of Busch and later a lure for Busch and Greene. This victim will later tell police that Busch forced him to have sex with a boy who looked like Tim King; that he saw a photo of a boy who looked like Tim King tied up in the back of Busch’s car; and that after the sexual encounter, he was with Busch when dropped Tim King off at Lamborgine’s house.

Remember, at this time in the investigation the names Chris Busch, Greg Greene (and Arch Sloan, for that matter), have not yet surfaced.

September 2006 – February 2007:

Sept. 06 – Feb. 07

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Just so we are all on the same page. This is what shows up in the driver’s seat of my blog. Word Press is a decent platform. There are glitches and I am working on figuring that out. But it spits out some interesting user information.

The search terms are always interesting. Almost every day they contain “Frank Shelden” or “North Fox Island.” Another big one is “Christopher Busch death photos.”

I use this spammer as an example of what shows up on site users. Because he is selling little blue pills, I figure all privacy bets are off.

More documents tomorrow.

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I was checking the admin function of the blog just now (something I rarely do, but should start doing daily) and a number of comments were in the “pending” file (waiting for approval) and some in the “spam” folder were not spam. I apologize. This probably accounts for the difficulties some people have had in getting their comments posted immediately.

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