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We heard about Arch “Ed” Sloan a little over six years ago when Oakland County Prosecutor Jessica Cooper released some “important new information” related to a “person of interest,” Sloan.  In a press conference on July 17, 2012, Cooper explained that DNA testing by the FBI found that a hair found on Mark Stebbins and a hair found on Tim King came from the same person.  https://detroit.cbslocal.com/2012/07/17/breaking-news-update-in-oakland-county-child-killer-case/.  I guess it took a couple decades for someone to think to compare the very few hairs found on the victims to try to link the crimes.

These hairs are said to match a hair found in Sloan’s 1966 Bonneville, which was searched very soon after Mark Stebbin’s body was found.  The hair did not match Sloan, so the prosecutor was asking the public to come forward with information about people Sloan spent time with and who he may have had in his car or loaned his car to.  The prosecutor asked that people with such information call a tip line, 1-800-442-7766.
Sloan is a 76-year-old pedophile who is in prison for molesting boys and was an early suspect in the child killings. Sloan of course shut his pie hole and never talked.  No surprise; see https://www.wxyz.com/news/local-news/investigations/is-a-political-battle-brewing-in-oakland-county-child-killer-case?page=2 concerning officials questioning Cooper’s conduct in releasing Sloan’s name and the existence of this hair evidence.
The same day this second news story aired, another story aired about a victim of Sloan from 1976-1979.  This was a very brave act to come forward, and shed light on what these inhumane pedophiles inflict on children.  https://www.wxyz.com/news/local-news/investigations/local-man-says-he-was-assaulted-by-new-oakland-county-child-killer-person-of-interest-arch-sloan. The man said that Sloan “was just the friendliest guy who would do anything for anyone he could,” and was a master manipulator.  He explained that Sloan “just took away the innocence of a little child and it has just affected the rest of my life.  All these years later I never stop thinking about it.”  Notably, the man says that Sloan’s family members knew exactly what was going on.  He said that when he saw the photo of the 1966 Bonneville Sloan drove around in, “it was almost like a horrible flashback.”  When asked by the reporter if he thought Sloan was capable of killing someone, he replied:  “To me, I could see, he was the type of person to go farther and farther.”  Just like Ted Lamborgine, Chris Busch, Greg Greene—they were all deeply cruel and violent pedophiles, whose conduct most certainly escalated from the friendly neighbor/coach/Big Brother routines, to the situations one anonymous poster told me involved pedophile sex parties in the Detroit suburbs where kids were sometimes so injured, they had to be hospitalized. This person feels lucky to be alive.
It would be amazing if they find who left those hairs in the Bonneville and a hair on Mark and later a hair on Tim.  Remember, this is mitochondrial DNA, not autosomal or nuclear DNA, so GED Match isn’t going to help.  It’s a needle in a haystack.  Consider that six years later, there is no match and no more information about Sloan or his associates that has been made public.
Before you get too excited about these hairs, found after many decades to match evidence the MSP has allegedly had from the very beginning, consider the following information.
A lab report from Mark’s homicide file, obtained via FOIA, lists Evidence Received on February 20, 1976, including:
Swab from ice chest in suspect’s vehicle.  [Cat’s out of the bag as of July 2012—this is Sloan’s vehicle.]
Hair from ice chest in suspect’s vehicle.
Red fibers from suspect’s vehicle
Red fibers from victim’s pants.  [Complete list is in scanned document. These red fibers did not match those from the car.]
The report goes on to state that one human head hair, 2 3/4 inches long, was found on Mark’s blue jeans.  The author of the report explains that a dirty blanket was used to cover Mark’s body.  I don’t know who covered Mark’s body in the parking lot where he was found, or where the blanket came from.  But Charlotte L. Day, Michigan State Police Crime Laboratory Scientist, concluded her report as follows:
“It is unfortunate that the dirt and debris samples from the parking lot and the blanket used to cover the body were not made available to the Laboratory until May, 1977.  It would have been particularly useful to know that a dirty blanket had been used to cover the body and that this blanket is a probable source of trace evidence present on the clothing.”  
Furthermore, the handling of Mark’s body immediately after the scene was processed and the reasons for this will blow your mind.  When I find the notes given to me about a discussion of this, I will post.  I don’t even want to attempt to paraphrase.
Scan 2018-7-28 06.44.19
The lab report in Tim’s homicide file itemizes a paper packet identified “Head Hair,” containing numerous hairs, and a paper packet identified “Mustache Hair,” containing numerous hairs.
Scan 2018-7-28 07.04.01
Nobody has apparently thought much of the mtDNA match of the hair found on Kristine’s jacket with Vince Gunnels, victim and most certainly later, lure, for Chris Busch.  But they are all over this mtDNA match.  I hope something comes of it.  But read these few pages I am posting and ask yourself how you feel about that hair evidence now.
They announced Sloan’s name.  He didn’t talk.  People other than the man who was brave enough to go to the news and detectives with information about Sloan must have come forward.  It hasn’t gotten them anywhere.  Why won’t officials come forward and say they have hit a wall?  They need the public’s help because Lamborgine never talked (God has forgiven him for his sins against defenseless children, according to him), Sloan isn’t talking, Gunnels isn’t talking and Busch and Greene are dead.   And how about putting up photos of all the cars that might be involved—not just Sloan’s ’66 Bonneville, but also the LeMans in the lot where my brother was abducted, described in great detail by Doug Wilson; the van noted in various evidence reports and the 1975 Nova listed in evidence reports.  It’s only 41 years late.

More from 2009

Think I’m kidding?  All this shit is coming out.  Hate hashtags, but #nothingtolose.  Scan 2018-7-25 21.56.05

More from 2009

I sent the attached email to my Dad on October 9, 2009 (see scan).  The Michigan State Police had agreed to meet with my Dad and my brother, Chris, a number of times that fall and then would, generally at the last minute, cancel.  This email was in response to yet another cancellation.

This meeting eventually took place in late October, 2009.  Kristine Mihelich’s stepdad and her sister, Tom Ascroft and Erica Ascroft McAvoy, came to the meeting as well.  It was a waste of time.  The MSP would not comment on any revelations in the OCCK case, would answer no questions.  After the “sit down” State Police Captain Harold Love (since retired) was quoted in The Macomb Daily on November 8, 2009:  “We are hoping there will come a point and time to bring this thing together and have everybody come together and present a conclusion to the public and to everybody else so we can put this thing to bed.”

This was close to nine years ago.  The MSP knows this thing IS in bed, and that’s where they want to keep it, sans explanation or conclusion for the public.

Scan 2018-7-25 17.11.51

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Need T.V. News Footage

I am looking to get hold of t.v. news footage concerning these cases from 1976 and 1977 from anyone.  Ideas?

The Bike

Someone emailed me and asked what I knew about Jill’s bike.  In going through some of the FOIA documents, I found four times where the bike was mentioned.  One is in a document called Major Case Investigation Grant, Finding the Child Killer in the Woodward Corridor.  The document describes “[o]ne unexplained aspect of the case:  Jill’s bike was found by a neighborhood boy on the afternoon of December 27 behind the Valenti and Lieberman offices on N. Main Street in Royal Oak; no one knows whether  she rode it there on the 22nd when she disappeared of whether it was placed there later.”

The second is an additional laboratory report (not attached here) which simply states that the bike was received on January 5, 1977 at 0900 hours from Michael Sinke, Latent Print Unit, Warren Laboratory.

The third mention is in a lab report by Charlotte Day, dated January 11, 1977, which states that “Standard paint from the van is not the same as the smears of foreign paint on a bicycle submitted 5 Jan. 77.

The fourth indicates that the bike was photographed and processed and that no identifiable latent prints were obtained.

Scan 2018-7-15 11.35.39