“This could be the result of the shittiest police work ever.”

This comment from a reader is powerful and makes some very good points. Rather than having it buried in the comment section, I am reposting it here:

What a sloppy investigation. I am embarrassed to have grown up in Michigan. I wonder if they have all the secretary of state records for all the Leman’s owners during that year. If they do it would be nice to see if they can run the last three plate numbers 222. Doug Wilson repeated multiple times how confident he was about the last three numbers of the license plate. I doubt you would even the car’s color. There can not be very many leman’s owners with a license plate ending in 222 from that year. The State of Michigan needs to e-file all government documents. This way old documentation can be searched in a keyword/advanced search database. Not just information from criminal investigations. The government just lets all the old documentation sit in filing cabinets to collect dust. IMO it is one of the worst parts of this investigation. There is so much old fashion detective work in this case when it needs to be digital. Just to pull a hand full of files must take hours. This is completely unacceptable. I have a feeling this was never a cover up. This could be the result of the shittiest police work ever and prosecutors funneling money for a massive investigation. I would not be surprised if the state police have files they won’t let your family go through with the excuse that they are in an active investigation that already that proves who the killer is. They just need to hand over the damn files already. If they had such strong evidence that was too risky to release to your family than why did they relaunch the task force after Richard Lawson incriminating Ted Lamborgine and after Patrick Coffey mentioned his conversation with Larry Wasser about admitting to polygraph testing Christopher Bush. They don’t even know what evidence they have. Their only tool right now is taking tips and giving polygraphs. Your family and the media has done better with this investigation they have. I bet these detectives only work this case part time. Which is probably less than 5 hours a week at best. Don’t stop complaining. This is bullshit.

When I look at the articles describing all the grant money and other funds that went toward this investigation over the years, it makes me crazy. When Garry Gray was working on this case from 2005 on, he was quoted somewhere in the press as saying they got funds to digitize the files in this case. They never did it. I have been told by a number of sources that the “war room” and evidence storage area for this case are shit shows. Isn’t there some younger person at the MSP who has not been tainted by the culture there who has a conscience? How about someone still living who worked for Brooks Patterson from 1976-1980 who knows what happened to this investigation and has a conscience? Dick Thompson, we know we can count you out.

The state police need to account for all of these funds and how/if they were put to use in the OCCK case. Then they, and the OC prosecutors office, need to atone for their mis and malfeasance in this case. Other agencies are actually working on behalf of children, not just saying they do. https://www.cbsnews.com/news/us-marshals-find-39-missing-children-georgia/; https://www.mansfieldnewsjournal.com/story/news/2020/08/27/u-s-marshals-find-25-missing-kids-including-one-mansfield/5647820002/; https://nbc25news.com/news/local/genesee-county-sheriff-has-arrested-17-alleged-child-sex-predators-since-march. In the MSP’s and the OCP’s failures in this case and their resultant doubling-down and refusal to make anything right here, they continually miss the larger picture. Here is the larger picture, in case those charged with protecting the most vulnerable in society don’t get it: 1. What happened to Mark, Jill, Kristine and Tim (and no doubt other victims); 2. Living abuse victims; 3. The damage done here to society at large.

There needs to be an inquiry into this investigation as was done in the Yorkshire Ripper case in the UK. This case was the longest running serial killer case in the UK. These cases were atypical because

the British Parliament conducted a major review critical of the investigative procedures; a procedure unprecedented in U.S. criminal investigations. The product of the review was the discovery of a multitude of investigative errors and the establishment of the HOLMES system, a central repository of case information in major cases. That kind of database, along with the ability of investigators to draw on the data contained therein, goes a long way to solve many of the information disconnects that plague interagency task force investigations, particularly the cases involving serial offenders such as killers and sex offenders.

The Psychology of Serial Killer Investigations, The Grisly Business Unit, Robert D. Keppel and William J. Birnes (Academic Press 2003), p. XV.

When a new prosecutor is sworn in for Oakland County (and I hope it is Karen McDonald) and hopefully a new OC sheriff, a game plan has to be implemented to stop this drain on the taxpayers and to answer to the public for what has happened here and how officials plan to make sure it never happens again.

I don’t care who killed John McKinney or Chris Busch and no one else appears to, either. Focus on the failures of this task force and the culture that not only permitted it but encouraged it. Answer and atone.

Who looks most like John Wayne Gacy?

The file photo of Bloomfield Township P.D. Cpl Richard McNamee immediately caught my attention and that of Marney Keenan, who obtained the FOIA documents. Both of us well-remembered the statement by witness Doug Wilson, who saw my brother Tim in the parking lot before he was abducted on March 16, 1977. He was ultimately hypnotized and interviewed by the FBI about all of his recollections.

In April 2012 my Dad found Doug Wilson and spoke with him. See Chapter 6 of this link to my Dad’s blog: http://afathersstory-occk.com/tag/barry-king/page/3/. I have discussed Doug’s statements in my blog, too: https://catherinebroad.blog/2013/02/04/thank-you-doug-wilson/ (2013). Sadly, the link to the interview is broken now. It was a great interview.

Doug had always assumed our family had been told about the information he provided back in June 1977. Of course no one told my parents. Here is a summary of my Dad’s phone call with Doug on April 4, 2012:

OCCK–Doug Wilson Call.

Here is the letter Doug sent my Dad after they spoke:

Doug Wilson Letter

Doug describes seeing Tim skateboarding and two men. One was younger, about 25-30, wearing a plaid shirt jacket and jeans, with a baseball cap over his shoulder-length hair. This man was speaking with Tim. Doug then sees an older man sitting in a 1973 Pontiac LeMans 2/door coupe which had been backed into the parking place, closer to the building.

“He fixed his gaze on mine and continued to stare at me intently. There was something unnerving about this man and I remember thinking he might be a car theif. He looked to be about 55-65 years of age. He had totally grey hair and looked about 20-30 pounds overweight. He had a very round face.”

. . .

Years later I saw a picture of John Wayne Gacy after he was arrested for his crimes, I felt that this man might have been the older man I saw in the LeMans that long ago evening.

As my Dad’s notes indicate, Doug told him the older man resembled John Wayne Gacy.

Who do you think most resembles John Wayne Gacy?


Consider the following from a long-time member of Spite P.D. concerning Doug Wilson’s statement:

Observations on Doug Wilson’s statement

And where the hell are the sketches of the older and younger men Doug Wilson saw near my brother? This is June of 1977 and they are NOT RELEASED TO THE PUBLIC. And Wilson is advised to keep quiet about the LeMans. WTF?

Furthermore, consider these notes my brother took from a meeting with Mel Paunovich who was one of the responding officers to the discovery of Mark Stebbin’s body. He said “he had always thought the murderer was a member of law enforcement or extremely close to someone in law enforcement because ‘he seemed to know exactly what we were doing and where we were looking.'”

Notes, Paunovich

Wouldn’t it be great to have a cop helping survey the scene of a potential abduction? Or letting you know when cops are going to start stopping every car in Oakland County at the shift change?

On the evening of Wednesday, March 17, 1977, my 16-year-old brother Chris was out looking for Tim after 11 p.m. He carried a baseball bat. As he told police the next day, he saw a car turn off Maple Road and just before the intersection of Cambridge and Yorkshire (our street), cut the lights. Because our neighborhood was very dark and the lights were off on the car, he could not see the color, make or model. He said it was alarming. What better person to do a sweep to see the police presence in our neighborhood than a cop? A reader wrote to tell me that McNamee’s previous employer, Home Juice, was a mafia-run company. Google Speaking Freely: Detroit Gangland Icon Tony Giacalone Caught Speaking His Mind In His Heyday – The Gangster Report. This highlights the stupidity of McNamee getting fucked up at a company party and hitting on a Home Juice co-worker’s 11-year-old daughter.

Home Juice

When McNamee’s name was turned into the task force in 1979, after the Busch “suicide,” no one was apparently in any mood to cross-reference any police reports and see that McNamee responded, solo, to the Busch home.

We may never get anywhere with this, but you can get some sense of the stone-walling, railroading and gaslighting we have been up against. More later.

More about Officer Friendly

On July 23, 2020, with the permission of the woman who contacted me about Bloomfield Township PD Corporal Richard J. McNamee, I forwarded her entire email and her contact information to the Michigan State Police Detective currently assigned to the OCCK case. I will refer to this woman in the future as Jane Doe.

On August 14, 2020, I wrote a follow-up email:

August 14, 2020 email

I sent another email on August 22, 2020:

August 22, 2020 email

Again, no response whatsoever. I then posted about McNamee on my blog late Wednesday night.


Late yesterday Marney Keenan alerted me that Bloomfield Township had responded to her FOIA request and she was going to forward files to me. She was kind enough to tell me: “No words for this. I don’t even know how to warn you.”

Last night I posted McNamee’s photos and the most appalling parts of this guy’s file. https://wordpress.com/read/feeds/56938161/posts/2882481477. Tonight I am posting everything, in the order provided, so you can see it the way we saw it.

The information raises questions relevant to the OCCK case, and I will include notes or links when those questions are raised. Maybe just a garden-variety, dirty cop pedophile. But there are too many red flags to ignore here.

As an aside, one of my brothers and I were laughing about the most recent season of Curb Your Enthusiasm. Larry gets sideways with a coffee shop owner, gets kicked out and then banned from the shop. So he rents the space next door and opens a “spite” coffee shop, starting a trend of spite stores opening after people have gotten screwed over by a business. We discussed how we have to be a spite task force. Now he calls me Spite P.D.

I have added my own highlights and annotations to these McNamee documents. Welcome to Spite P.D., motherfuckers.

McNamee File 1 (What a good guy):
McNamee 1 of 7

McNamee File 2 (Whiffs of insubordination):
McNamee File 2

McNamee File 3 (Uh-oh, “Suspicious Circumstances”)
McNamee File 3

McNamee File 4 (Shit escalates but it ends with a letter of recommendation from Police Chief Robert L. Snell. Pass the Pedophile, Chief. The victim of McNamee’s 1982 sexual assault appreciated that, I’m sure.):
McNamee File 4

McNamee File 5 (Handwritten notes from the “suspicious circumstances” inquiry):
McNamee File 5

McNamee File 6 (The inevitable CSC arrest on 4-14-82. On 9-13-82, former police officer McNamee pled No contest to a charge of accosting and soliciting a minor child. Sentenced to two years of probation.):
McNamee File 6

McNamee File 7 (Now why on earth would the Michigan State Police ask Bloomfield Township P.D. for copies of photos of Richard McNamee and his attendance records from 1976 and 1977?):
McNamee File 7 of 7

Tomorrow I will post again about a witness who saw an “older man” in a car watching my brother in the minutes before he was abducted, and we will compare a few photos and review the circumstances that make this kind of a big deal. Officer Friendly. Freak.

When pigs fly.

After last night’s post no one came forward with information about Bloomfield Township/Bloomfield Village cop Richard J. McNamee, who was the first cop to the Busch “suicide” scene. But journalist and author Marney Keenan came forward with a lot of information.

The woman who contacted me regarding McNamee readily agreed to let me contact Marney with her information and the two of them shared the limited information they found online. Marney Keenan then filed FOIA requests and told the agencies she was a journalist familiar with FOIA law and that she would require the legal reasons for any exemptions. In other words, don’t give me your “no files,” “limited retention schedule” bullshit or the total-redaction special.

While the state police were sitting on this woman’s information–not even calling her–Marney got most of the FOIA files today. If you are at all familiar with this case, the documents speak for themselves and they speak volumes. Tonight I will post the most relevant files and tomorrow I will just pile it all on and you can see for yourself what this man’s file contained.

I am making an open plea to national media to take a hard look at what has happened here. Marney Keenan’s book has been out for a little over a month. Someone reads it, contacts me with information about being sexually molested as a girl by the very cop who just happens to show up to the Busch home for a “wellness check” on Chris Busch. MARNEY KEENAN does the heavy lifting researching this cop while the state police DO NOTHING. Tonight you will see what she found. The Detroit area press has been as weak and lame as the Michigan State Police. NATIONAL PRESS, WE NEED YOU! Police are going to do nothing here. It is outrageous to have a victim of sexual abuse, a murder victim’s sister and a retired journalist and author carrying the water for the cops.

There’s lots more to say, but check this out and we will dissect it tomorrow.
I will just preface the link to the files with the following:

–Richard J. McNamee was employed by Bloomfield Village on 10-2-71.
–He was the first cop to respond to the Busch “suicide” scene on 11-20-78 and was there alone with Busch’s brother Charles for a period of time before back up came.
–He was suspended on 4-12-79
–He resigned four days later on 4-16-79
–On 4-18-79, Police Chief Robert L. Snell provided McNamee a letter of recommendation, recommending him to future employers and wishing him much success.

Check this out and there will be more tomorrow:

Suspicious Circumstances

1982 McNamee Incident Report

In other files, the state police contact Bloomfield Village for McNamee’s attendance records for 1976 and 1977.

Witness Doug Wilson described an older man in a LeMans watching my brother Tim as he was skateboarding and then speaking with a younger man. Wilson described the man as looking somewhat like John Wayne Gacy. More on this tomorrow, too.

Contrary to what I previously posted, it appears this dead guy has a daughter. Law enforcement (not Oakland County or the MSP) needs to go get a DNA sample, and not lose it.

Officer/Corporal Richard McNamee, Bloomfield Township PD (10-2-71 to 4-16-79)

Bloomfield Township Police Department Corporal Richard James McNamee (DOB 12-21-29; DOD 6-13-96)

A woman contacted me just over a month ago, telling me she had started to read The Snow Killings and was surprised to learn that Chris Busch lived half a mile from her family when she was growing up in Bloomfield Village. She was around my brother Tim’s age in 1977. She then found the Busch “suicide” report in the FOIA documents posted on my blog.

The documents include an Incident Report handwritten by Corporal McNamee, who received a radio run to “check on the welfare of a Mr. Busch” at 8:37 a.m. on November 20, 1978.

Incident Report, McNamee author.

The Busch’s maid, Christine Bracken, could not get into the home at 3310 Morningview Terrace to clean on Monday morning and saw the Friday newspaper in the door and thought something might be wrong. She went to a neighbor, who called Chris Busch’s brother Charles. Charles then called Bloomfield Township P.D. McNamee met the maid at the home and Charles showed up at about 9:00 a.m. McNamee eventually forced the front door open, breaking the chain lock from the inside wall. Both men went up to Chris Busch’s bedroom, opened the door and found Chris Busch in bed “with a 22 cal rifle by his side lying on his back obviously dead & for some time (3-4 days).” [Note that McNamee did a better job of pinpointing the time of death than Oakland County ME Robert Sillery, who just used the date of discovery of the body–11-20-78.]

As described in McNamee’s handwritten Incident Report, I.D. Technician Paul Brabant, Officer Speicher, Detective Quarles and Officer Uhrig were notified to come to the scene of a suspected suicide. McNamee notes that he then made a check of the home inside and out before they arrived.

The typewritten Narrative Report by Officer Uhrig confirms that he and Det. Quarles met Cpl McNamee at the scene. As you will recall, at 10:45 a.m. two members of the OCCK Task Force, John Davis and Ron Pierce, also came to the scene.

Narrative Report, Officer Uhrig

The woman who contacted me was really surprised to learn that Corporal McNamee (known to her as Officer McNamee) was in the room when Chris Busch was discovered. She told me it had taken her some time to get the nerve up to contact me. This is why:

Officer McNamee sexually molested me when I was eight to about 11 or 12. I didn’t know what he was doing. He was our police officer in our village and we loved him. He enticed us with Fruit Stripe gum and Juicy Fruit gum and let us get into his car and run in front of his speed radar. But when I would run up to his car door he would put his fingers between my legs and twiddle them around. Also he did this when I was in the front seat of his car [and other kids] were in the backseat. . . . It happened quite a few times but I was very young and we were not taught any of this behavior to look out for. I was uncomfortable, felt sick inside and I would back away but something told me it was wrong but I just loved this guy. We would run out of the house we would run down the street when we saw his car because he would park outside of our homes.

. . .

In 1982 or 1983, my father called me when I was [at college] and reported to me that Officer McNamee had been arrested for being a pedophile and was going to prison. Someone’s parents reported him. This happened in Michigan, too, I believe. I couldn’t believe it and went silent. My Dad [asked] what was wrong and I told this happened to me! I never realized it was molestation until then! Talk about being naive.

I remember seeing the news articles about it and I do remember googling McNamee sometime since the web’s been around and seeing that he had died.”

This woman said that prior to contacting me she scoured the web to look for the articles about this arrest, and could find next to nothing–and no news articles whatsoever.

I asked her if she would be ok with me forwarding her information to police. She had no problem with it and I provided the state police with the full email and her contact information. She was eager to help in any way she could. On August 14 I contacted the state police again and included pages from the “suicide” report and urged them to contact this woman. As of tonight, no one has contacted her. I’m guessing no one ever will.

In the intervening month, here’s what little she and another researcher have learned about this man online.

–Born December 21, 1929
–Served AIC US Air Force Korea
–Worked at Bloomfield Township P.D.; as of 1978 was a corporal
–Believed to have left B.T.P.D. in 1979
–Arrested on April 14, 1982 in Mt. Clemens for sexual assault. Records show no charging information/details, just one count of “1100 sexual assault,” “charged by prosecutor.” McNamee was found guilty and sentenced to 2 years probation, a $200 fine and ordered to complete a Macomb substance abuse program.
–Died at age 66 in New Jersey on June 19, 1996.
–According to a cryptic death notice (no obituary), he was cremated in Newark. His remains were interred at the National Military Cemetery in Bushnell, Florida. It seems he has relatives in Florida (nieces and nephews and maybe a sibling or two). It appears he never married and has no children.

A past address of 423 S. Cranbrook Cross Road comes up for Richard McNamee.
Pretty close to the Busch home and that of John Hastings. I know, I know–just a coincidence.


I think police should have gotten back to her to ask her about her information and she is waiting. In the meantime, is there anyone else from Bloomfield Village who remembers Officer McNamee? The world needs more people like this woman who came forward. If you had a similarly horrific experience with “Officer Friendly,” or have more information that would shed light on his involvement in investigating the Chris Busch “suicide,” email me at catherine.broad@yahoo.com. Don’t bother with the tip line. It’s pretty obvious what’s going on there now that the behavior of the MSP has been exposed in The Snow Killings.

Marney Keenan’s book has rattled the branches of a very old, sick tree. The truth needs to come out here. It is so fucking obvious what went on and that the cover up continues to this very minute. Maybe this cop was just another free-range pedophile from the 1970s and 1980s and it was just his luck he got called to the Busch diorama suicide scene. If you were a kid in Bloomfield Village back in the 1970’s, you were lucky if all you got from him was a stick of gum.

Who in Oakland County cares about public corruption and demands justice?

Just kidding; rhetorical question. If you have read a lot of my blog and observed the work done by Det. Cory Williams and Wayne County, you know the OCCK case could have been solved in the past 15 years if society, in large numbers, cared about all the public corruption in Oakland County and demanded justice.

If you have read the FOIA documents posted on my blog and Marney Keenan’s book, you see proof that the justice system has allied with protecting child predators. Jessica Cooper’s treatment of my Dad; gaslighting by the FBI agent assigned to the case, actions taken against Det. Williams by other cops and lying by still-living law enforcement who have touched this case.

Although wrongful death suits and litigation against public agencies were not common fare in the 1970’s, prosecutor Brooks Patterson knew there could be legal liability. His greatest concern, however, was with his reputation and his career. As a reader observed, the law has evolved and if there were no compensatory civil money damages we would still be living in the Dark Ages. It’s the only message some people, agencies and entities understand.

Chris Busch did whatever he wanted and H. Lee Busch’s money protected him. The playing field changed when Tim was abducted, right after Patterson described Busch’s arrest in yet another child rape case in northern Oakland County. Yet Patterson maintained on camera in Children of the Snow that he never knew the name Busch. Right. The POS was making trouble all over Birmingham and every place he ever lived. The kind of trouble a prosecutor or a police chief should certainly have been aware of and dealing with. But they didn’t deal then or now.

Thank you to a reader who sent me this article from the Detroit Free Press dated March 1, 1977. I had seen the February 22, 1977 articles in the Detroit News and The Oakland Press where Patterson says Busch and Greene were not involved in the Stebbins killing. This article goes further.

March 1, 1977 Free Press, p. 8

Thank you to another reader for the headline on November 21, 1978 and the discovery it appeared the same day as Chris Busch’s death notice. I could never find an obituary. I guess words were hard to find when reflecting on the life of a child predator and murderer.


This from the movie An Open Secret, a documentary on the sexual abuse of child actors. https://vimeo.com/channels/835463/138965813. It is a little over 90 minutes; view it when you can watch it until the end.

How does this movie end up on Vimeo? In May 2015 the movie screened for potential distributors at the Cannes Film Festival. No surprise, the producer is unable to find a distributor and has made the documentary available for free on Vimeo.

SAG-AFTRA (Screen Actors Guild – American Federation of Television and Radio Artists) threatened to sue the director Amy Berg if she did not omit references to the Young Performers Committee. She declined, only editing her footage to secure a PG-13 rating. https://www.indiewire.com/2017/10/hollywoods-underage-sexual-abuse-problem-5-shocking-injustices-from-an-open-secret-1201891024/. The union does not carry out its threat.

The film zeroes in on a trio of perpetrators, Marty Weiss, Marc Collins-Rector and Michael Harrah (founder and former chair of SAG-AFTRA’s Young Performers Committee). Observe how these predators attempt to shift the blame to parents and the victims. Harrah is a Michigan native (of course he is!) and attended the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor beginning in 1960. Harrah was active in children’s theater (Ann Arbor Junior Light Opera) and Ann Arbor high school productions throughout the 1960s and early 1970s. Maybe even rubbed elbows with Ann Arbor’s “distinguished” Frank Shelden.

Thank you to a reader for the link to the film and associated research. I post this not to muddy the waters, but to make the point that this stuff goes on all the time, with unrepentant monsters posing as upstanding citizens, and that it takes a lot of bravery to come forward if you have been victimized. Don’t think for a minute that it is just dirty pedophiles like Ted Lamborgine, Richard Lawson, Arch Sloan and Bob Moore who commit these crimes. All pedophiles are dirty no matter what costume they wear in society.

“The film Hollywood doesn’t want you to see.” The Snow Killings, Inside the Oakland County Child Killer Investigation (July 2020), is the book Oakland County doesn’t want you to read.

Ex-Michigan Senator Jack Faxon

Readers are kind of balking at the mention of politicians and other “untouchables” from the Detroit area and in Oakland County being serviced by the pedophile rings operating in the area during the time of the child killings.

Here is a specific mention of ex-Michigan Senator Jack Faxon in the narrative report concerning the Lawson/Lamborgine lead. Faxon was in public office at the time of the child killings.

Ex-Michigan Senator Jack Faxon

I have posted the entire narrative report, dated from 1-19-2005 to August 1, 2008, beginning with a post on April 26, 2020–https://wordpress.com/read/feeds/56938161/posts/2678867966. There are six “installments” (4/26, 4/27, 4/28, 4/30, 5/2 and ending with the pages including Faxon on 5/3–https://wordpress.com/read/feeds/56938161/posts/2687045187.)

Just a few words about pages 127 and 128. Remember at the time this report is being written, Livonia PD and Wayne County know about Southfield polygrapher Larry Wasser spilling the beans about a private polygraph session with a man who who spoke about his involvement in Tim King’s murder. Wasser and his attorney James Feinberg were still playing the “I can’t remember the client’s name” game. Detective Williams is researching an old lead on convicted pedophile Kent Shultz, who was polygraphed in the OCCK case and–of course–cleared. He was wondering if this was Wasser’s client–Chris Busch’s name was “revealed” a few weeks later.

As of November 14, 2007, Kent Shultz was serving THREE 20-40 year sentences for multiple CSC-1s (child rape) and housed at the Parnell Correction facility in Jackson, Michigan. The narrative report states: “Kent Shultz was connected to Josiah Tazelaar [convicted pedophile and brother to Willem Tazelar who lived a few blocks from my family in Birmingham], Francis Sheldon [Shelden] & ex-Michigan Senator Jack Faxon at that time.”

I have posted the FOIA documents from the MSP file on Frank Shelden and N. Fox Island. They are heavily redacted–meaning that the names of any “clients/subscribers” are redacted. They left the name of a victim unredacted. Nice job.

I never saw a Fox Island client list; in fact I was under the impression it never made it into the hands of police. Now that list might shock a few people. That a “model citizen” like Faxon was involved in pedophelia or child porn, just like “model citizen/philanthropist” Frank Shelden was? No surprises there, as far as I’m concerned.

Genesee County’s GHOST Team (Genesee Human Oppression Strike Team)

This past week the Genesee County Sheriff’s Office held a press conference on the Genesee Human Oppression Strike Team (GHOST) arrests made since March 12th. Sheriff Chris Swanson named the 17 individuals arrested for various crimes involving alleged child sexual exploitation.

One man was a Burton firefighter who served as a former police officer with multiple agencies in Genesee County. When arrested, Matthew J. Hyde, 40, had two loaded guns, a police ID and a police badge for a department he was not associated with. https://www.wnem.com/news/sheriff-releases-more-information-related-to-ghost-operation/article_0e4f78ca-e245-11ea-897e-43b8690fb3d2.html.

City of Burton Mayor Duane Haskins, who previously served with the Geneseee County Sheriff’s Office, said that Hyde was suspended without pay from the fire department. He noted the damage to society as a whole when someone with a badge acts without integrity and observed that when someone pins a badge on their chest above their heart, most trusted servants act with honor and integrity to protect and save people.

Sheriff Swanson continues to hold press conferences about his GHOST team operations so that child predators and traffickers will “know there’s a watchdog out there” and asked those who violate minors to “get professional help and not harm another child.”

Hyde’s attorney, Frank Manley, who has handled several GHOST team cases said “Nobody is for the exploitation of minors.” But in the OCCK case I think you would have to agree that in Chris Busch’s case his attorneys created a situation with judges that paved the way for the continued exploitation of minors. These attorneys include Carl H. Leiter, R. Keith Stark (who handed Busch off to Jane Burgess two days before my brother was abducted), and Jane Burgess. And of course their sole duty was to their paying client, but you should read some of the bullshit Burgess slung at sentencing for Busch’s numerous CSC’s about her model citizen client, and her unnecessarily cruel cross-examination of one of the victims. The judges let the rich boy off easy.

Genessee County arrested Busch and Greg Greene in January 1977 for Criminal Sexual Conduct with minors. They got Greene, but Busch–with his Oakland County connections, was a free man after his father posted $1,000 (down from the initial $75,000). Busch then kept a couple of Oakland County courtrooms busy with his other CSC charges, which were all handled with probation, allowing him to continue his predation and sex crimes. In the ultimate score in favor of the violation of minors, Oakland County officials and police as well as the Michigan State Police, tucked the OCCK case in bed with Busch’s huge, rotting body on November 20, 1978. Problem solved.

No, you will never see a GHOST in Oakland County. How about in November you Oakland County voters get a bad ass like Sheriff Chris Swanson in office instead of your good old boy Mike Bouchard? With an annual budget of $163 million, it doesn’t seem like there’s room in the Oakland County sheriff’s budget for investigating human oppression. But that stuff never happens in Oakland County, right?