“We’re not only looking to arrest people. We’re looking to protect and save children.”

Thank you Genessee County (MI) Sheriff’s Office for devoting time and resources to a sting that busted 22 people on suspicion of soliciting sex with children.  Two of the suspects were pimping out and having sex with their own kids.


Look at this gallery of photos of complete pieces of shit.  And of course some of the suspects were from Oakland County.  And–shocker–some of the suspects were well respected in their communities.

In Genessee County law enforcement is clearly not afraid to put the welfare of children ahead of monied, well-respected pedophiles and child pornography addicts.



You might be wondering, why the flurry of posts?  I have been searching for my notes of my discussions with “Sebastian” after a reader posted a really valid comment after watching Children of the Snow.  I can’t find the notes–I have allowed many people access to my information and while I have no regrets about that, the information is never, ever returned the same way I gave it.  I will respond to the comment later by memory.  In the meantime I have found so many documents that cry out to be made public.

First, the friendly letter from Assistant FOIA Coordinator Linda Ortiz dated January 12, 2010, describing the deal they will give my Dad on non-exempt records relating to Chris Busch and Greg Green.  This was after my Dad and my brother had filed a FOIA request and then a lawsuit when the MSP initially told them to fuck off.  At least the $11,525.49 was less than the $800,000 figure quoted to web sleuth Helen Dagner when she requested documents on the entire OCCK case.

Next, my notes on the first two big binders of documents.  In a classic penny-wise, pound-foolish fashion, no one would agree with me that we should make two sets of copies of the documents so that one would stay in pristine order and the second could be reviewed simultaneously.  No, the one set would be parsed out–a few binders at a time.  When I was done reading, I could return and then the next set would be sent.  In fairness, the $11K sticker shock might have influenced this.  However, over the years many people from then news media, authors , videographers and podcasters have been given access to the documents.  Again, this is ultimately for a greater good, but it means some chunks of documents end up out of order and then a big search has to happen to locate them.

The numbers I reference are the Bates stamps placed at the bottom of the FOIA pages when they were received by the law firm.  As always, despite the $41.33/hour and $66.63/hour the MSP allegedly paid staff to separate exempt and non-exempt materials, there are numerous redaction errors.  Names show up that maybe shouldn’t and probably many pages which were really not exempt were excluded from production.

But what is contained in those FOIA documents, even with redactions, is pretty eye-opening.  This is just a sample of my notes.


“Paper packet, identified, ‘Head Hair,’ containing numerous hairs (Item #26). Paper packet, identified, ‘Mustache Hair,” containing numerous hairs (Item #27).”

Having addressed the “well cared for” contention in my last post (i.e., kept alive and then cleaned up enough in an attempt to destroy evidence), next let’s look at the “no evidence” position taken by the cops for many decades.


Note the interesting redactions as well.


In April 2010, I wrote the Wayne County Medical Examiner’s Office a letter explaining who I was and requesting the autopsy report for my brother Tim.  I enclosed the $50 fee.  I later received a copy of the autopsy report.


A few years later, a television series was filming a segment on the OCCK case.  It was the first national exposure for the case in many decades.   The crew interviewed Dr. Werner Spitz, who was the medical examiner who performed the autopsy on Tim.  He spoke openly with the interviewer and provide copies of his notes from his file.  This included a transcription of the examination discussion, which included some police, who ask questions during the examination.  We were given copies of this transcription and another report by the crew.  The pages are not numbered.  The yellow highlighting is mine; all other marks, including a cross-out, were previously on the page and were there when we were given this copy.  The contents are extremely disturbing, I warn you in advance and you may want to skip this part.


I am posting these documents so it is plain to see what is involved here.  This is a case the state police let go cold.  Every Oakland County prosecutor since then has looked away.  This case was a loser; you can’t prosecute; you can’t bring these kids back from the dead.  This is what happened to one of those kids.  There it is, in all its horror, on the page.

I am not posting them so there can be extended debate about what is contained in them.  We have had these documents for quite a few years and I have read them multiple times.  The transcription is hard to follow and I have no idea what some of it means.  Keep in mind that the autopsy occurred after the state police lab examined Tim’s body and clothing for evidence.

I am also posting these documents so that if by chance you are someone who knows who was involved in these killings and you kept your mouth shut, this is what your silence helped do to Victim #4.


Protect and Serve. But don’t cry or yell.


Here is an article I found among the box of newspaper and magazine articles my Mom saved in a big, silver Jacobson’s box in a front hall closet.  She never spoke about the investigation or what happened to Tim.  When she died, I took the box of articles with me.  I knew they would get thrown out.  I felt that would be a violation to my mother’s desire to keep that Pandora’s box, with all of its bad juju, tied up in a box with the rest of our old photo albums.  One of my brothers observed that she wanted us to have those articles, to know what was recorded about Tim’s case.  I can buy that.

This article, about a Michigan State Police trooper kidnapping a woman, is dated October 2, 1978, and was published in the Royal Oak newspaper, The Daily Tribune.  I didn’t do any research about the sentence, if any, Detective Sergeant Gary Schaefe received.  He had been with the state police criminal investigation section since 1968.  This is what he did in his free time.

The margin notes and the map were put together back when I felt like the time I was spending on this shit made a difference.  Observe the outrageousness of the trooper’s explanation to the woman he tied up with plastic straps and forced to the floor of her own car:  “[H]e said he was writing a book, and asked why she would allow something like a kidnapping to happen.”  Umm, maybe because you pulled a bluesteel pistol on her and said “Move over and shut up or I’ll kill you.  Don’t cry or yell or I’m going to give it to you.”????


This is what happens when you continue to look away.

An investigation by The New York Times took a deep look into the disturbing and horrifying explosion of pictures online of children being sexually abused.  This investigation found an insatiable criminal underworld that had exploited the flawed and insufficient efforts to contain the sick and twisted adults who post and seek out images and videos of children being tortured, raped and assaulted.

https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2019/09/28/us/child-sex-abuse.html?action=click&module=Editors Picks&pgtype=Homepage

In 1998, there were over 3,000 reports of child sexual abuse imagery online.  In 2018, there were 18.4 million such reports, including over 45 million images and videos flagged as child sexual abuse.  “Law enforcement agencies devoted to the problem were left understaffed and underfunded even as they were asked to handle far larger caseloads.”

“[I]nstead of trying to crack down on this horrific epidemic, many people just choose to look the other way:

Some state lawmakers, judges and members of Congress have refused to discuss the problem in detail, or have avoided attending meetings and hearings when it was on the agenda, according to interviews with law enforcement officials and victims.

NYT: The Internet Is Overrun With Images of Child Sexual Abuse. What Went Wrong?

Lack of funding, lack of interest and expanding demands by sick fucks spells an explosion in child sex abuse and child pornography.  I think of people who knew or suspected what Frank Shelden and Gerald Richards were up to in the 1970’s and said nothing, and what neighbors of Chris Busch knew and kept to themselves.  Nice work allowing the sexual abuse of children to multiply due to your silence/complicity.

And keep your eyes wide open when you contemplate this article describing the open gate for pedophiles on “YouTube’s Digital Playground.”  (On YouTube’s Digital Playground, an Open Gate for Pedophiles, by Max Fisher and Amanda Taub, The New York Times, June 3, 2019.)  These sick fuckers are EVERYWHERE.  Thank you to a dear friend for sending these articles which are truly disturbing wake up calls.  https://www.nytimes.com/2019/06/03/world/americas/youtube-pedophiles.html

Now Airing on Hulu

Children of the Snow, a documentary about the Oakland County child murders and other instances of wide and horrific child abuse, starts airing on Hulu today. The documentary originally aired last February in four parts on the ID, Investigative Discovery Channel. Using J. Reuben Appelman’s 2018 book, The Kill Jar as a jumping off point, the documentary should reach a larger audience via Hulu.

A number of people contacted me to say they could not watch it, or started and could not finish. Please do not turn away. The sexual abuse and even torture and murder of children is allowed to continue when people stay silent and look away. When there is virtually no accountability in law enforcement for investigations which allow predators to walk. All victims deserve better and sexual predators and their protectors as yet not unmasked, should never feel safe and should always be looking over their shoulders. Your depravity cannot be allowed to expand in the darkness of silence.

Watch the documentary if you haven’t, and urge someone you know to watch it, too.