Rich black sheep.

In going through documents my Dad had sent me, I found the 2014 “John Doe” papers I posted on December 18, 2020. I knew John Doe’s real name and that he had named a Fisher–a “GM Fisher,” not an “it’s a common name Fisher”–but I did not know the full name of the person Doe discussed. I knew that Doe had died soon after meeting with my Dad. Even though the man seemed quite ill when he met with my Dad, it was not lost on any of us that the death followed so soon after this meeting. If you think people haven’t died around this case who shouldn’t have, think again.

Two things happened after I posted about John Doe. First, two researchers sent me information linking the Fisher and Briggs families and indicated a name that came into better focus as the person Doe may have been referencing in his documents: Everell E. Fisher, Jr. (DOB 10-6-41; DOD 1-2-89). One of the researchers noted he had been married twice. Another broke down Doe’s notes and filled in gaps. Here is the impressive work the person shared with me:

Note that while the Doe notes/documents are dated January 2014 (he was apparently in the process of writing a book), he met with my Dad later in the year.

I shared this researcher’s work with author and journalist Marney Keenan. Marney assumed I knew the following. I did not. The Doe documents did not provide a name (although he had in fact shared the name verbally with my Dad) and the guy asked for confidentiality. As I explained in my previous post, once someone tells me they need confidentiality, that they won’t fill in any gaps, that they are concerned about safety, I’m not touching it. I will file it in my brain for possible future reference, but I don’t take notes, I don’t write down your phone number, I’m not checking back in. The state police and Oakland County law enforcement won’t even listen to people about the OCCK case–like they are going to protect them or advise them?!? The only people who got protection in this case were the rich, influential pedophiles who were involved in the 1970s pedophile and child porn rings, who continue to remain unnamed. They are the reason this investigation hit a brick wall.

This is what I did not know. My Dad had asked Doe to meet with Marney Keenan to share information about a suspect: Everell E. Fisher, Jr. Doe was writing a book and he agreed to meet with Marney in hopes of advancing the investigation. She explained she was writing a book about the child killings. Doe died the week before the planned dinner.

Marney Keenan continued to try to research Doe’s information. Of course his mother would not talk. His “girlfriend”/beard from the 1970s would not either. By the way, Fisher knew how to pick them. The woman was a single mother of young boys. “It was too long ago,” and obviously hideously painful–you know the drill. Nobody talks honestly and this becomes another loose end.

I think you will agree when you read this information, obtained by Marney Keenan, that this shit is shocking, especially when looked at in light of what Doe was saying. Everell Fisher, Jr. had four tips called in on him between March 20 and March 24, 1977. Three were from anonymous informants and one was from a Detroit cop. Fisher’s girlfriend alibied him for the relevant dates, March 16, 1977 (when Tim was abducted) and March 22, 1977 (when Tim’s body was dumped). And no one with a badge ever considered that with more than one person involved in these crimes, someone could go out to eat while a co-conspirator was killing a kid and then dumping the body. Oh, and I’m sure this guy didn’t drive a Gremlin.

Marney did speak with attorney Mickey Briggs about his cousin Everell. At this point Briggs was “of counsel” at the same law firm my Dad had been with for many years. She explained the conversation was brief and uncomfortable. She told me “Briggs must have said Everell was troubled, but certainly not involved.”

Marney pointed out that one of the tips indicates Fisher had been “institutionalized” between 1960 and 1964 at this hospital–

Certainly not involved. See for yourself.


Episode 4 of The Clown and the Candyman. Boy Scout Troop #137

Listen very carefully to Episode 4 of The Clown and the Candyman.

There is so much there that I had to listen twice.

Consider the work done by New Orleans Police Department detectives Frank Wicks and Gus Stansbury.

Now might be a good time to contrast the work done on Michigan’s own Frank Shelden and the North Fox Island “investigation.” I have previously posted the FOIA documents Marney Keenan obtained from the Michigan State Police in 2010. Here is a sample. Remember, the FBI doesn’t have any files on Shelden, Busch or N. Fox Island. Those pesky facility floods can be “catastrophic.”

Email/notes regarding documents:

Some of the file documents:

In New Orleans, investigators realized what they were looking at was “like a pebble dropping in the water.” Michigan preferred to flush the whole thing after putting Gerald Richard behind bars (for a very short time). Here’s something else to consider when you look at the darkness inherent in these cases:

Public Corruption/Public Integrity Violations

I think it is safe to say at this point that no one will ever be charged in the OCCK crimes.  I think this has less to do with poor policing than with public corruption.  The bigger crime here is public corruption and I believe it continues today, four decades after four young suburban kids were murdered.  And, given the hands-off approach of Michigan officials (with the exception of Wayne County, MI) and the Detroit bureau of the FBI, there’s a very good chance we will never fully understand the lengths public officials and police went to in Oakland County, Michigan, to put economics and reputation ahead of child welfare.  When you think about it, this is the most blatant example of public corruption one can come up with.  

Public corruption is a breach of trust and confidence in government and can tarnish virtually every aspect of society.  Police corruption is a part of public corruption.  It is an abuse of trust by officials, often with the help of private sector accomplices.  For example, a corrupt state polygrapher could “pass” someone on a polygraph, allowing a predator to go free and kill again.  Or someone might take money and make some ropes and the original of a pencil drawing disappear.  Or a police department or prosecutor’s office could agree to stop investigating a suspect to avoid tarnishing its own reputation due to investigative errors. 

The FBI describes this as a top enforcement concern.  It can involve the passing of money or actions taken to protect an agency’s reputation.  There are many examples of society’s disinterest in child welfare that can include a “wink and a nod” from prosecutors.  As this article points out, it is easier for society to point at the monster rather than reflect on how our culture allows these monsters to succeed.

Agencies–even the FBI–are looked at more carefully today.  An example is the scrutiny being placed on the FBI for ignoring or slow-walking victims’ allegations in the Larry Nassar case.  While it is beyond dispute that USA gymnastics and Michigan State University were complicit enablers in the Nassar sexual assault cases, the Inspector General’s office of the DOJ has said that at least 40 girls and women said they were molested over a 14-month period while the FBI was aware of other sexual abuse allegations involving Nassar.  Somebody noticed.

Consider this 2014 article from The New Yorker Magazine and ask yourself if this man would have done anything humanly possible to keep his suburban enclave from earning a reputation for kid-fucking and worse.  Anything to make the OCCK case go away:

You might have had to travel from Birmingham to Detroit to catch Deep Throat at a theater in 1972, but if you wanted to order up a young kid to sexually abuse?  Well, you could stay right in Oakland County for that action.  Don’t like the implication?  TOUGH SHIT.  

Host Kevin Price (Price of Business audio show) interviews J. Reuben Appelman about the OCCK crimes.

Listen to Kevin Price, host of the nationally syndicated Price of Business Show, interview J. Reuben Appelman, author of The Kill Jar and on-camera investigator and an executive producer of a two-part documentary series, Children of the Snow about the Oakland County Child Killer crimes.

Turns out that although no one in law enforcement in Michigan ever says much about these crimes, there is discussion going on at a national level. Michigan State Police, the Oakland County Sheriff’s Department, local Oakland County police departments, the Oakland County Prosecutor’s Office–they all stick to the script drawn up at some point in 1978. Keep the case open, control the narrative (misinformation if necessary), say nothing of substance and punish those that speak up or ask questions. This has been going on for over four decades. Sorry, but we all smell the bacon and now people around the country and beyond do, too.

Soon after my Dad’s death, I spoke with reporter Randy Wimbley with Fox News Detroit. We discussed my Dad’s pursuit of justice for answers in my brother Tim’s death. I told Randy if he called the MSP or the OCP they would have no comment on this story. I don’t know if Oakland County Sheriff Mike Bouchard was contacted about this story or whether this was old footage. Check out the bullshit at about 2:15 in this story:

Incredibly frustrating? Man, you don’t know the half of it.

I guess Kevin Price is still interested in the story. His third interview with J. Reuben Appelman is next week. I will post the link.

Children of the Snow originally aired on the ID channel in February 2019 and is streaming on Hulu. The Kill Jar: Obsession, Descent and a Search for Detroit’s Most Notorious Serial Killer (Simon & Schuster, 2018) is available on

The Original Pedophile Island; N. Fox Island in Lake Michigan and its sick, rich, powerful Kingpin Francis (Frank) D. Shelden

Listen to Episode 3 of The Clown and the Candyman, an Investigation Discovery true crime podcast. It evoked so much in me; I want to go outside and scream at the top of my lungs.

In fact, listen to it twice because there are parts that your brain is going to resist absorbing, especially if you are a parent. But it needs to sink in. Share the link on your social media sites, especially if you live or grew up in Michigan. Share it with people who still live in Michigan. SHARE. THIS.

Just last week Mike and I were discussing how even though law enforcement is basically doing nothing in these cases now that Det. Cory Williams has retired (after being gaslighted and subjected to whistleblower treatment by fellow law enforcement, including the FBI), there is a small victory in having these stories told. Mike pointed out it started with reporter Marilyn Wright at the Traverse City Record-Eagle back in the mid-1970s. She was brave enough to scream into the wind about Frank Shelden and his band of criminal conspirators and child assaulters. (See;; Her reporting was so solid, and an incredible contrast to the Detroit area newspapers too afraid to touch it.

I have great respect for Mike and consider him a friend. Near the end of the podcast, Mike mentions the letter he wrote to Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer in February, 2019. Mike sent me a copy and gave me permission to post the letter on my blog. Please read the letter, link about mid-way in the post:

As he describes in the podcast, he never got a response. Not from the Governor’s office, not from Attorney General Dana Nessel. A little over a year ago, a reader wrote me to tell me of correspondence with the same offices. This woman got a call back (maybe because she mentions growing up in Birmingham?) and was told to contact the Oakland County Sheriff’s Dept. and the MSP Metro North Posts–which, if the staffer would have taken even a cursory look at this case online, would have realized that’s like asking the chicken to report to the fox’s den to ask for help.

While you are at it, take a listen (or another listen) to criminologist Dr. Michael Arntfield discuss the OCCK case with author J. Reuben Appelman:

This is another podcast segment that has so much in it that it takes more than one listen to fully absorb the gravity of what is being said.

How come every time you hear the sentence “This case is too big to solve/dig around/touch,” it’s always uttered by some old, white man? Thank you to others who have dug much deeper and sounded the alarm; who have gone where law enforcement in Michigan would not go in these cases of extreme child sexual abuse. Who looked past the law enforcement bullshit that has been slung in these cases for over four decades. After Marilyn Wright there were reporters Marney Rich Keenan (Detroit News, 2009) and David Ashenfelter (Detroit Free Press, 2012). Then author M.F. Cribari (Portraits in the Snow: The Oakland County Child Killings . . . Scandals and Small Conspiracies (2011). Then author J. Reuben Appelman (The Kill Jar: Obsession, Descent, and a Hunt for Detroit’s Most Notorious Serial Killer, 2018). Then the documentarians at Cineflix who produced Children of the Snow, a four-part documentary based on The Kill Jar, which still airs on Hulu. Then an article in Business Insider by Aine Cain that examined the striking similarities between Jeffrey Epstein and Frank Shelden (summer 2019). Then Marney Rich Keenan’s book The Snow Killings: Inside the Oakland County Child Killer Investigation (2020). And now the podcast The Clown and the Candyman (eight parts, started airing last week), the work of Jacqueline Bynon, Tara Hughes and their team at Cineflix.

Too big to touch? Fuck you. Tell that to victims like Mike, whose story should resonate in your brain for a few days at a minimum. WHEN is a survivor’s story in the cases of Michigan pedophelia and child pornography going to be enough to force meaningful change?

The antidote to shame is truth. How about some truth for a change, Michigan?

Thank you, Mike, for your courage and clarity. It is remarkable.

1978 Major Case Investigation Team Manual.

In 1978 the Michigan Department of State Police published a 245-page team manual (including appendices) concerning the operations of the OCCK task force. It was presented through a grant award from the Michigan Office of Criminal Justice Programs.

This document can be accessed on the NCJRS (National Criminal Justice Reference Service). Here is the abstract page:

Click on “PDF” to access the manual.

While it is merely denoted with a year, not a date, it appears to cover information dated through April 1978, and the document explains that as of yet, there have been no arrests in the case. In eight month’s time, the task force will be disbanded.

While this document seems to do a good job trying to justify the $637,662 in grant money the MSP task force had received (see pages 12 and 13; Grant #1 was $341,987, and Grant #2 was $295,675), the most important take aways are found at page 49 (“A tool is only as good as the person who is using it”) and page 14 (chart of law enforcement personnel who, if still living, should be grilled under oath about what happened in this investigation, especially concerning Chris Busch and his attorney Jane Burgess). The incident maps on pages 99-107 are also interesting.

I keep forgetting that these crimes and the N. Fox Island crimes took place under the watch of not only L. Brooks Patterson and Oakland County local law enforcement, but also on the watch of Michigan A.G. Frank Kelley and Governor William Milliken (native of Traverse City). Exhibit F is Michigan Attorney General Frank Kelley’s AG Opinion No. 5031, dated September 17, 1976–well before the formation of the OCCK task force).

The AG opinion addresses the use of local police agencies “in conjunction with” the Michigan State Police.

The opinion is clearly concerned in large part with the question of civil liability arising from actions of local officers. The answer: The state need not provide legal counsel for local police officers and “assumes no financial responsibility in connection with a civil suit arising from the actions of local peace officers.” So you’re not responsible for Birmingham PD, but you are for the MSP.

“The Cass Corridor Ring and the B’ham Ring of pedophiles are the same people. All hanging together at one time or another at the Cass Cab Company that provided services.”

In 2014 my Dad agreed to meet with a man who wanted to tell him his theories about the OCCK case. They met and spoke and there were two witnesses to the conversation that took place. I will refer to him as John Doe. Doe has since died.

I remember my Dad telling me about this meeting; telling me some of what Doe said made sense (if you understood the larger reach of this case, not the pre-packaged law enforcement bullshit being tossed to the public off and on for decades), but the man was a mess. Physically and emotionally. My Dad said the guy most definitely seemed sincere. He shared with me the letter Doe wrote, along with his written addendums. The man had asked for silence, and we obliged. (Like anyone would listen anyway.). Having gotten the overview from my Dad and working against the rage I had that my Dad had to meet with unknown people when the MSP was not doing squat on the case, I started to read the documents.

I’m not going to lie, I fucking gave up. More shit that was too little, too late; unprovable even as lots of it made sense in a sick way. Maddening. Disgusting. Hopeless. Another example of someone coming forward, unloading and feeling much better about that, while the rest of us feel immeasurably worse. Here’s some info, y’all figure it out in your spare time. There are mentions of financial need, although no overt request for money. Another reason to discount it.

Because the guy asked for confidentiality, I ditched the documents and forgot about it. As I went through old files this week, I found them again. The man was dead of “natural causes” soon after the meeting with my Dad and the other two witnesses. My Dad stressed that Doe seemed physically quite ill when they met. One of the witnesses confirmed this with me today; said it was no surprise he died soon after because he looked very sick. I never rule out thugs and assassins from the Cass to Oakland County from that era. Some are still around and still protected, I’m sure. Either way, the man is gone and part of what he appeared to want was for his information to do some good. I am going to post the documents here.

One witness to the conversation told me it was hard to get past the fragmented story, how crazy it sounded, the lack of specifics and the man’s failure to answer direct questions. He apparently broke everything down rather than answer a simple question and was not willing to discuss or admit many things. He seemed to be evasive, incomprehensible and not credible, according to this witness. As you will deduce after reading the documents, he clearly had stuff to hide. I won’t be able to answer the many questions you will have after reading this. Your guess is as good as mine.

Still having the same discussion 43 years later.

Thanks to a reader for sending this article from the LA Times, dated May 26, 1977 with the headline: Child Exploiters Often Rich, Educated, Not ‘Dirty Old Men.’

The article quotes then Genesee County, MI, prosecutor Robert F. Leonard, who had just testified before a House subcomittee regarding the sexual exploitation of children. Leonard described the pernicious nature of child porn rings and pedophelia rings and observed that offenders are often “wealthy, mobile, educated, sometimes very important members of a community.”

Despite this newly gained knowledge, the only person who was busted for the crimes against children in Michigan was Gerald Richards, who got left holding the bag after Frank Shelden and all of his sick pals hit the road. Richards was not in prison long and after his release was busted by the Postal Inspector for child porn. Richards told law enforcement he was just ordering it to conduct his own little sting. Greg Greene was also disposable and unable to hire a big gun attorney and he got warehoused for raping children in Flint during this same time period. As we all well-know, his rich buddy got sprung for $1,000, and free to continue his abuse of children, he did just that.

And despite this 1977 legislation being introduced by Michigan Representative Dale Kildee, the supporting testimony from prosecutor Leonard, and extensive discussion of Richard’s testimony concerning child porn and child sex operations based in Michigan that extended internationally, back at home base in Michigan, nothing was being done to address what was being hashed out in D.C.

Police were not making arrests for very blatant crimes against children, confidential informants were raping children, the money trail including N. Fox Island and Cass Corridor was not being investigated, we now know the Chris Busch information in the OCCK was being walled off in the hopes it would never surface, and the OCCK task force was being shut down (after blowing so much grant money it boggles the mind). The LA Times was talking about this. The Traverse City Record-Eagle was talking about it. The Detroit-area press, not so much.

Such good window dressing in D.C. for the corruption occurring in Oakland County, Midland County, Genessee County, Detroit PD, Birmingham PD, the Michigan State Police and the FBI in the OCCK and related crimes against children from that era. How do you ever approach the issue of justice and meaningful change in a system that has always just protected its own at the expense of all others?

A must listen. The Clown and the Candyman podcast.

The Clown and the Candyman, an eight-part podcast about what happened to kids in the 1970s, when society looked the other way, started airing today. You have to listen.

Child Rape and Murder surely does not constitute protected OIA.

Christopher Brian Busch was a stone-cold, unrepentant, uncontrolled pedophile. With four pending CSC against a minor cases pending, he was given probation in every case. Why would various judges grant probation in such a situation? Even in Oakland County, even if the defendant was the grown-ass son of a GM executive? Was Busch a confidential informant or a confidential witness in, say, an interstate federal case that was being developed against Frank Shelden and his buddies?

While this “Special Report” on the use of CIs and CWs is dated 2005, it examines the long history of the “queasy” use of these types. The Confidential Informant Guidelines permit some illegal activity or “OIA” (otherwise illegal activity). Surely Busch’s protected OIA would not extend to participating in kidnapping, torturing and murdering children. Could this be why the OCCK case and the N. Fox Island case quickly dry up with nothing to show for any “investigation”?

It looks like federal law didn’t start addressing the many issues surrounding CIs and CWs until 1978. The late Richard Lawson is an example of a pedophile who went outside of any concept of OIA, probably on a daily basis. His deal with Detroit PD is one for the ages. A good informant is only as good as the arrests made in response to the information. It is not, as was the case with Lawson, a license to rape, in exchange for drug busts.

If Busch was being tapped by the feds, you can bet we will never learn the truth about what took place in the OCCK investigation. If Daddy Warbucks and CB’s attorneys in Flint and Detroit were able to leverage some kind of deal with the feds to keep his ass from being prosecuted in, say the Flint case (numerous child victims, suitcase full of child porn; co-defendant Greg Greene gets life in prison, he walks), surely that arrangement did not contemplate participation in the OCCK crimes.

Too bad it would take many more decades for Congress to even contemplate a confidential informant accountability act, to require Federal law enforcement agencies to report to Congress serious crimes, authorized as well as unauthorized, committed by their confidential informants. Title as Introduced,committed by their confidential informants. 

As it stood in 1978, when Busch is found dead, the feds could have come in and said–this goes no further, we have to protect our use of confidential informants and avoid any civil liability; we’ll take it from here. And bury it forever. Sorry, suckers.