Woman recalls sex abuse by Maxwell, Epstein when she was 14 | Miami Herald

On day two of the Ghislaine Maxwell trial, a woman gave emotional testimony about being sexually abused by Maxwell and Jeffrey Epstein when she was 14.
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Interlochen Center for the Arts. Go figure.

Podcast and Audio Long Read

Listen to journalist and author Marney Keenan discuss the OCCK case on the William Ramsey Investigates Podcast (11/28/21):


Here is something else to ponder; an audio long read about how two BBC journalists risked their careers to reveal the truth about Jimmy Savile, a British media personality, entertainer, philanthropist and crown prince of children’s charities and causes. He was also a prolific sexual predator and long time predatory pedophile.


1979 murder solved with advanced DNA testing through partnership between police and private lab

The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department partnered with Othram Labs to identify the perpetrator of the sexual assault and murder of 16-year-old Kim Bryant in 1979. https://dnasolves.com/articles/kim_bryant_murder/. Othram is a private, Texas-based laboratory that specializes in forensic-grade genome sequencing. https://othram.com/. Othram specializes in a process that allows the testing of small – and oftentimes, damaged – DNA samples from crime scenes. Like 42-year-old DNA samples.

In the Bryant investigation a STR (short tandem repeat) profile was recently generated from crime DNA evidence and revealed an unknown male (not found in CODIS), but the profile was valuable in excluding persons of interest. It also allowed Othram to build a genealogical profile from this DNA evidence and to develop investigative leads that were returned to LVMPD. Detectives were able to confirm the identity of the suspect in Kim’s sexual assault and murder as Johnny Peterson, who died in January 1993. An investigation continues into the case and Peterson’s possible relationship to other crimes in the area.

THAT is how it is supposed to work. Police think outside of the box, partner with a private lab (which agencies around the country have been doing with great success in recent years to solve cold cases) and announce their findings to the public they serve. The perp is dead, but police continue the investigation and investigate the possibility that he was involved in other crimes. What a concept.

I learned in Marney Keenan’s book, The Snow Killings, Inside the Oakland County Child Killer Investigation (Exposit Books, 2020), that around 2018 (?) MSP scientists were able to retest a vaginal swab from Kristine Mihelich’s autopsy kit from 1977. (Page 240.). A partial Y-STR DNA sample–which is a partial male profile–was developed. The state police themselves said the sample contained enough markers “to exclude or not exclude suspects.” (Id.) Why won’t the MSP consult Othram, who specializes in the testing of small and damaged DNA from crime scenes?!

The Y-STR is not as conclusive or exclusive as an autosomal STR sample, nevertheless, consider when and why this test is used by forensic labs: The most common application of Y-STRs is in sexual assault cases, where evidence samples are difficult to resolve with traditional autosomal STR analysis due to low amounts of male DNA present in a high background of female DNA.

The cells on Kristine’s vaginal swab revealed male identifiers. She was 10 years old. How in the hell did “male identifiers” end up on that swab? Oakland County Medical Examiner Dr. Robert “No Sperm” Sillery announced in the days after Kristine’s murder that there was no evidence of sexual assault. Obviously forensic testing has come a long way since 1977, but I think that “conclusion” was premeditated bullshit. The following men were present at the autopsy of Kristine Mihelich:

  1. D/Sgt. Roger Rivard (MSP)
  2. Lab Specialist James Steggall (Warren Crime Lab)
  3. Lab Specialist Michael Sinke (Warren Crime Lab)
  4. Lab Specialist Richard Sharkey (Warren Crime Lab)
  5. D/Sgt. Dave Piche (Berkley PD)
  6. Captain Russell Ray (Ferndale PD)
  7. Investigator Robert Michael (Oakland County Prosecutor’s office)
  8. APA Edward Sosnick (Oakland County Prosecutor) (representative for Patterson/Thompson)
  9. Evidence Tech Paul Brabant (Bloomfield Township PD)
  10. John F. Hinds, Ontario Canada Provisional Police (fingerprint “expert” who took Kristine’s coat and boots with him for further analysis)

That is quite a collection of observers, all probably sworn to silence. I wonder of the still-living, who would tell the truth about what was decided the public would be told about Kristine’s case. It could be that they would all continue to dishonor that little girl by continuing the bullshit that happened under Sillery/Patterson’s watch. Would it surprise any of these men that male cells were found on that vaginal swab? Any one of you men have an actual conscience now that you’ve had your big, bad careers on the backs of these dead kids?

As I reviewed The Snow Killings to find the information about the Y-STR sample, the words of Kristine’s mother, Debbie Jarvis, stood out like the most painful, unanswered clarion call:

The people we rely on to investigate and prosecute murderers appear to be conspiring to protect these child killers.

In my opinion, they have stonewalled and attempted to block every effort to solve these cases. They have refused to answer even the most basic of questions. I don’t know who is the bigger monster here–the people who murdered these children, or the people who refused to bring them to justice.

I can accept that I lost a daughter. I can’t accept that I don’t know the truth about how and why I lost her. Every night when I got to sleep, I have nineteen days to think about. Nineteen days when my daughter was calling out for me and nobody ever answered her. Now I’m trying to get answers for her.

Debbie Jarvis at a 2012 press conference, as quoted in The Snow Killings, p. 218.

A clarion call that was completely ignored in 1977 and every year since then, and then manipulated by Jessica Cooper and Paul Walton with their “Arch Sloan” deception in July 2012.

DNA SOLVES and JUSTICE THROUGH GENOMICS. How about it, MSP? Is that what scares you off?


You don’t have to guess at who I think the bigger monsters are in this “unsolved” case.

Opinion: Bills would empower survivors of U-M’s Dr. Robert Anderson

Legislation would give survivors a new one-year window for legal action and limit immunity for universities.
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Violating oath of office and obstructing police

I was driving last Wednesday when I heard the news that the three white Georgia men who chased, cornered and killed Ahmaud Arbery were found guilty of felony murder and malice murder (the “youngster” in the group of “citizen arresters”). I felt relief wash over me and a lessening of the stomach and headache I had off and on since that POS, vigilante, man-child Kyle Rittenhouse got acquitted in Wisconsin on November 19, after having his hand held every step of the way by a joke of a judge.

When I read about the verdict online I was reminded that the first prosecutor on the case, Jackie Johnson, has been indicted for violating her oath of office in this case. https://reason.com/2021/11/24/ahmaud-arbery-alleged-murderers-almost-escaped-charges-prosecutorial-misconduct-jackie-johnson-george-barnhill/printer/. In fact, last Wednesday morning former Brunswick Judicial Circuit District Attorney Johnson turned herself at the Glynn County jail and was then released on her own recognizance. She had been indicted a week prior on a felony charge of violating her oath of office and a misdemeanor count of obstructing police. The indictment alleges she used her position to discourage police from making arrests in the killing of 25-year-old Arbery.


Georgia Attorney General Chris Carr’s office is prosecuting Johnson. Carr sought the misconduct investigation last year, saying the first outside prosecutor he appointed to handle the case had been recommended by Johnson, who never disclosed that she had already asked that prosecutor to advise police in the immediate aftermath of Arbery’s killing.

That outside prosecutor, Waycross Judicial Circuit District Attorney George Barnhill, later recused himself — but not before sending a letter to Glynn police advising that he believed the shooting of Arbery was justified.

Johnson lost reelection last year and blamed controversy over Arbery’s death for her defeat.

In early September I posted about this prosecutor and press about how “historic” it is to have someone even look at the dirty dealings of prosecutors because it is so rare. https://catherinebroad.blog/2021/09/03/. Lack of any oversight of these powerful and sometimes corrupt people, the rarity that another agency will step in and put a stop to prosecutorial abuses, as well as the comfort of bullshit immunity doctrines, means people like Jackie Johnson feel pretty comfortable showing racists favorable treatment (especially if one of them had been an investigator in her office) and mistreating victims’ family members. Had the video taken by one of the convicted defendants in this case not surfaced, you can be sure these three good old boys would have been home eating turkey and all the fixins on Thursday.

I can think of 10 different ways L. Brooks Patterson violated his oath of office and interfered in the investigation in the OCCK case, beginning in late January 1977. There are a few of you complicit enablers who are still walking this earth and know the details. Jessica Cooper took it upon herself to help keep this story hidden. She and her complicit enablers therefore have just as much to lose if the truth bubbles to the surface. These violations are, as described in the reason.com article, an affront to basic liberty. They must be revealed.

In a strange but somewhat similar case, an ex-FBI agent and filmmakers discovered public corruption in LA County in the “unsolved” murder of Brooklyn rapper Notorious B.I.G. https://nypost.com/2021/05/29/ex-fbi-agent-biggie-filmmakers-sealed-court-docs-reveal-killer/ (“The alleged cover-up ‘was the biggest miscarriage of justice in my 20-year career at the FBI,’ said [the ex-FBI agent]. ‘I had evidence that LAPD officers were involved and I was shut down by the LAPD and city attorneys inside Los Angeles.'”).

Keep an eye on the Georgia AG’s case against ex-prosecutor Johnson. Losing an election appears to be the least of her worries. It should not take a viral video of a murder to out a dirty prosecutor. But then again, you folks in Oakland County still worship at the trough created by ex-prosecutor and county executive he-man Patterson. There is no viral video. Just four dead kids and scores of others who were victimized by pedophiles this law and order prosecutor’s office did not dare investigate after Chris Busch walked free.

US v. Maxwell

Opening arguments begin on Monday in United States v. Maxwell, the case brought against Jeffrey Epstein’s tool, Ghislaine Maxwell. https://www.reuters.com/world/us/us-judge-lets-ghislaine-maxwell-call-false-memories-expert-testify-trial-2021-11-22/. The court ruled it will allow the wealthy “socialite” to call expert witness and friend to monsters, Professor Elizabeth Loftus, to testify about false memory syndrome. Loftus, of memory is malleable, victims of sex crimes make this shit up or embellish, everyone deserves a defense and don’t you dare forget about the presumption of innocence, fame. https://www.newyorker.com/magazine/2021/04/05/how-elizabeth-loftus-changed-the-meaning-of-memory 

I guess if one is capable of overcoming shame and fear and comes forward about sexual victimization, the trauma of the victimization will render one incapable of any reliable memory. Thus the circle is complete and victimizer prevails every time. Dare to come forward? Attorneys for the defense will make sure you are further traumatized and disenfranchised.

Here’s a little overview of the problems with “false memory syndrome”: https://timesupfoundation.org/the-danger-behind-the-false-memory-myth-2/. People I otherwise respect have even tossed this one back at me when I raise the issue of people victimized as kids in Oakland County during the heyday of the late 1970s and early 1980s (you know, when the Law and Order prosecutorial team of Brooks Patterson and Richard Thompson were shaking down alleged welfare cheats and turning a blind eye to child predators). I view it as a permanent black mark once someone defaults to this argument as an almost automatic response.

Loftus testified on behalf of Harvey Weinstein and Jerry Sandusky. Let’s hope the jury in the Maxwell case can see past this desperate defense and return a similar verdict.

Court Records Show That Emails and Phone Data Were Searched in Child Porn Probe of Billionaire Denny Sanford — ProPublica

ProPublica won access to search warrants showing a child pornography investigation of South Dakota’s richest man, confirming our reporting from last year.
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A prosecutor in Pennsylvania makes good on campaign promise to review cold cases and use DNA evidence.

Warren County, PA Prosecuting Attorney Jim Pfeiffer announced that the victim of a 1991 homicide had been identified after his office collaborated with the New Jersey State Police Cold Case Unit, the state police Office of Forensic Sciences, the University of North Texas Center for Human Identification, BODE Technologies (a private company) and the Center for Missing and Exploited Children. Pfeiffer has made it a priority to use DNA technology to help solve cold case homicides since he took office last year.


Imagine if there was this kind of collaboration in the OCCK case. It is crystal clear to me why there never has been and probably never will be. The OCP office of L.B. Patterson and Richard Thompson was all too happy to leave this festering file of corruption and incompetence parked with the Michigan State Police, an agency with a massive chip on its shoulder and a penchant for pushing food around the “forever open investigation” plate. Now that all who remain from the initial investigation days can apparently not remember what they had for breakfast today, let alone what they did in the biggest serial murder case in Michigan history over forty years ago, and no one new has the appetite or courage to take this on, it appears Brooksie’s ignoble strategy was solid.


The documentary Procession examines sexual abuse by predatory Roman Catholic priests and their complicit enablers in a very profound way. https://www.netflix.com/title/81513706. It began streaming on Netflix today. The documentary “is a collaboration made with six men who work together to find the truth and healing they ought to have been afforded by the church.” https://www.vox.com/22745194/procession-review-netflix.

The critics’ consensus on Rotten Tomatoes is that the film is “[h]arrowing yet essential viewing,” and probes “the lasting legacy of trauma with heart-wrenching grace.” https://www.rottentomatoes.com/m/procession_2021. Grace that is ironically absent from the Catholic church’s response to victims of pedophile priests and its constant battle to keep statutes of limitations in place to deny victims recourse. The church affords victims nothing unless forced to do so. It is outrageous.

Outrageous and harrowing. The critics are right–it is difficult but essential viewing.

Cold Case Consultants of America Compiles Largest Known Database of Letters by Serial Killers Dating Back to 1944


The Michigan State Police denied this group’s relatively recent FOIA request for a copy of the “Allen” letter in the OCCK case, as well as the brief phone message allegedly left by “Allen” on the answering machine of Dr. Bruce Danto on April 10, 1977 at 2 p.m. Of course the MSP claimed “open investigation,” which is utter nonsense because there is nothing active about this investigation. They denied the production of the audio tape despite the fact that this minute-long message was played on the Sonya Friedman radio show on WXYZ (metro-Detroit), which aired twice on May 16, 1979.

The actual Zodiac killer letters were released and shown to the public. The substance of the “Allen” letter was reported on in the press in the spring of 1977, but the letter itself was never photographed or copied for the press so the public could look at the handwriting. Friedman was airing the phone message in an attempt to ask for the public’s help in recognizing the caller. Task force commander Robert Robertson complained to the press on May 16, 1979, that this was all “really old hat.” He further whined that: “They’re rehashing it. First of all, you have no idea that it’s a legitimate letter. One can only assume the tape and letter came from the same person. We don’t know the value of it [the tape] . . . Most of [the tape] you can’t understand anyway.”

The next day, Robertson said airing the tip was worth a try, but went on to opine that “I personally support the theory that he isn’t around here anymore, but that doesn’t mean his grandmother doesn’t know that he is the killer.” Friedman explained that she and Robertson were hoping “to bring the case to a state of rest. Even if the person is dead, we should know or there will never be a psychological closure to this thing.”

You would think the state police, who have made virtually no progress whatsoever in this case in some 45 years, would welcome any help or observations they could get. Nope. They just double-down. It’s what they do best; that’s the legacy of Robert Robertson and Joe Krease.