Can you imagine being chased by this guy as a kid?

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In late March, a reader posted the following in a comment section of my blog:

Hello Catherine, I cant open the scans. I believe it was the Lemans. I am unsure if the creepo who tried to get me was driving one, but I remember double round headlights, though Im nearly sure it was a sun bleached green car.. I am desperate to get back the sketches, I gave one to Leuitenant Fox of Bloomfield Township, and also sent one to your dad, who must have forwarded to the state police, Both of them had the olive skinned guy with mirrored glasses, dark wavy hair and sideburns, with a long but not big nose, with the two dogs in the back seat of his car, the one being a white German Shepherd, the pother a hound. I was just now digging in boxes in my garage trying to find a copy. I cant find one, but can easily draw it againt. I have an old friend in the News undustry who I am meeting, hopefully tmrw. I was in hopes he might listen to my story as I think the White German Shepherd holds the key. I had posted the sketch online long before it came out that there were white dog hairs on the children. I had posted the scans on Dagners site and also I think on Lisa Life or something, maybe another OCCK blog
long ago, I had talked to some investigator that told me there were no dogs involved, He had called my house, and I wonder if he recorded the phone number in some log. I would love to help your family find closure, not sure if anything I saw pertains but I think it does. Scared the crap out of my young self as he tried to chase me for minutes with his dogs out and his car reversing down the two track. If anyone reading Catherines blog has seen or copied the sketches, please send copy back to me.
Peace to you and your family!

Two readers, who have helped me out a lot in the past, sent me what I believe are the sketches you are looking for, scanned above.  I cannot imagine the terror of being chased by this man, his dogs let out of the car, and him reversing to try to get closer.  Yet another of many incidents that reveal Oakland County as a pedophile hunting ground back in the day.  Could you pick a better spot?!  Kids felt safe coming and going and the cops rarely did jack shit if you reported being chased, or worse.

Note that this guy long ago talked to some OCCK investigator who told him “no dogs were involved.”  How the fuck did he know?!  And animal hairs WERE found on some of the kids.  Also, the investigator called him at his home, the phone number presumably having been recorded in some log.  Not many people received a return phone call in this investigation.  And here’s a call back saying “NO DOGS.”  The writer states himself that this incident/man may have nothing to do with the OCCK case.  But the way he was treated certainly is relevant.

As one of the readers who sent this asked, whatever happened with the mtDNA testing of the animal hairs in this case?  Especially because I believe those hairs were sent to animal DNA expert Dr. Joy Halverson, who has performed DNA testing of pet samples for 64 criminal investigations and testified as an expert witness in 13 criminal prosecutions. See her website:

We never heard back about that, one way or the other.  And if the Michigan State Police manage to keep this case open for another 40 years, we will never know what was or was not done in this case.  And it’s not like the media in Michigan have made any effort to file FOIA requests or that there is a court in Oakland County that has the balls to rule in response to a FOIA request that, enough is enough–your “open case” bullshit doesn’t work after 40 years.  There is case law to support that outcome, but from what I’ve seen in this case, Oakland County courts don’t feel the need to cite or even refer to case law.   The FBI (and not the local office in the Detroit area) should have taken over this case long ago.  The MSP and Oakland County have too much to hide in their conduct of this investigation.

There is (or was!) plenty of DNA in this case, not just animal hairs.  But if you drank the Kool Aid all these years, you think there was no evidence.  Why do you think that is?