The Gilgo Beach Murders Were a Cold Case. Then a New Police Chief Arrived.

New York Times, September 25, 2020

This Time’s article is interesting for its parallels and contrasts to the OCCK case. For a decade after 16 bodies were found near a stretch of Ocean Parkway in New York–a burial ground used by a serial killer–no person of interest, no suspect–no comment by the Suffolk County Police Department. For many years, the police commissioners “seemed reluctant to discuss the case publicly and those who lived in the affected beach towns had tried to wish it away.” (Sound familiar?)

Most of the victims appeared to be young women who had worked as escorts. Commissioner Hart acknowledged how poorly the police were regarded in the public eye, “seen as showing little more than apathy and even disdain for the victims.” One senior detective in 2011 said it was a “consolation” to the community that the victims were only prostitutes. This man is the kind of detective that makes me hate police. Seriously.

In 2012 Suffolk police abruptly locked the FBI out of the “Long Island serial killer” investigation and was sent packing before the bureau’s behavioral analysis unit could develop a profile of the killer. “Ms Hart said she learned this was happening for one reason: Suffolk County’s newly appointed chief of department, James Burke, seemed to want it that way. And there was a reason for that, too: The Justice Department was investigating him for corruption.” Seems Burke assaulted a suspect who had stolen a bag filled with pornography and sex toys from Burke’s car. Burke then did the police chief thing and pressured detectives who witnessed the assault to keep quiet. The Suffolk County district attorney then got in on the game and helped with the cover-up.

Eventually both Burke and the D.A. were convicted of conspiracy and Suffolk County became notorious as one of the nation’s most corrupt law enforcement jurisdictions.” Hey, Suffolk County, I have a county in Michigan that could give your’s a run for its money. Big time.

This past spring, two years into the job, Police Commissioner Geraldine Hart announced a major break in this case which had “confounded her predecessors for nearly a decade.” Hart had moved Suffolk County’s most notorious unsolved case forward “where others once seemed determined to keep it from going anywhere at all.”

Hart, who spent 20 years working as an FBI agent, welcomed the FBI back into the investigation now that the conspiring pornmeister and assaulter Burke was gone. After seeing the Golden State Killer arrested using genetic genealogy, Hart called a colleague at the FBI and asked “How do we get this done?”

As in the OCCK case, the evidence in the Long Island serial killer case has little in common with what police had to work with in the Golden State Killer case. Hart partnered with the FBI to engage a private lab to process an unidentified victim’s DNA. Identifying the victims may lead more directly to the killer. The identification of victim “Jane Doe No. 6” as Valerie Mack last May was the first successful genetic genealogy investigation in New York.

Commissioner Hart held a press conference in the wake of publicity on the case and a Netflix release for “Lost Girls.” She defended her decision to be more public about the case. “We’re coming up on the 10-year anniversary on this. It’s received a ton of publicity. So how do we get the message out? The thought is, somebody out there knows something.”

When have you ever heard a press conference from the Michigan State Police on the OCCK case? There has been momentum in the OCCK case with more publicity than ever before via books, podcasts, articles and documentaries in the last few years. Yet all the MSP does is respond to a well-written factual account of all we can know about these cases given the actions of a few dirty players at the top, by saying “We don’t comment on fiction.” Those are fighting words as far as I’m concerned.

The makers of the documentary Children of the Snow, based on the 2018 book The Kill Jar, written by J. Reuben Appelman, had to PRESS officials to provide a tip line number to give the public with the documentary. Who announces this and requests people with any information come forward–a member of the MSP? Oh, hell no. It’s left to Detective Cory Williams, with Wayne County–not Oakland County (as in OAKLAND COUNTY Child Killer), to make the pitch.

Have we ever heard from Birmingham P.D. or the Oakland County Sheriff’s office in the OCCK case? Hell no. So convenient that the information, such as it is and in the shape it is in, is shoved in a room at an MSP post. And they are never in the mood to talk about the OCCK case.

In the meantime, in Suffolk County, Commissioner Hart continues to press ahead with DNA identification of as-yet unnamed victims. How about this as a giant contrast to the OCCK case:

That’s a new sentiment in the Suffolk County Police Department: the idea that investigating the case and acknowledging the families’ pain are two sides of the same coin, that doing one helps the other. That realization could be the greatest step forward the police have taken in this case. “There’s a lot of work left do do,” Ms. Hart said. “But there is momentum. And I’m going to continue to use that momentum to move forward.”

Think about that the next time you cast a ballot for mayor or city council members (to whom police chiefs report), or for a prosecuting attorney (potentially especially dangerous), county sheriff (reports to no one except the voters every four years), or attorney general or governor (who should be keeping an eye on the state police). At the micro and macro-level, these elected officials can do some serious damage or some serious good. Do you want someone who can work with momentum or are you happy with the “consolation” that the killing stopped in Oakland County after just four kids were taken and killed in 1976 and 1977?

Keep listening.

Final four segments of the interview with Alpena Witness–

Alpena Witness

Or, if you know much about the background of this case, you could also call him Ignored Witness. Because that nickname could apply to many witnesses in this case, we will stick with “Alpena Witness.” The audio files of an interview of Alpena Witness tell the story better than I ever could. They first four segments of eight are posted below. This interview is timely at this stage, given recent posts.

After the revelations about Bloomfield Township/Village Officer Richard McNamee, convicted pedophile, we are once again focused on the one square mile enclave of Bloomfield Village where Chris Busch lived with his parents and John Hastings lived a stone’s throw away in a home owned by his parents. McNamee lived a three-minute car ride away at 423 S. Cranbrook Cross, Bloomfield Hills. To my knowledge, no one in law enforcement has acted on this recent lead about McNamee or contacted the victim who came forward.

We also visited the conclusions concerning the 2009 polygraph of Chris Busch’s neighbor, John Hastings, in a recent post. We know it was Hastings because, although his name was mostly redacted from the MSP documents, they followed a handwritten title page entitled John Hastings Investigation. No, I am not kidding.

We’ve compared photos to the composite drawing from 1977 that was withheld from the public. 

I think you will find it very helpful at this point to consider the following interview of “Alpena Witness,” who overheard John Hastings speaking to Helen Dagner on December 26, 1991, about the OCCK crimes. Just listen carefully and it will all make sense. My gratitude to Andy Berthiaume who has been working on a podcast series about these crimes for the past few years for sharing the interview. Andy hopes to have the series completed in the next few months. And my thanks to Alpena Witness as well, for revisiting the nightmare he got swept into in his lengthy interview with Andy. I believe the interview took place in early November 2018.

These excerpts total two hours in length and I will post the segments as provided to me. I find them compelling and, under the circumstances, timely. Here are the first four of eight segments:

THANK YOU, AW AND ANDY! The final four segments in the next post.

“I cannot relate to those whom only think about themselves and their immediate families.”

I write in response to the magnanimous Charles Rogers, aka blackstonelawyer, who has written me on a number of occasions to castigate both me and my family for not doing enough, for not caring about anyone but our family. And apparently for not buying into his theory of the OCCK case.

He wrote the following:

Now I bet you wish you had been involved in these organizations like I have because I care about others besides my family. I care about everyones children and their safety because doing so I stand a better chance of protecting my children. I cannot relate to those whom only think about themselves and their immediate families. This nation was built on communities of people caring for each other and not just their own. Good luck solving these murders.

Mr. Rogers, less than a month after my brother’s body was found dumped on a roadside, my parents wrote and sent the following letter:

Our family has contributed thousands of dollars to this fund, now a trust, every year. Over the years my parents favored CARE House of Oakland County as a recipient and has made yearly donations. My parents attended the yearly CARE House luncheon. My Dad continued after my mother passed away in 2004. I believe he has spoken at the luncheon in the past.

As the CARE House website explains, there are 1.24 million people living in Oakland County; 273,000 of them are children; and 1 in 10 of those children will be sexually abused before they turn 18. 

CARE House of Oakland County is a children’s advocacy center, providing first rate services to victims of child abuse and neglect. It is a 501(c)(3) non-profit agency based in Pontiac, Michigan, serving the residents of Oakland County Michigan. Founded in 1977 as the Child Abuse and Neglect Council of Oakland County, they currently offer an array of programs focused on the identification and treatment of child abuse victims, and on child abuse prevention.

The agency’s mission is to be a leading resource in the prevention of child abuse and neglect, and the protection of children through advocacy, education, intervention, research, training, and treatment, in collaboration with the community. Our vision is to impact the safety of every child in Oakland County through intervention, prevention and treatment.

I agree with my parents’ letter of April 19, 1977–Tim would enthusiastically approve of this small way to help other children. Other donations over the decades were for playground equipment and, until the IRS rules were changed, to groups and facilities used by boys and girls between the ages of 10-12 in the Birmingham area. We don’t need or want to relate to someone like Charles Rogers. You do what you can; we do what we can.

Behind the scenes I will also continue to work on impacting changes to statute of limitations in sexual abuse cases, changes in FOIA laws to enable crime victims to receive copies of documents without exorbitant fees that discourage discovery, changes to qualified immunity laws, pairing willing genetic genealogists with agencies at low or no cost, and exposing the unlawful abuse of power by the MSP and OCP in the OCCK cases.

So keep your assumptions about how crime victims deal with the hand they are dealt to yourself. Your misunderstandings and attacks have the very grave impact of undermining a village trying to push rocks uphill against abusive police agencies. Take a look at the photo of my smiling brother who had everything to look forward to on the day school photos were taken in his sixth grade year. What we do in his honor, which most assuredly benefits other children and families, is none of your business.

Just remember, I reached out to you . . .

I think it is interesting to understand the veiled threats in these comments. They are the same person. The hostility. The assumptions about me and how I live my life. There is something very off in the combination of patting himself on the back, attacking me and the veiled threats.

blackstonelawyer2 days agoUser InfoTrashDoes this sound like someone who passed a polygraph?

PS Catherine what is wrong with the police in Michigan? They’re scared like chickens. If the expose this then they have the Deep State to deal with. They’re not not me with countless military veterans behind me. They’re cops and I am an former drug dealer/ kickboxer turned top state official. I don’t get scared too easily but cops do. Politicians scratch each others backs and I am not a politician. Where were you when Bill Windsor of Lawless America was traveling around the nation doing video’s and interviews regarding government corruption? Where were you when they were trying JAIL (Judicial Accountability Initiative Law)? Here you are discussing the corruption of Wayne County but yet have you ever worked in such organizations attempting to clean up corruption in your hometown? I have where were you at? Now I bet you wish you had been involved in these organizations like I have because I care about others besides my family. I care about everyones children and their safety because doing so I stand a better chance of protecting my children. I cannot relate to those whom only think about themselves and their immediate families. This nation was built on communities of people caring for each other and not just their own. Good luck solving these murders.ApproveSpamDelete Permanently

Charles Rogers

Charles Rogers2 days agoUser InfoTrashDoes this sound like someone who passed a polygraph?

Should green carpet fibers from an automobile keep Wayne Williams in prison? They have so far. Its not about innocence nor guilt in the system and its not the governments job to protect you. That’s the purpose of the 2nd Amendment. Why did the Army of God allegedly target abortionist Emily Lyons and Birmingham Police Officer Robert Sanderson? They alleged because he was corrupt and her husband was a pedophile. However you’re talking about an organization wreaking havoc in the US since the Weathermen days.
Some are in government, others in the oil industry. Some construction workers and some fast food workers and of course some in law enforcement. How can you solve murders like that in this case? You cannot without a team. I did not know the employees of Rent A Center on Buford Hwy in Atlanta March 11, 1997 but we worked as a team to foil the attack of the IRS building and were held captive for almost three hours afterwards by the suspects including Eric Rudolph. All it took was one of us to admit that we contacted the FBI and we all would have died that late morning or early afternoon. All three employees were black and all four terrorists are white supremacists. It was a game of poker bluffing to convince them there were not any police nor federal agents privy to the attempted attack. If I were not willing to sacrifice my life for those employees we all would have died that day.
Therefore you don’t have a team. You want the glory to yourself in getting the murder of your brother solved but yet you don’t have a team nor a plan. I had a plan prior to transferring to Murphy, North Carolina on July 23, 1996. I knew giving up my daughters birthday to the terrorists would delay the Centennial Park attack from the 25th until the 27th. After that everything they did and tried fell under my plan and not theirs. I had a team of friends and people I didn’t even know and did the impossible. Why am I still alive? put the numbers together and you may learn the downfall of the terrorists was their involvement in pedophilia and murdering children. All I had to do was get them to admit to it and put the word out on them to the local people including some of the own kin. Once verified many would die but I would live but I had to be willing to sacrifice my life at any given moment in order to succeed.
So I am about to order my copy of the Snow Killings and as we get everything underway to issue the warrants for the rest of the terrorists suspects just remember when I reached out to you it was with good intentions and large compassion for you and the rest of the victims families. My intentions were to hopefully bring you closure and what did you do? Well you know. No need to remind you. .


Guess that advisory on child molesting came in handy down the road. Thanks to a reader for this uplifting news clip.

Elevating from Comment to Post

In case you missed these comments:


Let the monster(s) Ted Lamborgine know what you think of him (MDOC number 643240) at Kinross Correctional Facility 4533 W. Industrial Park Drive Kincheloe, MI 49788 (this location had a riot on Sept 13, 2020 and as such his location may of changed – but your correspondence will be routed to him). His enabler–Pastor Dennis Raster of Real Life Christian Church, 66090 Van Dyke, Washington Twp 48095 or at his radio show location: 2 Radio Plaza St Ferndale, Mi 48220-2129. This guy takes Ted’s pension checks and absolves Ted of his sins whilst letting the victims and families suffer unmerciful torture- this guy even has a guy named LAWLESS working for him– speaks to this charlatan con man parasite with his sanctimonious degenerate actions. James Vincent Gunnels– he’s a parole absconder at the moment– we will provide contact details as soon as he is apprehended. He most certainly killed Susan Jill Robinson. Next is Arch Edward Sloan (MDOC number 100765) can be reached all day everyday at Gus Harrison Correctional Facility, 2727 East Beecher St. ADRIAN MI 49221 You can also see their criminal records on the OTIS website for Michigan (Ted was convicted of 14 counts).Reply1Like

  1. cathybroad Thank you, occk. Ted’s incredible cruelty toward children is detailed in the FOIA documents (2005-2007). He enjoyed making boys suffer terribly. Enjoyed it. Many years ago I asked Cory Williams, a cop who has been around the block, what it was like to sit in the same room as Lamborgine. He replied “Ted is a monster.” This from someone who has seen some monsters. Pastor Dennis Raster is using ill-gotten gains. You can’t buy your way into Heaven, but apparently his sheep think so. He should be called upon to donate every last cent he has received from Lamborgine to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. A disgraceful, poor excuse for a “pastor.” Cough it up and apologize. Your sheep are tainted by this as well. Gunnels–yes, just a matter of time. Probably in Montana with his half-sister Karen or his brother Paul. They all know. I am working on finding a way to show you the documents that show what an evil motherfucker Arch Sloan was, too. A super-predator who brags in prison about the serial killings he got away with. Complains that after he was named as a suspect, he’s been beaten and robbed in prison. Sucks to be you, old man. Do you know what the difference is between Ted Lamborgine, Arch Sloan and philanthropist Frank Shelden or some pedophile/suit with a home on Cass Lake or Orchard Lake? Not a damn thing.

Another person who sees through the bullshit in this case.

Check it out: 

I love that the author ends with 11 Warning Signs of Gaslighting. This is the Michigan State Police playbook made plain.

DNA leads to arrest in the killing of a New York teenager 35 years ago

Does this sound like someone who passed a polygraph?

As detailed in Marney Keenan’s book, The Snow Killings, in the summer of 2009, a person of interest was polygraphed in Atlanta–a neighbor of Chris Busch; John Hastings. (Pages 139-40). This man had been on the radar screen of law enforcement since the very beginning. In 1992, Birmingham PD gave him a big pass. In 2009, Det. Garry Gray with the MSP gave him another pass, along with a cheery “stay in touch!”

Thank you to a careful reader who located the following passage from the FOIA documents concerning this “passed” polygraph by Hastings. I will say this: It took lawsuits, appeals, over $11,000 plus attorney fees to get a pile of redacted documents from the Michigan State Police. A pile of documents wherein they neatly tucked photos of my brother’s dead body. If you have read The Snow Killings, you know this is right up the alley of Garry Gray and Dave Robertson. Very clever, gentlemen. If you have grandkids, I hope you remember this little stunt every time you look at them.

As with any big document response, redactions can be made with a heavy hand and still result in a few slip ups.

As another reader observed, the public should both fear the killers and the system. Outside of Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy, there is no one who has seriously taken on the corruption within the system. In this case, there is plenty.

The kind of corruption that allows a man like this to slip through the cracks on so many occasions. It cannot be explained by laziness and mistakes. An accomplice, an accessory, felony murder. These labels may apply to a number of still-living people in this case. Some people are still alive who are left holding the bag. It is the job of law enforcement to make good on their oath of office, not make assumptions that allow for a quick ditching of suspects or information. You know there are still LE alive who don’t want this case solved, no matter what bullshit they tell the occasional reporter who inquires about the status.

People are alive who participated in these crimes and/or have information they should have come forward with. There are apparently no good cops from back in the day who know how this thing got shut down and want to talk. Cowards, all of them. The system may be irrevocably broken in Oakland County, Michigan.

No, this does not in any way sound like someone who passed a polygraph. It sounds like big ego-ed state police deciding they couldn’t handle the truth, most certainly not if a civilian like Helen Dagner dished it up.