US v. Maxwell

Opening arguments begin on Monday in United States v. Maxwell, the case brought against Jeffrey Epstein’s tool, Ghislaine Maxwell. The court ruled it will allow the wealthy “socialite” to call expert witness and friend to monsters, Professor Elizabeth Loftus, to testify about false memory syndrome. Loftus, of memory is malleable, victims of sex crimes make this shit up or embellish, everyone deserves a defense and don’t you dare forget about the presumption of innocence, fame. 

I guess if one is capable of overcoming shame and fear and comes forward about sexual victimization, the trauma of the victimization will render one incapable of any reliable memory. Thus the circle is complete and victimizer prevails every time. Dare to come forward? Attorneys for the defense will make sure you are further traumatized and disenfranchised.

Here’s a little overview of the problems with “false memory syndrome”: People I otherwise respect have even tossed this one back at me when I raise the issue of people victimized as kids in Oakland County during the heyday of the late 1970s and early 1980s (you know, when the Law and Order prosecutorial team of Brooks Patterson and Richard Thompson were shaking down alleged welfare cheats and turning a blind eye to child predators). I view it as a permanent black mark once someone defaults to this argument as an almost automatic response.

Loftus testified on behalf of Harvey Weinstein and Jerry Sandusky. Let’s hope the jury in the Maxwell case can see past this desperate defense and return a similar verdict.

Court Records Show That Emails and Phone Data Were Searched in Child Porn Probe of Billionaire Denny Sanford — ProPublica

ProPublica won access to search warrants showing a child pornography investigation of South Dakota’s richest man, confirming our reporting from last year.
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“He got to die with people thinking he was an upstanding man. And he wasn’t.”

A suspect’s daughter helps solve the 1959 murder of a 9-year-old girl in Spokane, WA:

“The FBI has a responsibility to ensure that every alleged child abuse victim with whom the Bureau interacts is protected against further harms and to hold those committing these heinous acts accountable.”

From a letter sent last Friday by a bipartisan group of senators to FBI Director Christopher Wray requesting full, written explanations of changes in the FBI’s policies following the recommendations from the Inspector General’s Office following FBI failures in the Larry Nassar investigation. The OIG report said FBI officials made “numerous and fundamental errors” and “violated multiple FBI policies.” Two months ago Wray testified before a Senate subcommittee that he would provide written answers. The senators are making sure Wray has this on his “to do” list.

The senators also wrote the OIG, specifically asking for additional audits of the FBI’s work when it comes to sex crimes against children, and to audit and evaluate the FBI’s adherence to its new training and policy changes, in addition to the effectiveness of the new regulations addressing the failures outlined in the Nassar report. They also asked for a comprehensive audit of the bureau’s Crimes Against Children Program, particularly focusing on sex crimes and trafficking.

The FBI has a responsibility to every child abuse victim they interact with, no matter when or at what age they come forward or are interviewed. They are subject to further harms whenever a predator is exposed, especially one in a lab coat, suit and tie or uniform. I hope the delay in Wray’s written response is because he and his agency are taking a very deep look at the ramifications of their failures and their inadequate policies when it comes to sex crimes.

We will never know what the FBI link to the cover up of the OCCK crimes is. But if you want proof that the victims of pedophiles need protection not only from the sex criminals but perhaps also from law enforcement, consider this portion of a transcript of an interview of Vince Gunnels on February 25, 1977, after his name was given to police by another victim of Busch and Greene on January 26, 1977:

As a victim and a minor, Vince Gunnels’ name was never in the press in connection with Busch or Greene. Charges against Busch for assaulting Gunnels were not even filed until March 2, 1977 (Montmorency County). Someone made that call on February 19, 1977, who had an interest in protecting Busch and knew something only known to law enforcement. At that time only law enforcement knew Gunnels was a victim. A little less than a month after this interview, Tim King’s body would be on the side of Gill Road in Livonia.

So if the FBI thinks all is well in OCCK land and that surely victims of the Oakland County child sex/porn ring would come forward with no worries after all these years, or that other whistleblowers from Oakland County or the Michigan State Police would speak freely, they need to think again. And step up their efforts in every single sex crime or public corruption case to protect victims and whistleblowers, whenever they come forward. Walk the talk.

FBI and OIG, your paper is due with the U.S. Senate. Past due.

A prosecutor in Pennsylvania makes good on campaign promise to review cold cases and use DNA evidence.

Warren County, PA Prosecuting Attorney Jim Pfeiffer announced that the victim of a 1991 homicide had been identified after his office collaborated with the New Jersey State Police Cold Case Unit, the state police Office of Forensic Sciences, the University of North Texas Center for Human Identification, BODE Technologies (a private company) and the Center for Missing and Exploited Children. Pfeiffer has made it a priority to use DNA technology to help solve cold case homicides since he took office last year.

Imagine if there was this kind of collaboration in the OCCK case. It is crystal clear to me why there never has been and probably never will be. The OCP office of L.B. Patterson and Richard Thompson was all too happy to leave this festering file of corruption and incompetence parked with the Michigan State Police, an agency with a massive chip on its shoulder and a penchant for pushing food around the “forever open investigation” plate. Now that all who remain from the initial investigation days can apparently not remember what they had for breakfast today, let alone what they did in the biggest serial murder case in Michigan history over forty years ago, and no one new has the appetite or courage to take this on, it appears Brooksie’s ignoble strategy was solid.


The documentary Procession examines sexual abuse by predatory Roman Catholic priests and their complicit enablers in a very profound way. It began streaming on Netflix today. The documentary “is a collaboration made with six men who work together to find the truth and healing they ought to have been afforded by the church.”

The critics’ consensus on Rotten Tomatoes is that the film is “[h]arrowing yet essential viewing,” and probes “the lasting legacy of trauma with heart-wrenching grace.” Grace that is ironically absent from the Catholic church’s response to victims of pedophile priests and its constant battle to keep statutes of limitations in place to deny victims recourse. The church affords victims nothing unless forced to do so. It is outrageous.

Outrageous and harrowing. The critics are right–it is difficult but essential viewing.

Cold Case Consultants of America Compiles Largest Known Database of Letters by Serial Killers Dating Back to 1944

The Michigan State Police denied this group’s relatively recent FOIA request for a copy of the “Allen” letter in the OCCK case, as well as the brief phone message allegedly left by “Allen” on the answering machine of Dr. Bruce Danto on April 10, 1977 at 2 p.m. Of course the MSP claimed “open investigation,” which is utter nonsense because there is nothing active about this investigation. They denied the production of the audio tape despite the fact that this minute-long message was played on the Sonya Friedman radio show on WXYZ (metro-Detroit), which aired twice on May 16, 1979.

The actual Zodiac killer letters were released and shown to the public. The substance of the “Allen” letter was reported on in the press in the spring of 1977, but the letter itself was never photographed or copied for the press so the public could look at the handwriting. Friedman was airing the phone message in an attempt to ask for the public’s help in recognizing the caller. Task force commander Robert Robertson complained to the press on May 16, 1979, that this was all “really old hat.” He further whined that: “They’re rehashing it. First of all, you have no idea that it’s a legitimate letter. One can only assume the tape and letter came from the same person. We don’t know the value of it [the tape] . . . Most of [the tape] you can’t understand anyway.”

The next day, Robertson said airing the tip was worth a try, but went on to opine that “I personally support the theory that he isn’t around here anymore, but that doesn’t mean his grandmother doesn’t know that he is the killer.” Friedman explained that she and Robertson were hoping “to bring the case to a state of rest. Even if the person is dead, we should know or there will never be a psychological closure to this thing.”

You would think the state police, who have made virtually no progress whatsoever in this case in some 45 years, would welcome any help or observations they could get. Nope. They just double-down. It’s what they do best; that’s the legacy of Robert Robertson and Joe Krease.


Another judge cut from the Brett Kavanaugh, Truman A. Morrison III ( and Aaron Persky ( varieties of cloth:

Another judge who minimizes, denies or scoffs at sex crimes, especially those committed by wealthy white men/boys. Welcome to the club, Matthew J. Murphy III. I can’t believe the ranks continue to increase, but here we are.

Another Hoffa dig.

No one touches the OCCK case, yet it is once again time to conduct a dig for the remains of convicted felon Jimmy Hoffa, this time under the Pulaski Skyway in New Jersey. Hoffa was last seen at the Machus Red Fox restaurant in Bloomfield Township on July 30, 1975. Hoffa’s disappearance, a high-profile, unsolved crime, took place under the reign of prosecutor L. Brooks Patterson and his bag man, Richard Thompson. The OCCK, another high-profile, unsolved crime, also took place during the reign of these two “law and order” (when it worked for them) men.

For less than the cost of obtaining a search warrant and a multi-day, radar site survey and ultimately a dig, somebody in the FBI (or some other agency, just not the MSP!) could speak (for starters) to the following still-living people to get to the bottom of the public corruption that took place in the OCCK case: Richard Thompson, Edward Sosnick, Wayne Chapman, Judith Fullerton, Jessica Cooper, Paul Walton, Mike Bouchard and Gary Miller. Then, if they want to attempt to actually get answers concerning the abductions and murders, they can lean hard on Vince Gunnels, John Hastings, Larry Wasser and Charles Busch. No more softball.

This latest Hoffa dig is based on a deathbed confession, the kind of confession a few people in Oakland County hope never happens in the OCCK case. You aren’t home free, yet. Only your pals who predeceased you are.


Michigan readers, this is a shocking missing person case. Brendan Santo, 18, was last seen leaving Yakeley Hall on Michigan State University’s campus shortly before midnight on October 29. The Grand Valley State University student was visiting friends at MSU at the time. His car was found where he left it but there has been no sign of Brendan. Someone must know something. Two weeks have passed with no leads.

If you have any information, please contact the MSU police tip line at 844-996-7873. Tips can be anonymous. You never know what piece of information may help.