Law enforcement stuck with it and solved this 1978 case

Such a contrast to the actions and attitudes of the MSP and Oakland County in the OCCK case.

Hail to the Victims exposes a microcosm of the State of Michigan’s “constructive knowledge, functional blindness and incredible guilt.”

Agencies and institutions in Michigan love a good scapegoat. They love a good victim-blame game. Jonathan Vaughn and other survivors of the sexual abuse by University of Michigan physician Dr. Robert Anderson, are not your scapegoat. Way to keep after it.

“Your constructive knowledge, functional blindness and incredible guilt needs no introduction. I will not be the scapegoat. You need to prove that you are serious and committed to not allowing this type of atrocity to ever happen again.” That sums it up for the University of Michigan and, as far as I’m concerned, Oakland County, Michigan and the Michigan State Police in the OCCK case. It’s disgusting, shameful, enduring and endemic.

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