Month: March 2019

  • No Sunshine in Oakland County

    The family of an Orlando woman missing for 13 years announced they will receive the unreacted police files from the Orlando Police Department. The family filed suit against the police department to obtain their records on the case so their private investigator could try to make some headway where the PD had not.  As […]

  • A Sad Task.

    Scan 2019-3-20 11.55.48 Thank you to the person who was kind enough to make sure I got this and other photos.  As sad and hard as they are to look at, I appreciated that they were forwarded to me and not left in some file somewhere forever. As sunny and warm as it was on […]

  • Notes from a few years ago–

    More from the “you can’t make this sh*t up file.”  They are not dated, but it was around this time of year, a few years ago. notes-on-discussion-with-mel-paunovich