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At least the Michigan State Police detective who had an affair with this judge (who presided over the trial in a double murder he investigated) managed to retire just in the nick of time to save his pension:

Another story of Michigan justice delayed

I am still outraged by this story, covered again in today’s New York Times :

From the story: “For several decades, until law enforcement finally came calling and their careers came to an end, the coach and the doctor were close friends who made a perfect team of abusers.

John Geddert, a coach of the 2012 Olympic women’s gymnastics team, and Lawrence G. Nassar, the longtime national team doctor, were so close that Geddert had been in Nassar’s wedding party.

The two relied on each other to fuel a cycle of abuse that occurred at Geddert’s gym in Michigan, several of Geddert’s former gymnasts and their parents said on Friday.

‘You had this good cop, bad cop dynamic that worked beautifully,” said Sarah Klein, 41, who has said she was abused by both men. “John would beat us up and break us down both mentally and physically and then send us back to Larry, who would give us a tissue to dry our tears and sexually abuse us. Then he’d send us back to John, often on broken bones and pulled muscles, so the cycle could start all over again.'”

Who on earth believes a man capable of what there was enough evidence to charge him with would just drive on over from his fancy-ass home to his arraignment for charges that could have put him in jail for life and then some? Nobody broke into his home under cover of darkness, guns drawn, to execute an arrest warrant. They should have.

It took forever to charge this guy. First, prosecutors failed to file charges against this man for assault and battery in 2011 and 2013. The further extent of his depraved and criminal behavior became part of the record at the sentencing hearing of Larry Nassar in early 2018. Three years later, after Geddert “retired” from his coaching position at his gym in Michigan and transferred ownership to his wife, Kathryn (a fraudulent transfer, I would argue, meant to protect assets from civil lawsuits), everyone is good with him “turning himself in” to face much more serious charges. It’s outrageous.

One of the women Geddert victimized stated there was no sense of closure for the victims of Nassar or Geddert and she is demanding an independent investigation into who knew what and when at USA Gymnastics and the US Olympic & Paralympic Committee. She explained that there is no way she will let the story conclude this way, with Geddert ending his life at a highway rest stop. No need for this guy to bring his toothbrush to the arraignment (probably would have been released pending trial anyway), but just in case, grab that handgun you coward.

It would seem that Michigan might be ready to wash its hands of the entire gymnastics mess, of Geddert, Nassar and MSU. Nassar is in prison. Geddert offed himself. MSU is paying out settlements, but won’t play ball in the investigation into who knew what when at that fine institution, claiming “attorney-client privilege.”

As previously noted, an Orange County newspaper reported the “eerily reminiscent” 2015 suicide of 49-year-old USA gymnastics coach Marvin Sharp. Sharp killed himself in an Indianapolis jail cell while being held on four counts of child molesting and three counts of sexual misconduct with a minor. Between Sharp, Epstein and now Geddert, hopefully prosecutors have learned you don’t give these privileged, white, male sex offenders any slack (or hand guns or sheets). No working with their untrustworthy, high-priced attorneys, no “turn yourself in,” and an immediate 24-hour suicide watch, on camera with no sleepy guards. No time or leeway to move assets before the civil suits start. No sitting on these allegations like the Detroit office of the FBI sat on the Nassar CSC complaints. And you know what? No backing down from institutions like MSU without a court battle on their cries of “attorney-client privilege” as they sabotage investigations into their criminally-inclined employees. Something doesn’t pass the smell test there.

Until institutions like MSU, USA Gymnastics and the US Olympic Committee start having to pay immense damages (and not drop-in-the-bucket amounts given their revenues) to all victims, they will continue to ignore young athletes, students and their parents and protect and promote monsters like Geddert and Nassar in a confused or intentional play to protect reputations unworthy of protection. Complicit enablers need to go down, too, however that can be managed.

Take a listen

Take a listen to author Marney Rich Keenan discuss her book The Snow Killings: Inside the Oakland County Child Killing Investigation with podcaster Dan Zupansky on True Murder: The Most Shocking Killers. Listen until the end, some information not discussed in previous podcasts is explored:

The Clown and The Candyman airs on ID (Investigation Discovery) on March 14 and 15 at 9:00 p.m. The eight-part narrative podcast which aired before this documentary and includes discussion of the OCCK crimes and the original pedophile island–N. Fox Island and predator Frank Shelden is ground-breaking. If you haven’t listened to all eight episodes here is the link:

See also: 

I will post a reminder and a link closer to March 14th. I watched the documentary on Discovery-Plus and it was excellent. Cineflix also produced Children of the Snow, a documentary based on a book written by J. Reuben Appelman about the OCCK crimes. It first aired two years ago, in February 2019.

People all over the world have viewed Children of the Snow and some have spoken up. They contacted my Dad. They contacted me. They contacted J. Reuben Appelman. They contacted Marney Keenan. Are you sensing a theme? None of us has police powers. The MSP had a tip line for a time, but I know of very, very few people (3?) who were contacted in response to leaving information. Now the tip line is dead. I can’t tell people who to call with tips. Michigan has been very effective at first not asking the public for help and then, decades later after information is given to the public via books and media, making it impossible to get any traction on leads or pangs of conscience motivated by these works. Call someone other than the MSP? In circular fashion, they will happily send you to the MSP. Where your information will go no where. They have had 45 years to perfect their technique.

Even after all of the work done by Cory Williams and Wayne County, Oakland County and the MSP continue to do the bob and weave on this case. I don’t know what it’s going to take, but I am giving a lot of thought to what can be done to move this thing. You have won so far, but keep looking over your shoulder. We are still here waiting for some semblance of justice for four dead pre-teens who can no longer speak for themselves. The shame should be overwhelming, but all these liars and weak-tit ego-maniacs have weathered it so far. All of it. I hope to find a way to sink this sick ship.

Compare this case, announced by the Michigan AG today, where someone called in a tip on an Osceola County Sheriff’s Deputy who was sentenced for child sex crimes and felony drug charges. The system worked. Someone calls in a tip, someone takes it seriously and this freak gets arrested and pleads guilty based on the investigation. It is almost incomprehensible when you compare it to the OCCK case.

The predation discussed in these podcasts, books and documentaries is so profoundly disturbing and the thought that officials continue to throw up roadblocks in the investigation into the OCCK and related child victimization cases is perhaps even more so. The rot is deep and foundational and speaks not only to guilty silence on the part of many, but also public corruption. As Marney Keenan says in this podcast: The truth matters. Don’t let these people in Oakland County and the MSP, charged with protecting society and working on behalf of victims, continue to act in a way to defile this concept.

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