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  • Opinion: Bills would empower survivors of U-M’s Dr. Robert Anderson

    Legislation would give survivors a new one-year window for legal action and limit immunity for universities. — Read on

  • Violating oath of office and obstructing police

    I was driving last Wednesday when I heard the news that the three white Georgia men who chased, cornered and killed Ahmaud Arbery were found guilty of felony murder and malice murder (the “youngster” in the group of “citizen arresters”). I felt relief wash over me and a lessening of the stomach and headache I […]

  • US v. Maxwell

    Opening arguments begin on Monday in United States v. Maxwell, the case brought against Jeffrey Epstein’s tool, Ghislaine Maxwell. The court ruled it will allow the wealthy “socialite” to call expert witness and friend to monsters, Professor Elizabeth Loftus, to testify about false memory syndrome. Loftus, of memory is malleable, victims of sex crimes […]