“Busch was a fun guy to be around and wasn’t violent.”

In the words of a contemporary of the ubiquitous Vince Gunnels back in the day. This doesn’t sound like fun to me:


Thought you could use a laugh . . .

A friend sent this screenshot yesterday from Governor Whitmer’s twitter account on Holocaust Remembrance Day:


It was prefaced with “Thought you could use a laugh.”

How about silence, Governor Whitmer? Silence from a law enforcement agency that reports directly to you. And silence from you in the face of letters from living victims of pedophiles who operated with impunity in Michigan and constituents who want to know just where this case is or if if is stalled out forever. Or, of course, the “call the state police and have a good day” responses, which amount to silence.

SILENCE ENCOURAGES THE TORMENTOR, NEVER THE TORMENTED. Just ask any of the living victims of pedophiles and pedophile rings in your grand state.

Email from August 27, 2007

And here’s an interesting email from the late Helen Dagner to someone who was sharing information with her about a possible suspect. Dated August 27, 2007, it would be a few months before the names Chris Busch, Greg Green and Vince Gunnels came to light in a new way.


Almost 13 years later, we sit waiting for that needle-in-a-haystack DNA hit (it would help if they would actually use the most cutting-edge procedures) to someone whose DNA can probably only be accessed through genetic genealogy.

Detroit News May 29, 1977, 600 abduction attempts in Oakland County

Interesting article.





First case in Illinois in which genetic geneology was used to solve a 1976 murder.

Today DuPage County State’s Attorney Robert Berlin announced that the 44-year-old murder case of high school junior Pamela Maurer had been solved using genetic geneology to identify the murderer, a likely serial killer. He died in 1981. https://patch.com/illinois/lisle/break-expected-1976-lisle-cold-case-murder

Berlin said that in 2001, biological evidence from Maurer’s body was analyzed and the DNA was added to the county’s Combined DNA Index System (CODIS) system, but no matches ever came up. In 2019, experts used DNA phenotyping to determine characteristics such as the suspect’s facial traits, eye color and appearance, and create a composite image of Maurer’s killer. A public genealogy database was used to build a family tree to help identify potential new leads in the case.

The information led police to Bruce Lindahl of Aurora, who died in 1981. Lindahl’s body was exhumed Nov. 6, 2019, in an attempt to get DNA to compare with the evidence collected from Maurer’s body.

Lindahl’s DNA came up as a match for the DNA found on Maurer’s body, authorities said.

As a result of the discovery, police believe they can now link Lindahl to other victims. “We have evidence that there may be other young women who were victimized by Bruce Lindahl between 1974 and his death in 1981,” Berlin said.

Law enforcement followed the methods used in 2018 to identify and arrest the Golden State Killer/East Area Rapist in California.

Thank you to a reader for sending this link.

A few points:

1. 1976 case.
2. Look at the efforts made by this small, suburban police department over the years to solve this young woman’s murder case.
3. Press conference to announce the resolution of the case by the DuPage County’s State’s Attorney even though this piece of shit is long dead. He died in 1981 when he accidentally cut his own femoral artery while fatally stabbing an 18-year-old high school student. There’s some Karma for you.
4. When Oakland County officials and the FBI exhumed David Norberg in Wyoming for DNA testing in 1999 they found his DNA “did not match pubic hair found on 11-year-old Timothy King . . . ” https://billingsgazette.com/news/state-and-regional/wyoming/dna-does-not-link-wyoming-suspect-to-child-killings/article_09bf037b-a13a-57e3-b2a2-da97f541bcf2.html. No mention of the hair found on Kristine. No mention of the hair found on Mark. No mention of the hair found in the “Pontiac debris” (Arch Sloan’s red, 1966 Pontiac Bonneville). So now that these hairs have all magically appeared, how about treating them the way they did in the Golden State Killer case and the murder of this young, vibrant high school junior in 1976?

WHY HAVEN’T YOU DONE THIS? If this hair evidence cannot be evaluated in the most cutting-edge way possible (we’ve talked about this before . . .), tell us why! If you have multiple hairs (Mark, Tim, the hairs in the Pontiac) and they all are from the same source, as you have told the public, there should not be an issue with extinguishing the evidence. You have more than one hair.

Are the OCCK victims not worthy of figuring out how to use genetic geneology in this case? How can you justify not making the attempt?

Monsters: Rich Philanthropist Francis D. Shelden and Catholic Priest John R. Thwaytes.

WARNING; this is very triggering, disturbing information. Nightmare material. I am posting this in the off-chance that someone out there can help. I am also posting it because it shows what happens when prosecutors can’t get their shit together to arrest a wealthy pedophile before he flees justice. Washtenaw County’s buck passing and St. Claire County’s little “work load” excuse back in 1976 allowed incredible damage to be done to thousands of boys and their families down the line. Nice work.


Read this email I received from a reader who knows what Frank Shelden did after he left Michigan and the United States. His new Fox Island was a boys orphanage in India.

Dear Cathy

I realise you may find this obscure – please take time to look at it.

I have identified a Catholic priest in India as a lifelong friend of Frank Shelden, who hosted him as a paedophile visiting the orphanage that the priest ran in India, which is how I come into the picture.

The priest died in 2015 and then I found out he was a paedophile years earlier. A major paedophile. And a murderer.

I suspect this priest of having robust involvement on North Fox Island, and I think his DNA should be checked.

As a possible suspect in the Oakland County Child killings. I do note that a strong rumour of a “priest leaked out of the country at the time” was remarked by lower ranked law officers according to one or more bloggers.

I have looked at the photofit likenesses of the OCCK suspect, I have three different drawings,
and I have a lot of varied images of the priest, which of course is meaningless, but there is a striking resemblance all the same. I have made up a compilation image of all the pics together

I have evidence that the priest had more than one passport, that is he had fake identity, and could easily have been in the USA, while ostensibly still in India.I have a copy of the fake Indian passport dated long after OCCK but if he had a fake then, why would we think he might not have had one earlier?

The priest was ordained at Mary glade seminary, and lived in the vicinity of the OCCK murders throughout 1962 – 1966 but he retained close ties to Detroit, even though he was English.

Significant funds came into the orphanage, from Detroit, and I think Frank Sheldon was sending quite a bit of that money, but again this is hardly relevant, except that to show the ongoing connection to Detroit.
The priest returned on fundraising, ostensibly, because don’t forget he was a missionary who came from the local Detroit Seminary and they were funding him also as I understand.

I have photographic evidence of Frank Shelden holding orphan children, in this orphanage in India, years before I came along of course. All of this info of Shelden has been exposed to me within the last 9 months and the criminal matters in India only after the priest died in 2015.

I have identified another international paedophile in close liaison and friendship with Frank, and that is Dr Frits Bernard, and I have photographs of him also at the orphanage in India. Over these men were coming there to have sex with orphan boys, who were too poor and illiterate and isolated, and were trafficked by the priest

I would like to attach a photograph but I suspect my previous communications have been perhaps auto-discarded, so I won’t send an attachment until I get confirmation that you are willing to receive an attachment.

The priest is accused of killing a woman, or at the least concealing her body illegally, under a building in the orphanage, and I have a map to this illegal grave but he also buried a Child secretively in the midnight hours, and I believe that was one of his victims who died from abuse.

I also have a map to where that grave is, but getting any action in India is very difficult.

An eyewitness has described how this priest nearly murdered a man in front of his eyes. The diary of the priest which I am now holding makes reference to snuff sex.

The priest is alleged to have been interested in black magic.

There is a great deal about this man that makes me think he is a very ideal suspect in the murder of one or more of the Oakland victims. There might have been more than one killer.

It is very hard to get attention, but I think I have some very troubling information that needs to at least be eliminated.
If the priest was not involved, or if there is not enough evidence, if his DNA is not match, well then fine.

But surely every lead should be followed. I believe that the American police should contact Indian Federal police and request a crime scene be declared, to exhume or find other sources of DNA of the priest
And of course to locate those Indian victims.

I have tried to convey this info to US police but unsuccessfully

let me know if I can send a compilation image with all the pics I have of the priest.

His name was John Robert Thwaytes and he was a damaged sexual psychopath and even I forgot to mention had issues with females and maybe the OCCK killer also had this as I note the girls were not sexually touched allegedly.

I am Adrian Millane of Nambour, Queensland, Australia 4560 +61431593446 and Skype Facebook Ade O’Maolain

I received permission from Adrian to post his email, including contact information and the attachments.

Here is the compilation image with the photos/pictures of Thwatyes:


Here is a passport photo of the man from 1981.


The diary page Adrian sent is from this priest’s diary and it goes on about how much he thought about snuff sex and his fantasy that he himself be tortured to death. It is horrifying and I will spare you the read. But snuff sex is certainly something Frank Shelden capitalized on and probably enjoyed himself.


Read lines 17-37 if you have the stomach for it, and ask yourself how a monster like Frank Shelden was allowed to flee justice and hook up with another monster like Thwatyes, to rape and abuse probably thousands more boys overseas. No doubt some were murdered as well for their snuff fantasies:


From the archives

A lot has changed since 1976 and 1977. Work computers to log and quantify data. Home computers and laptops. The internet. Cell phones and cameras. DNA testing. MtDNA testing. Police body cameras. Surveillance cameras. Fingerprint databases. Child Pornography databases. Sex offender registries. Ancestry databases and GEDmatch.

But before Facebook (2004) and podcasts (late 2004), and before America’s obsession with true crime stories (2009, 2020-01-11_191038), cold case forums started cropping up on the internet. No longer relegated to the one-way street of t.v. shows about murders and unsolved crimes, people could now discuss cases, mostly unsolved cases, compare notes, ask questions and vent frustrations. Web sleuthing began.

In March 2001, Todd Matthews, then the ColdCases Moderator/Media Director for Doenetwork & Outpost for Hope, posted a site called “1976-77 Oakland County Child Slayings.” The site began with the unedited transcript segments from Helen Dagner, who claimed to know the killer. In it, Dagner describes months of conversations she had with a man John in 1991. Take a look.


John was investigated in Alpena, MI in 1992, and he walked. Although the FOIA request my family would file more than a decade later was confined to file information about Christopher Busch and Greg Green, the case file on John was included, so I know he was investigated then and again in 2009. The records are quite detailed. After 1992, John moves to Atlanta, Georgia and Helen continues her own investigation.

Helen later started her own forums about the OCCK crimes. For example, http://cloakdagner.proboards.com/, and http://cloakdagner.proboards.com/thread/251/archives-oakland-county-child-murders. This case also was discussed on the forum Topix, back when that site allowed some pretty unbridled bad shit to go on. Some posters on Topix were threatening, crude and/or crazy. It was the early days of hiding behind a screen name. John’s full name, John Hastings, appeared on Topix. Helen took no prisoners. If you didn’t think John was involved, you were in for a fight. Unfortunately, she lied when she thought it helped her cause. This caused distrust with police as well as some who were interested in helping her out.

Helen died in November of 2018. There are lots of Helen stories out there and trust me, I got kicked in the face as hard as anybody out there. NO comments below, please, about your opinion, history or run-ins with Helen or Topix war stories. I will delete them. That’s not the point here.

The OCCK case stayed alive because of Helen Dagner. It did; sorry if you disagree. Back when many people over 50 could barely navigate their at-home emails, Helen went public with her story online after the police dusted her off. When I read the comments/updates on Todd Matthew’s site, I was really alarmed. Say what you want at that point about John as either suspect, participant or lying sack of shit, those comments carried one basic theme: Oakland County wants this case to go away for good. Thanks for the tip, now get lost.

Here’s something pretty awesome. Helen would monitor who was on her site(s) and for how long. She sent me many pages showing visitors from Oakland County government and the MSP. Here is an example–while this one is somewhat primitive, the IP address reports were much improved down the road, and quite informative. 2020-01-11_190906

Once the task force was “revitalized,” Helen had many discussions/communications with Dets. Gray and Robertson. Like it or not, Helen had some good sources and some of them were law enforcement. She never revealed her sources. A few of us have racked our brains trying to remember where that OCCK blonde suspect sketch came from. We just remember we saw or got it through Helen.

When I first read Helen’s 2001 “testimony” on Todd’s site in 2006, I sent a copy to a friend who was a private investigator/polygrapher (previously a police officer and a police chief). I also included copies of many newspaper articles about my brother’s case, as well as correspondence retired Det./Sgt. Jack Kalbfleisch had given me concerning the LeMans information that was never made public. I begged my friend for his opinion. He got back to me in May 2006. Regarding Helen, he said: “Cathy, a person can be crazy and still be right.”

Regarding the failures of the MSP, he told me had often crossed paths with polygraphers from the MSP and polygraph conferences and thought they had a good reputation. He said he was going to a polygraph conference in Las Vegas in a few weeks and would ask about this new task force and get a feel for whether they were really on to something, or spending money making more rabbit holes.

At this point I said, this is probably a long-shot, but I have a childhood friend who is a polygrapher in California. He lived across the street from where we lived and knew my brother Tim and our entire family. I told him if he crossed paths with Patrick Coffey, Patrick would be able to tell him more about my brother. The phone went silent and my friend said “Patrick Coffey? Patrick filled in to help teach a polygraph course in Idaho with me recently.” My friend went on to explain that Patrick was a really good guy, and that at the last minute he was subbed in for another guy who couldn’t teach that week. Michigan–Idaho–California. What are the odds?

In July I received a call from my friend. He sounded pretty freaked out. He said he had met up with Patrick at the polygraph conference and would be calling me asap and that I needed to take the call. He assured me that what Patrick had to say was very important and to listen carefully.

I learned that when my friend approached Patrick at the conference, he told him they had a mutual friend–me. Patrick had hours before encountered Larry Wasser, a Southfield, MI, polygrapher who told him he had crossed paths with the man who killed my brother. So when I keep saying on my blog that the Universe wants this case solved, I don’t know how much more evidence you all need. It took time, but eventually we got the name of the man Wasser was speaking of. Christopher Brian Busch.

For more about this background, see After the Snow: The Oakland County Child Murders and the Search for the Killer, a master’s thesis written by Julia Cianci. Julia was completing her MFA in nonfiction writing and a mutual friend suggested we talk. Julia spent hours talking with me, face-to-face and online. She was the only person who would listen to me and to this day, the only person who asked me open-ended questions. Her thesis explains how I got involved with Helen Dagner. The thesis ended long before the case blew up. Julia was kind enough to get permission from her professors to keep the dissertation “closed” and unpublished online for a few years so as not to jeopardize the investigation. I see that it has been downloaded over 5,000 times since 2009. https://scholarworks.uno.edu/cgi/viewcontent.cgi?article=1139&context=td *Some names were changed to protect identities. Some people who had come forward were not treated very well.

Christopher Brian Busch lived .4 miles from Helen’s suspect, John Hastings. https://www.google.com/maps/dir/200+Tuckahoe+Rd,+Bloomfield+Hills,+MI+48301/3310+Morningview+Terrace,+Bloomfield+Hills,+MI/@42.5460355,-83.2603178,16.59z/data=!4m13!4m12!1m5!1m1!1s0x8824b87d26709c65:0x636822e21f0af1fd!2m2!1d-83.260512!2d42.5465639!1m5!1m1!1s0x8824b87ddd93e267:0xfdb882e950f57413!2m2!1d-83.256392!2d42.547208

I pointed this out to Detective Williams on December 27, 2007. 2020-01-11_191155

Investigators later went to Atlanta and spoke with John Hastings again on August 10, 2009. He was again sent on his way. 2020-01-11_191303

His DNA does not match the hairs found on Mark, Tim, Krisine, and in Sloan’s 1966 Bonneville. I don’t know that he ever took the polygraph to be set up by the Georgia Bureau of Investigation.

This is the point of my post: If Helen Dagner had not kept after this, no one would really be the wiser about how this case got “handled” in the past. I would have never known enough to be very careful with that polygrapher tip. It would have gotten buried and we would have heard more of the same: Too bad, so sad, we just can’t wrap this case up. Ted Lamborgine, Richard Lawson, Arch Sloan, Christopher Busch, Greg Green, Vince Gunnels, David Norberg, Todd Warszchycha, John Hastings, John McKinney. Just names on a whodunit dance card.

Millions of dollars to create more rabbit holes. “You can be crazy and still be right.” And you can be smart and still be wrong.

Thank you to a reader . . .

OCCK Blonde Suspect Composite

Thanks to a reader for sending me this composite drawing, described on the HelenDagner.com Archives as the “OCCK Blonde Suspect Composite.” Vince Gunnels?? I wish I had the photo of a young Vince Gunnels as seen in Children of the Snow.

You Know They Know, January 5, 2020

Take a listen to three new episodes in J. Reuben Appelman’s podcast series, You Know They Know. Start with episode 1 if you are just getting started.

Episodes 9-11 dropped today about Vince Gunnels, Arch Sloan and the Michigan State Police.