More Silence from the Detroit Area Press

Marney Keenan’s book, The Snow Killings, Inside the Oakland County Child Killer Investigation, has been out for about two weeks. Nothing in the Detroit area press about her book. I realize times are different right now with COVID-19, but this smacks just a little too much of the Detroit area press always playing it cozy (or at least safe) with law enforcement. Maybe it’s just the long history of lap dog cop beat reporters in Southern Michigan. There were not any Marilyn Wrights in the Detroit area in the 70s writing about the original Pedophile Island, North Fox Island. No, Wright wrote those powerful investigative journalism pieces from Traverse City, Michigan. The Detroit press didn’t have jack shit to say about any of that.

Silence does not create justice. It never has and it never will. To steal from a George Will column today in The Washington Post, on an entirely different topic, “”Hell,’ Thomas Hobbes supposedly said, ‘is truth seen too late.'”

Other news outlets are interested in the story of failure and corruption in Oakland County. I guess in OC denial just feels better. Welcome to Hell.

GM wasn’t just churning out oversized gas-guzzlers in the 1970s.

I’ve posted this before, but it is worth considering again. Others have emailed over the years about the little side-biz going on at GM with “photography” and “filming,” as I have posted about previously as well.

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The “unbelievable machinations of a corrupt city.”

Here is an editorial review of Marney Rich Keenan’s book The Snow Killings, Inside the Oakland County Child Killer Investigation:

Editorial Reviews
About the Author
Marney Rich Keenan is an award-winning reporter and columnist, recently retired after 26 years with The Detroit News. She lives in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan.
“Those of us, and there are many thousands at least, who have waited for some decent resolution of these horrid killings, will be grateful for this very comprehensive account of the Oakland County Child Killings. For those who are unaware, these were 4 young children who were taken off the streets of Detroit and environs in the late 70s, held and tortured, then killed and deposited outside. Four cases never solved. There are people who have waited forty plus years for law enforcement to arrest and prosecute for these murders, something that most likely is now impossible due to time and deaths. But there is a sea of people whose anger about this fiasco just doesn’t quit.
Author Keenan has been onto and into these cases for a very long time and her book is a major accomplishment, a tour de force without question. I certainly hope and expect that it will snag the attention of television and film producers and maybe even government officials. The narrative rises and swells with a boatload of possible sexual predators, most of whom were investigated and found to not be involved. Of course a select few did rise to the surface and they have stayed there ever since, uncaught, unexamined in any depth and allowed to die and fade away.

It’s a very complicated mess that Keenan straightens out magnificently. Finally, we know who was being looked at and what was covered and not covered by LE. At least we know some of it. We can now learn how the family of the last victim fell into new information that sent the investigation in a completely different direction and we can read about how lousy Detroit politics prevented any resolution. We can see who paid off whom and why. You really HAVE TO read this book! Read how Detroit bigwigs can bribe their way out of their loved ones killing kids.

It’s complex as I say, but you will be amazed at how one parent has bulldogged this case without stopping for years. While at the same time, one set of parents has remained completely reclusive. You will see how some detectives blithely lied to the victimized families while a couple others kept investigating day in and day out. And how one was martyred for the cause by a slick, power hungry prosecutor who has apparently no conscience.

For me it’s weird in a personal way even though I’m completely uninvolved in the case. I come from Detroit. By the time these kids were killed I was starving my way through Manhattan as a young adult, but I know the pertinent locations like the back of my hand. Went to a high school named Cass Tech in the heart of the ultra seedy neighborhood heavily populated by the perps and porn creeps. In college I was good friends with the very nice son of the rotten Medical Examiner, Robert Sillery (WHO KNEW?) My boyfriends came from Birmingham and Bloomfield Hills, areas that feature heavily in this story, are posh by Detroit standards and which were entirely free of kidnappings and murders just four years prior to OCCK.

The Snow Killings is excellently written and it will allow you to take an effortless dive into the unbelievable machinations of a corrupt city. It’s a great book and I don’t say that often.” –Cecilia Brown

CB went through the Helen Dagner meat grinder as I did and has followed the case for many years. This review nails it, just as the book does. It is temporarily out of stock on Amazon. I am a big proponent of local book stores, so maybe you can call your local book store and get curb side delivery. This is especially true if you live outside of Michigan–a book like this needs to reach the entire country, so ask your local book store to carry it. You never know when someone with information who long ago moved from Oakland County might be prompted to come forward.

Those of you in Oakland County who drank the L. Brooks Patterson and MSP Kool-Aid about this case–the decades-long stream of propaganda–might have a hard time accepting the truth evidenced in Keenan’s book. Propaganda and denial are a potent mixture for avoiding the hard truth of what took place in Oakland County back in the day, continuing to the present minute.

What present-day Oakland County law enforcement would have you believe is that everyone who has pushed for answers in this case is wrong to do so. My Dad is “senile.” I am a “strident, crazy bitch.” So is Kristine’s sister, Erica. Detective Cory Williams was not a team player and was a “leaker.” Kristine’s mother was a pushover victim of a reckless plaintiff’s attorney. As Patterson said soon before his death–I don’t know why Mr. King and the other families don’t accept that the case was unsolved and closed. Because it wasn’t closed, you dirty dog. It was “taken care of” and will never be officially closed so your dirty work and that of the state police back in the day can never be fully discovered. You shoved that shit down everyone’s throat from 1977 until your death in 2019. I wish this man had been alive to read Marney’s book (although I’m sure he wouldn’t have).

This book was written by Marney Keenan, a journalist with an impeccable reputation in the Detroit area. So who are you going to believe, Walter Cronkite or Richard Nixon? Ad hominem attacks, of the variety lobbed against victims’ family members in this case, don’t work here. Read the book and weep not only for Mark, Jill, Kris and Tim, but for the state of law enforcement in Oakland County and at the MSP. And weep for the many child victims of predators in that area whose stories were not believed or acknowledged, and knew their victimizers walked free.

“Endorsement: In Democratic primary for Oakland County prosecutor, Karen McDonald is best choice.”

The primary is August 4. The Detroit Free Press published an endorsement of candidate Karen McDonald for the following strong and defensible reasons:

Before the Free Press editorial staff continues to pat itself on the back for its previous endorsements of current prosecutor Jessica Cooper, and effuses any more gratitude for her “ethical stewardship,” someone there ought to read The Snow Killings: Inside the Oakland County Child Killer Investigation, which released last week.

The Snow Killings.

Ethical? How about cynical.

If you live in Oakland County vote Karen McDonald for prosecutor on August 4. You have time to read Marney Keenan’s book before then–and you should.

The editorial notes that L. Brooks Patterson clung to power until the bitter end and that his “patrons and rivals indulged him to the end.” How sickening. Clean house in Oakland County. Rise above the sorry past of Amity–I mean, Oakland County.

Penn State, MSU, US Gymnastics, US Figure Skating.

By now you would think big institutions would stop using their crushing power to silence victims of their employees who are pedophiles. But no. If you have some power, prestige, or a little dough, you can make shit go away–or at least string out the investigative process while you continue to sexually abuse.

Seventy-four-year-old freak posing as an elite American figure skating coach, Richard Callaghan, was recently named as a defendant in two civil lawsuits alleging he subjected victims to years of sexual abuse.;

This freak began abusing boys in the 1970s, which if you get anything from this blog you should be well-aware was a very good decade for pedophiles (especially in Michigan). There were numerous complaints made over the decades, but US Figure Skating and the Professional Skaters Association “were more concerned with covering up their own knowledge of and complicity in Callaghan’s abuse than holding Callaghan accountable for his gross abuse of his power as a coach and protecting young figure skaters from abuse.”

One lawsuit was filed in New York under the New York Child Victims Act, signed into law last year by Governor Andrew Cuomo. This act, which should be the law in every state in the nation, gives survivors of sexual abuse a chance to sue adults whom they accuse of abusing them years ago. Of course the POS Callaghan has filed for bankruptcy (after getting his lifetime suspension from coaching reduced to three years). The plaintiff in the first lawsuit described his motivation: “I need for Richard Callaghan to be stopped. I’m committed to stop giving him the opportunity to abuse anyone else.”

The second lawsuit was filed in California, where Callaghan sexually victimized a skater he was coaching during a figure skating competition. This boy was also victimized while Callaghan was working at the Detroit Skating Club in Bloomfield, Michigan and The Onyx, in Rochester, Michigan. Callaghan came to the Detroit area in 1992 and is apparently now living the life in Naples, Florida. Let’s hope the Detroit Skating Club and The Onyx proceed forthwith with a “comprehensive investigation” of how this predator managed to victimize while on their payrolls.

This guy should be going to prison AND settling these two civil lawsuits. And there are surely other victims. Why should it be this difficult?

The lawsuit is the latest chapter in a fight for accountability that has already spanned more than two decades. Maurizi’s allegations against Callaghan have been the subject of confidential investigations, media reports and legal proceedings, and they have been repeatedly corroborated and even, most recently, validated by the independent watchdog organization responsible for eradicating sexual misconduct in the Olympic Movement.

Yet this man, “who has faced multiple allegations of sexual, physical and emotional misconduct from the elite skaters he coached, will be eligible to return to the ice in 2022, after his lifetime ban from the sport was controversially overturned by an arbitrator.” (Id.). Filed for bankruptcy but I bet he has enough dough to cover his legal defense in these two civil suits. Someone should investigate how he moved his assets around prior to filing for bankruptcy.

In other recent news, I was happy to see that Michigan AG Dana Nessel is appealing the dismissal of charges against former MSU president Lou Anna Simon. Simon was charged with lying to investigators about her knowledge of former MSU sports medicine doctor and now convicted felon Larry Nassar. Simon, who was president of MSU from 2005 to 2018, claimed to know nothing about the hundreds of allegations of sexual abuse by Nassar until she read the Indy Star’s 2016 article about Nassar. Another instance of the press having to do law enforcement and big institutions’ jobs.

Lawsuits against Nassar and MSU allege officials there had been receiving reports of Nassar’s abuse since 1999 and complaints date back much further than that. Apparently these reports never made it to the Ivory Tower until, surprise!, El Presidente read the Indy Star. Read Simon’s resignation letter and see if you see anything about the institutional reforms needed at MSU or the welfare of the students she was entrusted to serve:

I’m sure Simon is well-liked, a “distinguished professor,” and primarily a “principled person,” but I think the words “complicit enabler” apply and take away from those lovely labels. MSU was fined $4.5 million by the US Education Department for their “disgusting and unimaginable” violations of the Clery Act (a federal law requiring colleges to collect data on campus crime and notify students of threats). MSU has paid over $500 million to the 333 or more victims of Nassar during the first wave of civil litigation. MSU denied wrongdoing and offered little insight as to who knew what when.

Who knew what when–always complicated with the inevitable lies. “I don’t recall.” “I never heard the name Busch.” I don’t remember the name Busch ever coming up.” That file “doesn’t have my fingerprints on it.” “I don’t remember anyone filing complaints about a 250 lb, short, bearded slob whose dad was a CFO with GM for flashing or lewd photographs or attempted abductions.” “I don’t remember a guy killing himself at his parents’ upscale Bloomfield Village home and there being a drawing of a screaming boy who looked an awful lot like victim Mark Stebbins, ligatures and a neatly placed shotgun shell on his desk.” Complicit enablers and liars. Add that to your golden resumes, your careers that were never tainted as they should have been. Take that with you to the other side.

Who knew what when. Complicit enablers in the OCCK case knew enough, early enough, to not only prevent one or more of the abductions but to bring this impossibly nasty and corrupt case to some kind of closure decades before one of the loose cannons involved in the cover up eventually fucked up. Robertson, Krease, Patterson and Thompson did a lot to make sure no one could prove who knew what/anything when/ever. The current prosecutor then did more to protect the person with loose lips and her old defense attorney friend than the community she is charged with protecting. Oakland County will never outlive its awful legacy, brought about not only by monsters who roamed freely there but also by the inept, shameful way the investigation was conducted and closed–(but wait, it’s still open! You can’t see those files . . . ).

All of these people are really good at only one thing: Spin. How do you ensure an investigation like the OCCK “investigation” never happens again? Just hope for the best? Get over it? I’m sure that’s what the US figure skating establishment hoped when they passed Richard Callaghan along to the next skating club willing to take anyone who could produce winners. And I’m sure that’s what the OCCK task force higher ups thought back when Busch got offed and the killing stopped.

Do you have information that could help solve the OCCK murders or related crimes?

If you have information you know you need to contact law enforcement. Right now that means the tip line at the Michigan State Police, 833-784-9425.

But I get it, who to trust? That is a very real concern in this and related cases. I have two contacts in law enforcement that I trust. I do not give out their contact information or forward information unless it makes some sense. That is a pretty low bar, but I’m sure the average person can understand that if someone has information that does not include a name, a license plate number or something concrete, nothing can be done about it 43 years later.

On the other hand, this information can help trigger memories of other incidents and people and this blog is a good place for that information to appear. Through this sharing of information, a much clearer picture appears of the very dangerous environments Oakland County and Wayne County were for children in the 1970’s. If you want to email me with your information rather than post directly on my blog, I can be the messenger if need be.

I will not call you. I made that mistake in the early years. You need to email me first at Again, if you won’t provide names, or even your own name, we aren’t going to get very far. And if your information includes crimes committed in other states, you are going to have to contact the other agencies involved as well. I have received a heartbreaking number of emails from people who were victimized in Michigan but fear for their safety in coming forward. What does that tell you about the state of law enforcement? While their stories filled out what I suspected to be true about goings on in Oakland County during the heyday of more “above ground” child pornography and pedophelia, without names and more details, nothing can be done except to grieve for a community that did not protect its most vulnerable.

Don’t let the bad guys win.

It’s going to be a long week.

Here is a comment that appeared on one of my posts this morning.

New comment on catherinebroad

TheraKoon commented on Charles Rogers, blackstonelawyer,

Charles Rogers is much nicer than his alter ego, blackstonelawyer. Charles Rogers & blackstonelawyer Charles, you …

Im confused. He seemed cordial and wanting to provide information. It’s not only cowards that use VPNs. People with key information that could get them killed use them as well.

I actually encourage people to use VPNs whenever they make serious information drops. Perhaps he was being cautious because you admit multiple times on your site that bad guys are literally monitoring this page.

I dunno why you would blow up on a guy simply trying to tell you the truth.

This racket most certainly connects to Atlanta, New York, and Colorado. If it was Chris Busch alone, explain why items from these crimes are still being passed from pedophile to pedophile. It was a whole slew of individuals under blackmail that all did one little thing that led up to a murder. When things got Shakey they put everyone on equal footing so nobody could try what Gerald Richards did. That way if it went down everyone was going to the fire pit together.

It worked so well they changed recruitment to using murder for initiation, and used P.I.E. to spread throughout Europe, a church ran by Thwaytes to hold international parties, ran the network in New York with Son of Sam murders simultaneously (David Berkowitz was seen at parties at a rich long island pedophile families house. can you guess which family that was?)

I have lots of love for your quest for truth, but what Anonymous said isn’t a threat either. It’s absolutely true. Cooper is afraid about who is implicated, as should most people. I hate to break it to you, and I’m sure I’m not the only one to say this to you, but the same could be said of my family and certainly the same could be said of yours.

You can take with that what you will, but they didn’t just take random kids. They only took kids that were willing to be handed over to them by a close loved one to keep their secrets safe. This ensures nobody would rat. You want to know who helped killed Tim, your dad is the one who gave him the fried chicken.

I don’t want you to post this, you can hate me block me whatever.

But I’ve seen the tape and one day soon I’ll have access to it. Your dad sat down and got to eat with Tim one last time before they came and took him back.

Cooper is the same way. They got one of her loved ones, a stupid teen at the time, on blackmail. Taped her participating in a murder. Used that as leverage against Cooper.

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Just a few procedural comments. First, as I have explained many times, I long ago changed the settings for comments to appear without the need for approval. So they go up as you post and hit enter, except that every once in a while a legit post goes directly to spam and gets buried. So even if you type DO NOT POST at the beginning of your message (as we used to do when comments sat in the queue), it will post directly to the blog. Second, if you have information that would help solve the OCCK or related crimes, GO TO LAW ENFORCEMENT. Contact Det. Sean Street at the Michigan State Police. If you are concerned about that agency, or do not get a response, try the new Criminal Investigation Division of the Michigan Attorney General’s office.

You sound like a scared, evil person. The tables have turned in this and other child predation cases. This gaslighting technique and threats to silence people has lost its power to control others or the narrative. Take your information and your guilty conscience to law enforcement.

Timely and Necessary. Especially in Michigan.

On Wednesday last week, Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel announced the creation of a Criminal Investigations Division of her office.

That is very good news. Nessel said the division, which will handle complex cold cases among other issues/cases, “is a step forward in implementing best practices as they relate to criminal investigations and establishes an operational structure to provide the autonomy and oversight needed to ensure the completion of investigations that are thorough and done with integrity at all levels.”

Completion of investigations with thoroughness and integrity. Take note, Oakland County.

Happy Birthday, Tim.

Today my brother Tim would have turned 54 years old. Born on July 9, 1966 and murdered on March 22, 1977.

Yesterday a reader wrote me to say his purchase request was approved at Birmingham’s Baldwin Public Library for Marney Rich Keenan’s book The Snow Killings: Inside the Oakland County Child Killer Investigation. The book will be released on July 17. He made the request based on his impression of Marney Keenan’s work and her reputation and his belief that “this chapter on our community should never be swept away and forgotten.” Thank you for this act of kindness–the timing was awesome. If any public library should have a copy of that book, it’s Baldwin. I will donate my copy as well.

And thank you to two readers who have reached out in the past few days about contacting CeCe Moore’s show The Genetic Detective. One went as far as to contact the show, suggest this case be considered and include background links concerning this case.

Tim knows there are brave people out there working on behalf of not only his memory, but the memories of Mark, Jill and Kristine. The day is almost over, but tomorrow maybe a random act of kindness in honor of Tim’s birthday. The world could sure use it.

If you are going to threaten me, at least play fair and use your name.

Last night a comment posted to my blog. I immediately took it down and blocked the sender. He will find a way around it again, I’m sure.

Here is the comment, the user info, and the (fake) IP address used:

Anonymous post, threat, fake IP.

First of all, Anonymous, I posted some well-researched information about Hakim Bey, aka Peter Lamborn Wilson, provided to me by an unknown researcher through a third party. You know as well as I do that Bey was an unapologetic “public pedophile” with connections to Frank Torey, aka Francis Shelden. You clearly know more about him than I do. So I will tell you the same thing I told blackstonelawyer/Charles Rogers: If you have information, take it to the feds or the Michigan State Police. No one tracked down Dyer Grossman to talk to him, and he is still very much alive and has an online presence. So I’m not sure you are going to get anyone to move on Hakim Bey/Peter Lamborn Wilson. I have no police powers. You know that. And I have no information other than what was provided to me by a third party.

Anonymous ends his comment with “Everyone has groups they are scared to expose. Don’t be too hard on Cooper in the future.”

Is that a threat, Anonymous? I’m pretty sure you are not implying that Cooper is going to go after any big pedophile rings in the future. If you are worried about your friend Cooper you should have boots on the ground at the Michigan State Bar Association.

And I totally get the message you are sending with the IP address that lands in the corner of a Detroit playground. It’s like another anonymous poster whose IP address lands squarely in Vhay Lake in Bloomfield Hills. I get it.

This isn’t 1978. If you try to hurt people, odds are you are going to get caught. This is all too high-profile now. I suggest you lower yours, even if you are just “Anonymous.”