July 31

Today marks 14 years to the day I contacted Det./Sgt. Cory Williams at the Livonia Police Department concerning the information given to my by childhood friend and neighbor Patrick Coffey concerning admissions by Southfield polygraphist Larry Wasser concerning a man who was involved in killing my brother Tim.

Some five months later, after pulling teeth with Wasser, who first denied he ever had a conversation with Pat Coffey and then claimed not to remember being retained by attorney Jane Burgess to polygraph this fat, disgusting pedophile son of high paying client H. Lee Busch from GM hierarchy, we learned the client was Christoper Brian Busch. And that his birthday was July 31, 1951.

Det. Williams correctly observed that it was like the Universe was saying “Happy Birthday, motherfucker” to Chris Busch when I contacted Williams on July 31.

July 31. Happy Birthday, motherfucker.

Happy National Whistleblower Day; OCCKtruth@protonmail.com

Believe it or not, whistleblowing can happen at the state level, too. We know from sad experience that survivors of child sex and porn abusers who operated in Michigan in the 1970s and 1980s are not being listened to. We know that tips continue to go in the circular file in the OCCK investigation. And we have a pretty good idea of why that is the case.

If you have information about how the Oakland County Prosecutor’s office, the Oakland County Sheriff’s office or the Michigan State Police derailed this investigation and deceived the public as well as the victims’ family members in this case, consider coming clean.

You can send an encrypted email. It’s easy. First create a free encrypted email account with Proton. https://protonmail.com/. Your identity is protected. No personal information is required to set up your secure email account. Then send your information to Occktruth@protonmail.com. Digital stalkers will be blocked.

Highest-ranking Catholic official in the country to face criminal charges for sex abuse.

God bless the Boston Globe (pun intended). The Globe broke this story, as reported in the Washington Post:


At age 91, I’m sure this power-drunk pedophile cardinal thought he would never have to face this music. A cardinal is second in rank only to the pope. Cardinals are appointed for life (or until defrocked).

The charges involve the sexual assault of a 16-year-old boy during a wedding reception at Wellesley College in Massachusetts in 1974. While there were many credible sexual assault accusations against this defrocked cardinal over the years, because he did not live in Massachusetts at the time of the assault (I’m not even going to say “alleged,” you can whisper that under your breath if it makes you feel better), the statute of limitations was tolled when he left the state. The many other accusations were time-barred, but this one was not. And the man who was assaulted found an attorney who has never been afraid of the Catholic mafia.

Mitchell Garabedian, a well-known lawyer for church sexual abuse victims who is representing the man alleging the abuse by McCarrick, said he could not discuss specific details of the case. “By coming forward, my client is empowering other victims and making the world a safer place for children,” Garabedian said.


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