Month: November 2018

  • Check it out

    Nina Innsted has a new long-form podcast called “Don’t Talk to Strangers,” addressing the child murders in metro Detroit in 1976 and 1977, including the OCCK cases.

  • Letter

    I took down the letter written by the man who thought he saw Tim while he was missing. I learned this morning that police did speak with him back in 2015 and determined the man was trying to help but was not entirely believable. The letter was sent to my Dad’s address. He opened the […]

  • $11,525.49, plus attorney fees

    This is how much my Dad paid to obtain the documents he requested from the Michigan State Police, via the Freedom of Information Act. ¬†Keep in mind that the FOIA request was only for documents pertaining to Christopher Busch and Gregory Green. ¬†Also keep in mind that this amount did not include attorney fees incurred […]