Do you see how this works?

A Massachusetts judge today ruled monster-posing-as-Catholic cleric Theodore McCarrick, age 93, was incompetent to stand trial. The criminal child sexual abuse case against him was dismissed.

Some of the comments following this article are right on, including the following:

The Catholic Church should have been prosecuted under the RICO statute for coddling and protecting pedophiles.


Perhaps the judge and McCarrick’s attorneys should be forced to leave their underage grandsons alone with McCarrick for a few days? Just to prove he’s incompetent? See if they still feel the same way after that

I wish I still believed in hell. But what this slimy scum ball did to these boys & men made their lives hell on earth. 

McCarrick gets protected by the Catholic church for many decades and then due process once he’s facing criminal charges. Now the freaks at some Opus Dei-type outfit will subsidize his ass while he twiddles away what is left of his pathetic life. Justice delayed is justice denied. Always. Every time.

A reader wrote about her attack in the summer of 1975 at the corner of Lincoln and Wyoming in Huntington Woods. She was 16. A man with very dark hair and a widows peak jumped out of a two-toned car like a Monte Carlo and dragged her by the hair in an effort to get her in his car. She escaped. I get the sense, and am not at all surprised, that the Huntington Woods PD did not handle the situation very well and did not do shit. I imagine it might be a help to this reader to review a police report of the incident, but the document is probably long gone and if it still exists, is irretrievable due to shoddy record keeping.

Would it kill these agencies to have someone on staff who understands sex crimes and any crimes committed against minors? Who, if contacted about the possibility of a records search or to tell police about an incident from the OCCK era, could respond without being an asshole? Who could actually say “I’m very sorry this happened to you. I’m sorry the perpetrator got away. Thank you for coming forward–here are the limitations [we destroy records after X years, we store our shit in a shed that got flooded, none of it is digitized or alphabetized or date-ordered; without a report, a license plate, we can’t do anything with the information] but it is clear that you were one of the unfortunate young people in Oakland County who were victimized in a place we incorrectly believed to be safe.

These suburban PDs–I can’t even get started on it. I have heard breathtaking stories about members of the Berkley and Huntington Woods PDs back in the day. People don’t make up stories like this, although that’s what these agencies would have you believe. Oh, he’s crazy; she’s full of shit; he was too young to know anything; she is just piecing together everything that was in the press to make a better story for your family. My conclusion after 15 years of hearing these stories is that there was massive abuse of power and very little crime fighting aside from property crimes during the OCCK era.

And in the end, they almost all get a pass–victimizers and agencies/entities. In one way or another they become “incompetent to stand trial.” And the people they victimized or abandoned and ignored–they don’t get the luxury of incompetency. It’s one foot in front of the other, for the rest of their lives.

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