Maybe I’m quiet because I take solace in the fact that the investigation is in the best place it’s been in–well, ever. Details? I don’t have them. But I trust what’s going on. Those of you who want to freak, who want to try to scare the shit out of family members, who want to move investigators off the dime–good luck. Those of you who write me with information and expect an immediate and considered response–I’m not a cop. If your shit doesn’t make sense, none of us can help you. Simple as that. If people had come forward back in the day, it wouldn’t be this convoluted. But you didn’t, did you???? Live with it. Just like the rest of us have to. Only you don’t have to deal with the freaks who come out of the woodwork in these cases when you leave a vacuum because of your cowardice. How I wish I could send these folks to you. The pain that reverberates from this freak show cannot be quantified. It is a constant, it is a horror. The craziness cannot even be quantified.

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