Blow Back

I get a fair amount of blow back along the lines of “why are you looking back when it can do no good? “  Here’s why and here’s why my blog is ultimately an ok thing, no matter if you agree with what I post or why I do it:

We never forgot our brother/son.  

We never denied what he suffered through.

Because there is nothing wrong with searching for the truth, even when ignoring it is easier.

Because facing the truth is important.

Because integrity is important; preferably relentless integrity.  (I know that’s asking too much.)

Because we did not stay silent in the face of evil, lies, corruption, shame, and incredible ego.

Because when you don’t look back at what went wrong, there is not only no healing, history can more easily be repeated.  

Because victims of sex crimes often do not have a voice and because sex crimes are still often treated as “not that bad” and therefore worthy of ignoring or diminishing.  Think there was only one Jerry Sandusky running around all these decades? 

Because crime victims deserve far better than they got/get in Oakland County, Michigan.  And, apparently, so do some defendants:

Because if you have nothing to hide, you should embrace complete transparency in your dealings with others, to the extent allowed by law.  And don’t manipulate the law so you can hide behind it.  

Because you can never count on somebody having a conscience if their ass is on the line for whatever reason, no matter the egregiousness of the crime or situation. 

Because I think the Michigan State Police suck.

Because I also think Oakland County sucks. 

Because a number of people totally skated for almost 40 years and have lived/live their lives as if not a goddamn thing happened.  Children were tortured and died, people and communities were broken.  There were a lot of us who had to crawl on our hands and knees to be able to walk again.  And I don’t have to keep my mouth shut about that. 

As I’ve said all along—if you don’t like it, don’t read it.  This is a pass/fail gig.  And I’m giving myself a pass.  We dared to speak up and it made a difference.  Not much, but a difference nevertheless.  What happened in these cases can most definitely happen again.  Don’t say I didn’t tell you.