5 thoughts on “Michigan Court of Appeals Decision”

    1. Yes, Busch had to have had an accomplice. We don’t know who killed these kids for sure–and probably never will. Multiple people had to have been involved. The many failings of the investigations leave open questions that can probably never be answered. People had knowledge and didn’t come forward. People with knowledge came forward and, for whatever reasons, were dismissed. I believe the MSP did not want any further taint on their reputation after being unable to solve these heinous crimes and the result is decades of paper-pushing and door-slamming. The only agency to have further perfected the unexplainable dance around finding answers is the Oakland County Prosecutor’s office.

  1. The last paragraph your father writes in that memorandum speaks volumes. What harm is there in showing the results of the polygraph at this point in time. I am just spitballing, but are they protecting Busch or could the results open up another an of worms? I guess it’s embarrassing enough that a convicted pedophile might be responsible for these crimes and should have been behind bars, at the very least, when Tim was abducted. But is there more that could possibly be revealed? I think it’s the only reason to not let loose of the results.

  2. Mr. King’s last sentence is the salient point of this entire screwed up situation! Why in the hell is some pedophile, now a 35 year-dead corpse, getting more protection (read RESPECT) than Tim King, a child whose life was brutally ended????
    I can only hope the politicians who are operating on this psychopathic level get theirs in the end. I can only anticipate a huge crash. And I’ll be sitting on the edge of my seat with popcorn, waving pennants!

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