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  1. cathybroad says:

    In May 2011, when Erica McAvoy, the sister of Kristine Mihelich, was at my Dad’s house to film a segment for Investigative Discovery’s Dark Minds show, she looked at the photos provided by the MSP in their response to my Dad’s first FOIA request. She flat out said “those aren’t all the photos.” Erica had seen more photos when she and her Mother had a meeting with an MSP detective working on the case in October 2009. The photos were in a notebook labeled “Christopher Busch,” and she pulled the notebook toward her and looked at the photos from the suicide scene. Both Erica and my Dad filed subsequent FOIA requests to ask for all of the photographs in their files from the Busch suicide scene. They initially responded that there were no more to be had. But Erica wrote them and stated she has seen them herself at the MSP meeting in 2009. Oops!! Oh yeah–THOSE photographs! The MSP sent the photos I posted in the previous gallery. The documents and photographs in this blog post were sent to my Dad in August 2012 in response to another FOIA request. The photographs are small, black and white and grainy. But they are unredacted. And catch this–the staff working on the show for ID (including Matt Phelps who is a prolific crime author) said they had never, not once, seen redacted photos from a suicide scene. Go figure.

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